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This work has been designed to look at the performance and jobs motivation and job satisfaction in five selected organizations and parastastals in Imo State of Nigeria and carefully suggest solutions to the topic under review. The need for the study has arisen from the recognition of the important role secretarial staff play in an organization.

        The research study is divided into five sections. Chapter one has the introduction, which explains the proper proficiency of an ideal secretarial staff and her functions. It also contains the background of the study where the researcher unveiled the job performance on the impact of motivation and hob satisfaction on the secretary’s productivity. This is followed by the statement of the problems where the researcher by the statement of the problems where the researcher enumerated the problems the secretarial staff observes that impale her to embark on this research work. It also has the objectives of the study research work. It also has the objectives off the study research questions, delimitation, significance and assumptions of the study. Chapter two contains all related literatures on who is a secretary and their different works that were reviewed. The researcher reviewed the ideas of past researchers and authors on the study of proficiency and job performance. For which they were credited. Chapter three emphasis on the research methodology. The research method adapted is survey research. Data was obtained through the use of questionnaire and oral interview. In chapter four, the presentation, analysis and interpretation of data was formulated. It was in this chapter one of this work were tested and confirmed.

Chapter five has the summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion. The researcher summarized her findings and exposes others that were not required in the questionnaire but necessary to authenticate this study. It is on this basis that the researcher made her recommendations and suggestions.




        The federal Polytechnics Nekede, commenced programmes for the award of National Diploma in the 1987 Academic year, since then the institution has continued rolling out graduated of secretarial studies with both ND certificates.

Secretarial studies as it is referred in federal polytechnics Nekede, Owerri, are the same as secretarial Administration, secretarial management in any Nigeria University and polytechnics, as the case may be.

        The word secretary is derived from the word “secretarius” which means something known to only one person or kept secret from the view or knowledge of others. The new web ster dictionary defines a secretary as a person responsible for dealing with the correspondence and the records of an organization or individual employer. Also Funk and Wagnol standard Dest Dictionary defines a secretary as “ a person employed to deal with correspondence, keep records and handle clerical business for an individual, business or committee”. According to Nwosu (1997) a secretary happen to be on e of those individuals who make the wheel of the business or organization to turn. Austin (1978) A secretary is a person who has acquired the basic secretarial skills typewriting and shorthand, enough knowledge and practical experience in office work which will help her to cope with filling, office machineries, reception duties and general office organization in particular and to be able to run her office and managed her boss, keeping her eyes open and her mouth shot.

        Secretarial training can be viewed as process where the knowledge of different subjects is transferred to someone in other to acquire skills for office proficiency. The subjects mainly involved shorthand, typewriting, Account, English language, office practice, secretarial duties, word processing etc. the training exposes the students to majority things that a secretary should know.

        The quality of this basic training therefore is very important and must be emphasized if the secretary must perform efficiently and creditability in the office. In addition, it is actually the training that puts confidence in any secretary. It can be said that the key to a smooth performance in any office is the basic training a secretary has gained. The training is the result of a combination of the time-spent effort expanded and skill employed.

        The purpose of training is to develop skill and through skill to raise the productivity of an individual. Trainees must be given adequate opportunity to try again and again until success is achieved.

 John Harrison (1975)  recommended the London chamber of commerce private secretary examination that should be selected. Attempting these examination and other one’s of the same standard, the candidates must have trained to be able to write at a very fast rate as these will guarantee that a pass in the examination will be ensure that the candidates meets up the speed at the office.

        The programme is a commercial one, which is technically oriented and run in most schools for duration of two to four years. The students strived to leave the school as a qualified secretary. Training is the steps and touch light that direct any secretary what to expect in the office.

        The actual secretarial job as carried out in business offices is called service. The qualify of service which is a combination of what have been learned at school and experience gain and the job influence on the level of productivity of the secretary.

        It is obvious therefore that the training received at schools in general and federal polytechnics Nekede in particular sometimes differs from the actual services rendered in the offices depending on the nature of the organization. Therefore for any secretary to render a satisfactory service, she needs a continued organization training, which augments what she learned at school.


Quiet often employers of labour have questioned

the quality of graduates of secretarial studies  of graduates of secretarial studies of higher institution in general, and the federal polytechnics Nekede. More worry some is the performance of this young secretaries. For the employers of labour, the expectation is that secretaries have been well groomed even in their national diploma, tutored to tackle the secretarial challenges. If what have been learned at school cannot be immediately used in the office. It is as a result of this short fall that the researcher has undertake to find out the proficiency, job experiences and performance of secretarial studies graduates of the Federal Polytechnics Nekede Owerri. The result of the research will enable both the graduates the training institutions, and the employers of labour to have full reappraisal on the expected productivity on the programme content and the proficiency of graduates of the secretarial studies etc.

1.3      PURPOSE OF THE Study

The following are the purpose of this study

1.           To determine or ascertain the level of proficiency of these secretarial studies graduate on their hob performance.

2.           To determine or ascertain the areas of inefficiency or ineffectiveness of their training.

3.           To determine and ascertain the relative skills and competencies expected of those graduates by their employers.

4.           To determine the relative handicaps to their efficiency.


        In other to achieved the objectives of the study, which is to determine the proficiency, job experiences and performances of secretarial studies of the federal Polytechnics Nekede Owerri. The following research questions where formulated.

1.           Do the secretarial studies graduates perform proficiently on their jobs?

2.           Are there areas of inefficiency and ineffectiveness on their training?

3.           What skills and competencies are required for the secretary’s proficiency?

4.           Are there difficulties encountered in performing their job?


There is need to monitor the proficiency experience and problems secretarial studies graduates of federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri where they are employed. The challenges posed by computers. Notwithstanding, secretarial job has remained on the demand by organizations who needs those with the proficiency for effective secretarial management.

Therefore, the findings of the study will;

1.   Highlight the nature of such problem

2.   Provide proper evaluation of the performance of secretarial graduates of the school.

3.   Provide necessary information to instructors/lecturers in secretarial students in the review of their techniques in the teaching of the discipline.

4.   Help to obtain the modern secretarial need of originations in the present day computer age.

5.   Expose the versatility of the profession in an organization.


This study is limited to the secretarial studies graduates of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri. A study focused to determine the relative proficiency, on the job performance of working graduates of the secretarial studies programme. A case study of some selected organizations in Owerri metropolis.

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