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The project is aimed at constructing a frequency to voltage transducer circuit. The method of constructing this circuit is first simulated on a computer system using the livewire application, before permanently soldering the components to a Vero board. The results obtained after testing the circuit was satisfactory as on each of the input frequency and output voltage corresponding to the results from the simulation was obtained.




A device that converts frequency into voltage is known as a frequency to voltage converter. It is an electronics device that converts the sinusoidal input frequency        into a proportional current or output voltage. The basic circuit includes     operational amplifier and RC (Resistor capacitor network). The operational         amplifiers are used for signal processing.

            Frequency to voltage converter can receive AC and DC voltages, frequency and                         pulses, and other specialized wave forms such as timer’s, relays, tachometer,         encoders, and switches.


In the past, measuring frequency directly and converting it into voltage has not been easy, because to get the number of oscillation of a wave per second is always very difficult. This is why the construction of this frequency to voltage converter is very essential because it helps give the direct measurement and conversion of input frequency into output voltage. 


            The aim of this project work is to construct a circuit that convert frequency           directly into voltage.

The purpose of this study is to,

            i.          To construct a frequency to voltage converter using LM555 timer.

            ii.         To construct a circuit that can be use also in digital tachometer.

            iii.       To also construct a circuit which can be used, to measure the rate of                                                rotation of a car by displaying the rate of rotation in form of voltage

            iv.        To construct a circuit which can be used in laboratories, factories and field                                    environment to provide direct frequency measurement of devices.


            In the cause of carrying out this project research work, various sources have been             contacted and important and useful guides and directive was gotten for the            completion of this project work. Starting from the power unit which was properly          organized and coordinated for efficient performance.

Fig.  1.1 Block Diagram of Frequency to Voltage Converter

            The operational process is outline below.

            i.          The circuit must be powered by the 12V DC power pack.

            ii.         A frequency generator is needed for inputting the frequency into the circuit                                   with the common from the frequency generator connected to the ground of                                    the circuit.

            iii.       A multi meter is needed to take the values of the input frequency from 0-                           100Hz input frequency and also from 100- 50 KHz.


In carrying out this frequency to voltage converter (FVC). The following are the limitations:

1.      Its output voltage of 09.2 V only tally’s with its input frequency of 10Hz

2.      The circuit converts only the maximum of 10KHz with the output voltage 19.5V

3.      The circuit must be powered by an external power circuitry embedded in it before conversion can take place.


The remaining parts of the project write-up as follows:

            Chapter two   will present literature review. Chapter three discusses the construction and principle of operation of the converter. Chapter four will present testing and results. Chapter five will present the general conclusion and recommendation.

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