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The design and implementation of computerized students admission system is aimed at realizing an efficient and accurate computation of students’ results.  It will save the school the embarrassment caused by students complaints at the end of working day. These complaints arise from the problems discovered in the manual system which not only include inefficiency, inaccuracy, time consumption and inconveniency but laborious and sluggish. These problems occasioned the computerization of the manual system as I have done in order to solve these problems associated with it. In this regards therefore, the researcher as one of the basic tools and features introduced to enhance admission processing, designed a problems solving algorithm using Visual Basic 6.0 Software Program. This work aims at alleviating the incidences of academic admission lapses which is the bases of socio-economic progress in the history of Alvan.










          1.0            INTRODUCTION


The main aim of the study is to enable us achieve a successful and hitch free admission process that is timely.  Computer is applicable is all human life endeavors.  In the beginning, the study of academic admission of students was not simple, but today, softwares have been designed which when applied appropriately to the problems in academic admission makes it easy.

Computers are making in roads into nearly every aspect of life.  In the decades since the inception of digital computers, the in electronic machines have flooded the market place, the work environment and the domestic science.  The work technology before now affects the admission of students because of its slowness the measures and significances of computer and why we must computerize.  The academic admission of students in Alvan Ikoku federal College of education Owerri.

The purpose of the registration process is to determine which students will be taking courses within the school and for the administration to keep its records up-to-data thus bringing the electronic registration and admission system which has a very high availability and consistency requirement..  The high availability thus implies that the computerized admission system must be able to tolerate a reasonable number of machines and network related failures, and the consistency requirement implies that the integrity of stored data (students records) must be maintained in the presence of concurrent access from users and the type of failures just mentioned.

This work also analysis the present method of manual working in the admission control of Alvan and realizing the importance which computers have achieved in every field including educational field, the study the presents a computerized system of admission control.  T discusses the salient features of this system and the advantages that the system has over the manual working.


The institution known today as Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri has a humble and progressive beginning. What is today named Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri (ATTC) established in 1963. This training college emerged indirectly as a result of the – Ashby commission and directly as a step taken towards meeting the nationhood Nigeria was attaining at that time in anticipation of the emerging manpower needs of the country. It is on record that in 1959, then the federal minister of education appointed a commission on post school certificate and higher education. This commission was the Ashby’s commission. The commission was charged with the responsibility “to conduct an investigation into the Nigeria’s needs in the field of post school certificate and higher education over the next twenty years”.

Ukeje (1988) chronicled it that ATTC, Owerri was formerly opened on 10thSeptember, 1963, with a student population of 150 and 14 members of staff. Records have it that one A. J. Broaks was appointed the first substantive principal of the College seven days after the college opened formally and this was under UNESCO sponsorship. At the outbreak of the Nigeria Civil War in 1967, Mr. J.O. Nwachukwu, a counterpart principal under UNESCO management became the substantive principal. The headship of AT.T.C Owerri changed in 1970 when the civil war ended Mr. J.O. Munonye became the third principal of the college in 1970, when the Civil was ended, then the Government of the East Central State of Nigeria, though the Public Education Edict of 1970 took over the ownership and management of all educational institutions in the state including A.T.T.C Owerri. In consonance with the state ownership of the college, the name of the college was changed from advanced Teachers Training College, Owerri to Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri the college was given this name after one of the outstanding, Educationists of Igboland Mazi Alvan Ikoku, also the founder of Aggrey Memorial Colege, Arochuchukwu.

The college became a federal institution in 2007. The federal ministry of education, Abuja in a letter to the provost of the college, PROF. C.N. Uwazurike, conveyed the federal government takeover of Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri in a letter SAF. 36/s.465/vol./0 of 17th July 2007. The college currently has their provost as Assoc. Prof. Barrister H.C. Amadi-Ag.




DIRECTOR OF      DIRECTOR             WORKS                  OF HEALTH            SERVICES              SERVICES   

















Fig 1.1 Organizational Structure


          The original purpose of this study is to design and implement an online student’s admission.

Its purposes are to have the following

i.                   Efficient and safe storage

ii.                 Quick retrieval of records and information

iii.              Proper accounting and file keeping

iv.              Quick response to any enquiry

v.                 Assist in result recording

vi.              Assist in CGPA updating

Other purposes of this study include the investigation and design of computer software that will be capable of keeping and solving problems of students’ academic admission such as:

v Reducing cost of buying writing materials

v Reducing the mistakes when done manually allowing more time for the other officer academic activities

v To store the works in the computer where rodents and its allies cannot reach

Finally, computerization of admission is introduced to achieve speed, reliability and storage capability.


The difficulties students and staff of admission department usually face has made us realize that (computer aid) an online admission system is the best thing that can happen to Alan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri.  There has been a problem of students moving from school to school with pites of papers and other writing materials with the manual processing of admission student records are not safely kept.  The admission office needed to speed up the processing of admission and make it easy to use, and this could not be offered by the manual system.  Students records were cost and there was no easy way of retrieval.  The computerization of admission came  in to eliminate the lapses encountered by the manual system.


          The need to develop and implement a computer based admission processing system that will handle the inefficiencies of the manual system cannot be over emphasized this work will go a long way to reduce the stress of the manual system.  It will serve as a model for the computerization of some other office work in the school.


          In the process of carrying this work a lot of difficulties were encountered.  Some of which include.

a.       Finance - This is one of the major problems encountered due fo the high cost of materials and programmers.

b.      Time - Limitation of time is another major problem encountered in the course of this work.

c.       availability of materials

d.       Cost of internet services


          This work is centered on the design and implementation of computer software’s that handle admission of students.  It aims at providing applications that will make the processing of admission very easy and reliable


 Computer- This is an electronic machine that accepts data as input, processes the data stores the data and gives the result as output.

-        Computerization- This is a programmed format for solving computer related problems for future uses of references.

-        Admission- The right, ability or permission to enter a place or organisation or an institution.

-        Data- Information in a form that is suitable for storage in or processing by a computer.

-        Processing- To deal with something according to an established procedure

-        Database- A collection of data that is organized for storage in a computer.

-        Online- Connected via computer. Attached to or available through a central computer or computer network.

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