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Title page                                                                                         i

Approval page                                                                                ii

Declaration                                                                                      iii

Acknowledgement                                                                          iv

Table of contents                                                                            v

Abstract                                                                                           vi


Background of the study                                                                1

Statement of the problem                                                              2

Purpose of the study                                                                      2      

Significance of the study                                                               3

Research questions                                                                       3

Scope and delimitation of the study                                             4


Conceptual framework                                                                            5

Concept of skills                                                                             7

Metal Work Technology                                                                 10

Qualities of a good teacher                                                           14

The support for school management and science

technical board in improving the teaching of

metal work technology.                                                                            23

The quality and quantity of metal work technology workshops,

materials, tools and equipment in the technical colleges in 

the zone                                                                                           27    

Summary of related literature                                                        29


Research design                                                                            31

Area of the study                                                                                      31

Population of the study                                                                  32

Instrument for data collection                                                        32    

Validity of the instrument                                                               33

Reliability of the instrument                                                           33

Method of data collection                                                              33

Method of data analysis                                                                33


Research question 1                                                                      35

Research question 2                                                                      36

Research question 3                                                                      37

CHAPTER V:     SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, AND                                                         RECOMMENDATION

Re-statement of the problem                                                                  39

Summary of procedure                                                                            39

Major finding                                                                                   40    

Discussion of the findings                                                             41    

Implication of the study                                                                  42

Conclusion                                                                                      42

Recommendations                                                                         42

Suggestion for further research                                                    43

References                                                                                               44

Appendix                                                                                         45


The study sought to assess Skill Improvement Needs of Metal Work Technology Teachers in Technical Colleges in Kaduna State. The specific purposes of the study were to determine the quality of metal work technology teachers in technical colleges in Kaduna state, determine the availability of metal work practical materials in technical colleges in Kaduna state and determine the condition and effectiveness of metal work workshop in technical colleges in Kaduna state. Three Four research questions were design and used to guide this study. The population of the study is 82. since the population was manageable there was no need for sampling. The study adopted descriptive survey research design and the area of study is Kaduna state. The test retest method was used to establish the reliability of the instrument and the Pearson Product Moment Correlation coeffiecient was used to calculate the reliability coefficient. Mean statistics was employed to analyse the data. The summary of the findings for this study revealed that Metal Work technology teachers are knowledgeable in their field, Science and technical board provide adequate funding for the technical colleges, Machines, tools and equipment in Metalwork technology are not in a good working condition among others. Based on the findings, recommendations were made which include that Kaduna state ministry of education, science and technical board should organize in-service training, workshops, seminars and induction courses for Metalwork technology trade teachers in order to provide the skill improvement needs, Kaduna  state ministry of education, science and technical board should provide well trained technical assistant in the workshops for effective teaching/learning practical skills and Science and technical board should provide enough tools, materials, equipment and qualitative workshops, as well as proper maintenance of the workshop and other facilities for effective teaching/learning.



Background of the study

The quality of vocational and technical education depends upon the teachers and methods of administration. Musa (2007) assented that most or all technical courses offered in technical schools are ideally supposed to carry out 60% practical. The reversed is the case as most of these courses are taught theoretically thereby compounding the problems of ineffectively in teaching of these courses. Musa (2007) remarked that as technical teachers one need to posses the skills of teaching above that of the students whom he teaches should continue to update his teaching often in area of training need which may include manipulative and technical skills, teaching method, classroom management, workshop management, evaluation techniques, guidance role, human relation and of course in some  area of professional training. He added that because of the enormity of the work being carried out by technical teachers there is need for them to meet with both present and future changes and also to keep update of event happening in teaching career. According to Isayaku (2004) the metal work teachers are required to be well skilled in their trade but without that maximum result cannot be achieved.

The manpower requirement is very important in teaching metal work because if there is no highly trained manpower that will be no any effective teaching and learning process. Teaching and learning lay on the hand on the teachers.

Statement of the problem

However, due to the lack of training and retraining, workshops facilities and materials as well as obsolete equipment in most of technical colleges in Kaduna state, teachers of metal work technology found it difficult to actualized the objectives of technical education as profound by the National Policy of education. Theses contribute to the failure of the students in the basic metal work courses.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to find out factors that enhance the skill improvement of metal work technology teachers in technical colleges in Kaduna state, particularly the study is sought to focus on the following

i.             Determine the quality of metal work technology teachers in technical colleges in Kaduna state

ii.            Determine the availability of metal work practical materials in technical colleges in Kaduna state

iii.           Determine the condition and effectiveness of metal work workshop in technical colleges in Kaduna state

Significance of the study

The findings of the study will be useful and beneficial to the teachers and administrations of Technical Colleges in Kaduna State. It will also be of benefit to federal, state and local government for them to provide necessary facilities, materials, equipment, manpower and conducive environment for both the teachers and students in technical colleges.

It will also be of benefit to non-governmental organization so as to assist students/teachers with necessary facilities and equipment for teaching and learning of the course.

Research questions

The following research questions will be formulated to guide the researcher for the study

i.             What are the qualities of metal work technology teachers in technical colleges in Kaduna state?

ii.            What are the support by the Ministry of Education, science and technical schools in improving the Teaching/learning of Metal work Technology?

iii.           What are the quality and quantities of metal work technology workshop, materials tools and equipment in the technical colleges of Kaduna state?

Scope and delimitation of the study

The study will be delimited to the skills improvement needs of Metal work technology teachers in technical colleges in Kaduna state.

i.             Federal science and technical colleges Kafachan

ii.            Government Technical Colleges Soba

iii.           Government Technical Colleges Kajuru

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