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This project is based on the construction of a double bunk bed which will serve a great place for resting and sleeping. It is done with available local materials which are affordable to an average person. It is also detachable in order that it can be easily transported from one place to another. It was constructed using a (pure black) square pipe of 2 by 1 with dimension of 47mm by 25mm, 1 by 1 of dimension 26mm by 26mm and a 1½ inch square pipe of dimension 37mm by 37mm. the overall height of the bunk bed is constructed to be 5ft.  


MM                                -                  Millimeter



1.0     Introduction

Bunk bed is a type of bed in which one frame of bed is stacked on top of another, allowing two or more beds to occupy the floor space usually required by just one; they are commonly seen in the military camps, schools, hostels, prisons and even at places of residences.

Bunk beds are normally supported by four (4) poles or pillars, one at each corner of the bed. A ladder is used to get to the upper bed, which is normally surrounded by a railing to prevent anyone sleeping on it from falling out.

However, the type of design constructed is a type in which the upper bunk is smaller in width than the lower bunk, which makes the bunk bed to have a slope in the two front pillars to let bed fit into the two bunks. In the construction process a lot of welding and fabrication were done and in the field of engineering, the importance of fabrication cannot be over emphasized. This is because the construction of structures, building, bridges and many other.

Plant equipment which is relevant to man’s use are all products of metals. Metal can be either ferrous (contain iron) non-ferrous (contain little or no iron). Bunk bed frame is not an exception of what metal can be use to produce in the society. This is because of the comfort it will provide to man and how long it will last for use, the type of metal use in constructing this bunk bed is a square pipe (pure black), this is because of it ductility with it high malleable property.

1.1     The purpose of the Construction

          The following are the purpose of constructing this project;

1.     To construct a double bunk bed that has the different size of the two frames.

2.     To construct a double bunk bed that can detachable when the need for transportation arises.

3.     To create a double bunk that has a larger bed space at the lower level and a smaller bed space at the upper level.

1.2     Importance of the Project

The importance of the construction of this double bunk bed is to achieve a bunk bed that has different size of the two frames whereby the size of the upper and lower frame are 8 springs and 12 spring respectively.

Table 1.1: Various sizes of bed and their dimension





6   springs

33 inch by 75 inch


8   spring   bed

36 inch by 75 inch


10 spring   bed

42 inch by 75 inch


12 spring   bed

54 inch by 75 inch

All the sizes of bed listed in the Table above have the same length, which is 75inch but varies in width. This simply means that the frame for the upper and lower must also have equal length but should be different in width according to their dimensions.

1.3     Scope and Limitation

The constriction of this double bunk bed is specially for domestic use or application due to its space minimizing ability. The limitation surrounding this project is solution of materials because the replicas of original product are more available in the market than the original ones.

1.4     Statement of the Problem

The main reason for the construction of a double bunk bed is just to help solve the problem of too much space consumption. In most schools hostels where there will be up to maximum of 4 students or in the military camp where there will be more than one person living in a room due to the little capacity of the hostel or camp to accommodate one person per room, each person will be having his or her own sleeping bed and in a situation where by there are two or more people living in a room with all having their beds, there might be little or no space left anymore in the room because only the bed will occupy almost all the space in the room, but if a bunk bed is introduce in a room like that it will help to minimize the space. Allowing other space for other thing or other materials. Apart from space minimizing which is the main function it also help to decorate and beautify a room.

1.5     Contribution to Knowledge

This project (construction of a double bunk bed) has thought us the technical knowhow of welding and filling machines. A lot of cutting and joining is done during this project, and all the component needed for welding which are thought in the class such as the welding thug, electrode, filler wire their applications are done practice dry. It also contributed to a great extent on how to measure using meter, feat, inches and cutting of the material using both filling machine and hand saw.         


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