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This study examined critically evaluate student’s perception on online registration in Sokoto State University. In order to realize the objective of the work, some research questions with corresponding hypotheses were formulated. A total of 100 students in the Department of Computer science, Guidance and Counselling were used from a population of 134 to take part in the study through a purposive sampling technique. A questionnaire was used for data collection; and data generated were analysed using the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. All the hypotheses were rejected. The implication was that online registration has a strong positive relationship with face-to-face interaction of students with faculty members, students’ acquisition of ICT knowledge, additional cost, and the reduction of time. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended among others that all students of the University of SOS should be well equipped.



At the beginning of each semester student in higher institutions are expected to renew their studentship after satisfying the condition to do so. This involves choosing course they are going to offer in the Semester and collecting the class admit card for with what is called registrations of courses. Originally this was done by filling in some forms, now it is done filling the form in the internet hence online.

Online registration system allows students through the internet to register, drop, or add courses within the registration period. It has an inbuilt Advisor to advice the students on approving / rejecting requested courses by the student or recommending some others. However, when the registration period is over, all previously registered courses by the students will be visible in the system. The students may or may not have prior experience using each system. Ideally, any student can go to the system to do the following:

1. Register, add or drop course / courses during the registration period.

2. Pay registration fees online through a secured web access.

The student then obtains the login information (username and password). This is the same for the evaluation and general systems, and it is integrated with them i.e. if the password is changed for any of these systems, the online password will be changed subsequently and vice versa.

There are terms and conditions of using the online registration systems. The student may use the system to register if the following conditions are fulfilled: the registration is done during the registration schedule, drop and add period as published by admission and registration dean.

During this period the student should have registered all courses as outlined in his / her study plan and should not have had any exceptions during his/her study period, the students’ status is not suspended, prohibited, canceled, or rusticated. In case of any problem the student and the academic advisor will entered the oracle system as long as the student is regular financially and the relevant courses have been passed. The advisor may use the oracle system to complete the register of the remaining courses.

It is unfortunate that in spite of these advantages, most student and researcher still see this method as ineffective.

Allen. U. & Seaman, S. (2010) stated that online registration lacks quality and credibility as it denies the students the face-to-face interaction with the faculty members which the old method allowed.

The polytechnic of sokoto state was established by the sokoto state Government vides law No.2 of 2002. It could be recalled that the former sokoto state established polytechnics at Birnin-kebbi and Talata Mafara wich were lost to present Kebbi and Zamfara States in 1991 and 1996 respectively.

Consiquently,the present government with its determination to uplift the standard of education in the state merged the former Haliru Binji College of Arts and science and sani Abacha College of Administration and upgraded them to the status of polytechnic of sokoto state with Dr Abubakar Dikko as pioneer Rector of the institution and late Alh.Abubakar Zaki Tambuwal as the first chairman Governing Council of the institution.Thepolytechnic took off in july, 2001 with the following Colleges.

The Polytechnic took off in July 2002 and is operational in two campuses with the following Colleges:

1. College of Science and Technology

2. College of Engineering

3. College of Administrative and Business Studies

4. College of Arts and Humanities

5. College of Basic and Preliminary Studies

6. College of Environmental Studies


Human interaction is one of the characteristics of the former method of registration which is done manually and face-to-face. Studies have revealed that in the old system of face-to-face registration, students have the opportunity of asking questions and making enquiries on the registration regime, most of the system operators do not know anything about the University system or process Stein, B. (2009).

So, the researcher choose to make a survey and evaluation of the state of online registration among the students of SOS Sokoto State, which at the end this research work a conclusion on the perception will be drawn.


The main and focal reason behind this research work is on the evaluation of online registration among the students: a perception view. Among others which motivated the researcher to embark on this study are:

1.How the academic performance relate with online registration of the students

2.To ascertain the educational cost of students relate with online registration?

3.To get the get the knowledge about the conservation of registration time for students and online registration?

4.To ascertain the relationship between student appreciation and online registration?


The project work will help in a good number of ways to know how to implement online registration and to match it with the trend.

This research work will also serve as a leaning material to students


The following research questions were formulated to guide the study.

1.How does academic performance relate with online registration?

2.How does students’-staff relationship relate with online registration?

3.Do you find it friendly on performing your online registration?

4.Is education cost influence by online registration?

5.How does conservation of registration time for students and online registration?

6.What is the level of relationship between student appreciation and online registration?


The following null hypotheses were used to guide the study.

1.There is no significant relationship between academic performance and online registration.

2.There is no significant relationship between students’-staff relationship and online registration.

3.Students find it being friendly on performing your online registration?

4.Students do not find it friendly on performing your online registration?

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