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1.1   Background of the study

The desire and search for knowledge by man has resulted to various changes in his life and his entire environment.

This inquisitiveness has made him embark on various quest and adventure of life.

One of the greatest desires of man is his quest for food amongst others like excellence shelter, credibility and above all a better living.

And this has resulted to achieve/accomplish this untiring want.

The advent of the technology has reduced in spite of its little disadvantage, the struggle and stresses of man as he goes about hiss natural world seeking for satisfaction.

The field of engineering is just another environment of its own in which man has always tries to unravel some practical solutions to various technological and scientifically problems that arises in his immediate environment.

In Nigeria today, there is an over dependence on crude oil. The economy of the nation rest squarely on the earning from crude oil.

It is also known fact that, the nation has but a limited time to benefit from earnings from crude oil as crude oil reserves will soon run dry at the present rate of its consumption.

Meanwhile, according to Dr Alan Dickson (2004) in his previous article on global warning myth or reality, he emphasized that even if we dismiss the treat of possible adverse climate changes as a result of our releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by ‘’burning fossil fuels’; the fact remains that this burnt fuels are dangerous to human health and also that this fuels are limited resources and must run out at some time in the future depending on how fast we use them.

Known world reserves of oil and gases (including Nigeria) will run out in a little over forty years at the present rate of consumption and although  we discoveries are still being made in recent years but these have  not been sufficient to make up for the rate of depletion in the known reserves.

Then, in other to avoid a total economic collapse which may occur when all this crude oil are completely exhausted, a quick and purposeful transition ought to be made from crude oil industry to other industries which can also sustain the countries economy.

The other which arguably could help the crude oil industry to grow and to reduce too much burning of fossil fuels is ‘’Fuelless Generator’’.

Nigeria in its effort to improve their crude oil economy and to reduce fuel emissions to the environment which is harmful to human health, and to be more self reliant and independent, sees the need for fuelless generator.

Fuelless generator is a generator that does not make use of any type of fossil fuels like gasoline, oil, or any other combustible fuels.

As the name implies, it generates electricity which also serve as economic growth to the nation.

1.                  SCOPE OF THE STUDY  This  study is focused on the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy without combustible fuels.

It deals with the assessment of its actual advantage as compared to the generator that uses fuel. That is, its advantages in terms of efficiency, fuel free, performance and cost maintenance free. It also involves proper material selection, drafting of working drawings and basic operation of tyre fuelless generator.

1.                  OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Specifically, the objectives of this research work are to;

1.                  Design and construction of a fuelless generator using low cost materials.

2.                  To test the performance of the designed generator to fuelled generator.

3.                  To compare the cost of this generator to other fuelled generator.

4.                  To acquaint engineers, technicians with the basic materials, tools/equipments and other factors required for successful fuelless generator construction.

1.                  SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe importance and benefits of this work is to;

1.                  Show the detailed processes employed in the construction of the fuelless generator.

2.                  Acquire knowledge of the materials used in the design and construction of the project work.

3.                  Promote self reliance and reduce cost of burning of fossil fuels.

4.                  Low maintenance.

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