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The Rehabilitation of 3 Belding bottom disc plough implement involved was in this project. The bearing for the disc carries, disc, bolts and nut to hold tight the disc plough are faulty, and certain repair maintenance were carried out on the disc plough implement in such a way that the worn out, fault missing part were repaired and replace. The purpose for the rehabilitation of this plough is to add to the number of more and functionable implement in the department and to acquire more experience on how to carry out repair or maintenance on farm implement, and to highlight the importance of maintenance on an implement and the this project report described the rehabilitation work carried out


1.0            INTRODUCTION


This history of implement is said to date back to the early man using hand tools like rake, hoes, wheel barrow, cutlass and shovel etc. for tillage operation. But due to advancement in technology, modern implement are being established to make tillage or land cleaning easier and also other agricultural activities such as land clearing, planting herbicide application and harvesting of crops using combine harvester to cut fresh and clean wheat, rice and maize encourage the farmer by reducing drudgery. Agricultural   implement is a mechanical device used for tillage operation maintenance of implementation has always been a problem since man began to invent. Currently, farmers use implements that are more expensive and supplicated.  Therefore, farmers most pay attention to the maintenance of this implement if they are to help make good return of his investment. (Ruth Niner Development October, 2012).

Tillage is the land preparation of soil by mechanical agitation of various types such as digging, stirring and overturning. Example of human powered tillage method using hand tools includes shoveling, picking methods work, hoeing and raking. Example of draft animal powered or mechanized work includes ploughing overturning with moldboards or chiseling with chisel plough. Small scale gardening and farming, for household food production or small business production tend to use the smaller scale method. However any type of gardening or farming, but especially longer scale commercial types may also use low-till or no till method as well (zero tillage or direct drilling).

Tillage is often classifieds into two types primary and secondary. There is no strict boundary between them so which as a distinction between tillage that is deeper and more through (primary) and tillage that is shallower and sometimes more selective of location (secondary). Primary tillage such as ploughing tends to produce a smother surface finish such as that required to make a good seedbed for many crops. (smallfarmersjournal.com).


A physical inspection was carried out on the scraped or abandoned three disc plough to assess the problem of the disc plough. After inspection, it was discovered that the

                   i.                      Bearing in the hobs were damaged

                  ii.                    The bearing of the furrow wheel was missing

                iii.                   The bolt and into on the disc need replacement

                iv.                   The disc of the plough were also missing

                  v.                    Also discovered that the bracket was not tere

                vi.                   The cap of disc carried was not there


The aims and objective of this project are as follows:

                i.                         To rehabilitate a three disc plough implement

               ii.                       To provide additional primary tillage implement to the department

             iii.                      To acquire practical knowledge on the rehabilitation processes of a tractor implement

             iv.                      To highlight on the advantage of proper maintenance culture


v     To have practical knowledge and experience of what was theoretically taught in the class. Also to have idea about the maintenance to add to the no of good equipment in the department of the implement.

v     Rehabilitation of the plough will provide knowledge to the students on the pairs and maintenance of agricultural implement. It will also be used for teaching student the various techniques of tillage operations.

1.5         SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The scope of this project is procurement and replacement of the defective part of the plough in the agricultural engineering department to make the plough functional and to add to the number of functional ploughs to the department.

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