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1.1            Background of the Study

Fashion is a popular style of practice especially in clothing footwear, accessories, makeup, body or furniture. Fashion design is the art of applying designs and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Accessory is an optional part the may be fitted to something to perform an additional function or enhance performance. Waste bin is a household accessory that plays an important role in our sanitary environments and beautiful houses. It serves as a container for waste matter in our homes and offices. It can be fashioned to fit in the interior and exterior decoration of our homes and offices.

The rate at which wastes are generated all around our environment is quite alarming. This call for a re-thing on how these waste can be recycled to produce yet other materials that can be used in our daily lives. The term waster are materials, products, by products. etc which the user feels they have no further use for such products are discarded as on longer needed. Waters are also described as unwanted or unusable materials. Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use, or is worthless and of no use. It is however pertinent to note the as long as human live, wasters must continue to be generated. In fact they are necessary end in the cycle of products.

Among many other categories of wastes generated today, plastic materials are very common. These can be found from the bottle containers of water, drinks, medicines, liquids soap etc. All these containers become wasted after using the contents, and are thus discarded, sometimes left littering the environment. The current global trend on managing wastes is to convert them to wealth. This brings the idea of moving waste from a state of unwanted materials to valuable and desirable materials that can be used in our daily life such as for domestic purposes. This is a new direction in waste management operations.

According to Smith (2014) waste management is the handling of discarded materials which also includes recycling, composing and transforming waste into useful products. Household or house wares are goods and products used within home. The are the terrible and movable personal property placed in the living room, dining room, kitchen and other aims in the house. Example of house wares include basket, waste bin, kitchen stool, flower pot etc 

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Waste materials can be seen everywhere such as plastics, metals, empty cartons, polythene bags, straws, empty cans, bottle covers and many others.Bottle covers of such bottles littering the environment can be utilized to make useful product. These waste materials can be converted to wealth and serve as a functional item with an aesthetic appeal to our homes as interior décor.Categorically, this study is about design and production of house wares using bottle tops.

1.3     Objectives of the Study ­

The objectives of the study are to:

1.              Identify ways of manipulating bottle tops to produce house wares

2.              Identify ways of reducing waste materials within the environment

3.              Produce house wares using bottle tops for the home

The main reason for this research is to enlighten all and sundry on the essence/usefulness of a bottle cover, recycled and used for the production of house ware materials.

1.4     Scope of the Study

This research focuses on the production of houseware using bottle covers (plastic screw cap). The study is however limited to the production of a few selected houseware materials (waste bins, baskets, wall mat, kitchen stool and flower pot) with careful manipulations using bottle covers.

1.5     Significance of the Study

This research work is aimed at unveiling:

1.                 How a recycled bottle cover is manipulated and usedsolely to produce housewares suitable for functional and decorative purpose and also expatiates on the necessary guidelines.

2.                 This research work shall serve as reference document to students for broader and a deeper understanding about waste management and recycled usage

3.                 It will enable people outside the fashion design discipline to get more awareness about the production and design of housewares using bottle covers.

1.6     Research Questions

       i.            How do bottle covers litter the environment?

     ii.            How would bottle tops be utilized for the production of the housewares bottle for home decoration?

  iii.            How would the production of the housewares with bottle coverscontribute economically and serve as a functional and decorative purpose?

1.7     Definition of Terms

Recycle:to treat waste materials so they can be used again, often for a different purpose.

Waste: what is left of something after the valuable part of it have been used.

Bottle cover: an object which seals the top opening of a bottle. It is typically colorfully decorated with a logo or brand owner.

Houseware: are wares or products used within the house; they are tangible and movable personal property, placed in living rooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, basements or other rooms of a house.

Plastic:a very common light, strong, non-metal polymer that is produced artificially; often used for making many different things.

Accessories:an additional object or piece of equipment that makes something more attractive or useful.

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