Top 5 projects topics on International Communication

Top 5 projects topics on International Communication

Flash back to some years ago as undergraduate at the university; to have come across an aspect of mass communication studies that’s pegged on international communication was a deal maker for me. International communication as we were meant to understand is as vast in scope as the controversies and uniqueness that settles at that level of communication. This, among others, has made research on international communication rather endless.

It was good to know and understand right in time at the university that mass communication practitioners could report a story live, recorded or written and have it reported across borders even in real time. International communication exposes students to the several communication tools to leverage at the international level to breach the language, distance, location and racial barriers. Therefore, digging out project topics that anchor on international communication signs undergraduate into more that it has to offer.

Mass communication has made history for being one of the earliest profession; and till today it has kept the ball of communication rolling and with increasing developments and innovation, the paradigm of communication has improved and increased massively as much as accommodating International communication in its syllabus for undergraduate studies.

Right now, we can, without doubt, conclude that mass communication is no more a national or regional affair; it is now an international affair because of  international communication.

You may like to anchor your final year project on international communication, that’s great. Giving your research a bit of international presence is such a classic choice to make.

By the way, I have here, top 5 project topics regarding International Communication; I guess you will find them helpful as share-research ideas for your classy final year projects.

1.      Foreign television stations’ representation and the perception of Nigeria’s image

The foreign scene is too large to be covered alone by one media entity; it requires the collective effort of local and regional media. But the concurrent dominance of foreign television in the international television has raised disagreement between developed and underdeveloped countries. The trails of imbalance and stereotypical representations are disturbing.

This project topic is taking Nigeria as a case study, looking particularly into its representation and perception at the foreign television scene.

2.      The role of the international media in the management of global environmental health issues

Global environmental health is a delicate case for public concern and requires international attention to contend it. But how can that be if the role of the international media is put at bay. So this project topic seeks to ascertain the role of international media in ensuring global environmental health.

3.      An analysis of the reportage of Boko haram insurgency by select international media organization

Boko haram insurgency has raised concerns in the international community following reports from the international media. Indications from the project topic suggest that a manageable number of international media organizations will be purposively or randomly selected for this research. Depending on the unit of analysis and content categories the research will choose, the reportage of boko haram activities will be examined at the international media level.

4.      Audience perception of the role of women in advertisement

The fundamental reasons for advertisements are to inform, educate and to influence. But the hidden agendum is to use appeals and portrayals to create brand image. However, these portrayals such as regards women influence audience perceptions in reality. That’s the argument this project topic raises and the audience perception of women in advertisements is the drive for this research

5.      Communication as key for sustenance of organizational culture in united bank for Africa

International communication also touches a large scope of organizational communication too, as such an international bank as united bank for Africa. Healthy communication culture is vital for the survival of any organization. For a project topic of this nature, the communication culture of organizations should be considered using United bank for Africa as case study. As an international bank, the communication tools and strategies across Africa should also be put into consideration.

I’m certain you will find any of above project topics useful to boost your research ideas on international communication.

But if you need some more project topics, perhaps some from another areas of mass communication please click here to have your project need met.