JOB SATISFACTION AMONG DOCTORS AND NURSES (A case study of Federal Medical Centre Yola)

JOB SATISFACTION AMONG DOCTORS AND NURSES (A case study of Federal Medical Centre Yola)

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Job satisfaction refers to how well a job provides fulfilment of a need or want or how

well it serves as a source or means of enjoyment. The prevalence of dissatisfaction

among doctors and nurses has been given considerable importance in recent years as

it affects patient satisfaction and leads to reduced quality of care. The quality of

performance in health facilities to a large extent depends on whether health care

providers are job satisfied or dissatisfied as the work force is one of the most

important inputs to any health system and has a strong impact on the performance of

health facilities.

The objective of this study was to determine the level and factors of job satisfaction

among doctors and nurses in F. M. C. Yola. A descriptive cross sectional study was

conducted involving 58 doctors and 182 nurses. A self administered structured

questionnaire was designed using a 5 point Lickert response format ranging from very

satisfied, satisfied, neutral, dissatisfied and very dissatisfied to determine various

levels and factors of job satisfaction that relate to 5 domains: the hospital management,

hospital facilities, health care providers and pay and benefits. A mark of 1 was

awarded for very dissatisfied, 2 for dissatisfied, 3 for neutral, 4 for satisfied and 5 for

very satisfied. All scores were added to give aggregate score for each domain and

overall and t-test used to test for statistical significance in satisfaction levels between

doctors and nurses. A p-value of £ 0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Majority of respondents 54.2%, 51.7%.50.0% and 41.7% were satisfied with job

security, hours of work, delegation of work by supervisors and degree of autonomy

respectively, 22.1% were dissatisfied and 16.7% very dissatisfied with rate of

promotion. Factors of highest satisfaction relating to the hospital facilities were the

physical working conditions and the physical surrounding. Majority of respondents

were satisfied with their profession: 51.7% satisfied and 22.9% very satisfied. Pay

and benefits contributed to the highest level of dissatisfaction with 36.7% and 18.3%

of respondents being dissatisfied and very dissatisfied respectively with present

salaries. Differences in job satisfaction between doctors and nurses relating to the 5

domians showed doctors to be more satisfied with the hospital facilities and nurses

more satisfied with pay and benefits, other domains showed no statistical difference in

satisfaction levels between doctors and nurses. Overall job satisfaction showed 14.9%

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