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Analysis of sex in demographic data presentation and results.  Analysis of marital status

Table 3:       Analysis of occupation of respondents.

Table 5:  Analysis Educational Qualification

Data presentation and results tables


The Federal Radio corporation of Nigeria Enugu National station (Radio I the station for the mature mind) Enugu, like many other electronic media establishments in Nigeria, has been carrying out its communication functions of informing, educating entertaining, persuading and public enlightenments and advertisements and other social programmes.

          Using the social scientific methods of questionnaire survey and depth interview methods in the project work, the work is handled in five chapters.  Chapter one introduced the electronic.  Media and guide on the handling of the topic and significance rationale of the study.  The chapter two continued with reviewing literature which e-rayed the summary of the  related literature reviewed.

          Chapter three explained the research methodology used to study the topic. T he research methods in charge of the questionnaire and survey method and interview while in chapter four data presentation and results. Summary of results/ findings are made relevant to research questions.

          Chapter five  finally handled the discussion, implications, recommendations, discussion of results and conclusions.

          Finally, it was found out that Radio Nigeria Enugu, Radio I not only have an impact in the economic development of Nigeria as electronic development of Nigeria as electronic media but went a step further to train other professionals




The Electronic media which is the focus of this study comprises the radio and Television.  The sophistication of these media of communication makes it one of the wonders of modern communication.

According to Bitter, “Just as the twentieth century dawned, a system was perfected which Electromagnetic impulse could be sent through the air without wires carrying voice transmissions over long distances.  This new invention was to be known as radio I

Electronic media is a machinery or an institution for simultaneous transmission of information to a wide and divergent audience.  Although the Electronic media are channels through which information is transmitted to the audience through different media. Yet they represent the attempt of man to relate to and interact with other men.

It is clear to note that communication has been enhanced nationally and internationally with the  use of technology.

Mr. E.N. Aniebona, in his contribution in the role of broadcasting in a developing context has this to say about Electronic media.

“Electronic media is a powerful and effective instrument for achieving national goals such as in need for wide spread education for both children and adults in order to acieve certain prescribed goals in Economic growth, health are political and social awareness, political stabilkity self relief and national identity among others things”

Electronic aim at presenting programmes like news, drama, interviews, health and family planning, religious programmes and agricultural programmes.

In his assessment of media Charlse Ogbunambala, of Torch, have this to say of Electronic media.

“Nevertheless, however stupendous this epoch-making achievements on the print media may seem, effective media communications, cannot be fully achieved or relaised wihotu the Electronic media.  This reason is obvious. The message from electronic media registered more permanently than from the print media”

The Electronic media include the radio, the television and the cinema out focus is on the radio.

Radio is the first source to which people furned for the latest develops in the war or crisis time.

We look on radio during announcement of annual budget by the head of state or state governor.

According to Guglielmc Marconic, “Radio is a potential means of supplementing telegraph, the most import long-distance communication, medium of the late nineteenth century”,

Radio was the most popular entertainment and news medium.  To a degree, the radio receiver was the center of the home and family activities frequently revolved ground the broadcast schedule.  The average station schedule had something for everyone from news and commentary through variety and comedy to religious discussion, sports and children’s programme.

Radio Nigeria Enugu, (FRCN) involve itself with those role of educating, informing, entertaining, persuading and advertising.  Radio Nigeria Enugu operate on both Amplitude modulation (AM) frequency modulation (FM) and short wave.

The station strive hard in various ways to assert themselves ; some concentrate on music while others run discussion on special political, economic, education, social cultural and religious issues.

Radio Nigeira goes for the audience which has the purchasing power.

Radio nigeira in its role in economic development undertake advertisement, sponsored programmes, public service announcement to enhance its financial base and educational programmes are diverse in its role to promote products and enhance the training of professionals and thereby contribute effectively in the economic development of Nigeria.


As stated earlier, the roles of the electronic media especially radio is enormous and cannot be justly denied without difficulty.  It has also been indicated that radio help in economic development due to listening audience, the literacy level not withstanding.

But of all these roles contributions to the economic development of Nigeria, there are still case  of poor funding and poor management of the electronic media especially radio to effectively carry out these roles of economic development.

Radio Nigeria as an agent of News, information, education, entertainment and advertising organ of electronic media has been affected due to poor funding, obsolete equipment and poor management.

This study is therefore aimed at disproving or validating these allegations among other research questions.

1.3             RESEARCH QUESTIONS

In order to carry out this study, I am going to use the following assumptions as a guide post to the research:

1.                 Radio Nigeria play its role in economic development of Nigeria, through its advertisement programme.

2.                 Radio Nigeria help in the economic development of Nigeria through some of its education programmes

3.                 Radio Nigeria help in economic development of Nigeria through its variety of entertainment programmes like Mislo slammeer show early morning and phone in programme, Oge Ndi Olu Ubi, Uwa Di Ogbu, Dialectical programme like Nsukka Alua, Ekene Ndi Ahia and  other social, agricultural health and political programmes.

4.                 Radio Nigeria Enugu have contributed in the economic development of Nigeria, by training some broadcasters at their training school Shogule Lagos and promotion of musicians and such  allied professionals.


Radio as a medium of information has been recognized as the most useful and the media that its message cut across barrier of literacy.

In her assessment about radio, Stella Okuna, has this to say,  ‘radio is the true mass medium in third world countries because it really reaches the masses.

In Nigeria, for example, the use of radio as a source of information is truly widespread even among rural dwellers who make up the majority of the country’s population

Radio as an electronic media have been known in recent decades as key mode of mass communication, an audio dimension or channel which is capable of providing, a great deal of details, description that are not communicable through written and visual communication.

The roles of the radio in education which help to foster national unity  and understanding cannot be waved without contradiction.

It would also be pertinent to  point out that this study was undertaken to explore this areas so as to contribute to the whole gamut of stream of knowledge.


HO:   Electronic media- radio in the economic development reduces the social service role of F RC N

HI:     Electronic media-radio does not reduce the social service role of FRCN

H2:    The social service role of the FRCN affect democratization of the nation

H3:   The social service role of the FRCN does not affect the credibility of FRCN

H4:    Electronic media-radio ins the economic development leads to friction between sponsors and presenters

HO:   Electronic media-radio in the economic development does not lead to sponsors and presenters.

H5:    It regates the fundamental functions of informing, educating and entertaining


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