I want to Study but I feel Lazy: How to overcome Laziness while Studying

I want to Study but I feel Lazy: How to overcome Laziness while Studying

Laziness is a lonely path that only the swift can overcome with ease. We cannot all deny of never being lazy at one point or the other in our lives. Regardless, it becomes fantastic when you hear someone tell how he fights off laziness. So, I wonder what’s so special about laziness after all. Why does it attract so much attention to itself naturally that people even pray against it.

Well, I could never have imagined until my last days in high school, when I thought it was still early to study for exams. Never felt so confident about being lazy; that’s the sweet side. You have everything planned in your assumptions; so confident, rest assured but forgetting time. If wishes were horses, no one will be called or seen as lazy. As much as everyone likes to be smart and active, not everyone knows how to make it work.

Now listen to this. My experience as a student tells that a fair number of students feel too lazy to study for exams. You can go ahead and deny it but that’s someone’s Achill’s heel. If you are caught in this web, then this piece is for you.  I bet you will be so proud of yourself to have read ‘How to overcome Laziness while studying’ to the end. You know why? Because you just read, lol. Now the big question;

How do I stop being lazy and unmotivated? Three quick steps

Convince yourself to start with a small task.

One of the greatest motivations you can pull to yourself is to be convinced right inside of you. Let’s say you have a pile of books to study before the exams and you have not figured out a study strategy yet. You could start small by surfing the net on the subject under study.

Studies have shown that youths are native to the internet to a very large ratio relative to other age brackets. I mean you could take advantage of that. While using your phone maybe part of the reasons you are unmotivated, you could still turn it to a tool for motivation. Having a clear view of what you have to fix quickly spanks the next key, this time your concerns.

Make your to-do list strategic

While making a to-do list may sound too conventional, you have to apply a distinct approach to make it work. Here is a kicker; make your to-do list take an ascending order of priority. Beginning with the least is like gathering the rubbles of your shattered motivation. Yes go ahead and do the next.

A quick reminder, your to-do list shouldn’t be in mind. It should be well crafted or designed creatively. It goes a long way to crest a picture of the day’s task in your head. The human sense appeal so much to colors and creativity, always remember.

Remind yourself of who you have to be

If you are satisfied with who you are presently, I can’t think of nothing right now, sincerely. But if you need to be somewhere in the next few months, one year, five years, ten years then I have a piece for you. Your future is your greatest motivation.

By the way, how do you get along when you need to study? See the next line for inspiration.

 How do I stop being lazy and study hard? Here are three simple nuggets.

King Leonidas told the three hundred Spartans and I quote “the more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle”.  This saying is indeed iconic and wisdom to the swift. It is better to maintain a little reading practice than none.

You see, before you hear the phrase ‘reading culture’, phrases like ‘reading practice’ and ‘reading habit’ existed. One leads to the other. So you have reading practice, reading habit and reading culture; it takes that process. And so you could get rid of your laziness while studying when you follow these steps:

Practice reading with people who aren’t so lazy:

 Lol, I tried that before; you know how it worked? I will tell you. We sat in together in the library, not willingly though, I and Gidyon. I remember starring for half an hour trying to understand why I must study to pass. Afterwards, I turned to my mate who has read quite a number of pages ahead. The next thing, I quickly turned to my book not reading actually, I starred at the words for a while. But the magic worked unconsciously. I realized mastering every word on that page was what I did; I was so proud of myself. Taking that routine and giving it time sparkled up a new idea for studying and that was my motivation.

Practice “study and tell”

If you really want to stop being lazy and study hard, then organize an intellectual brain warmer with your mates. Get everyone to study a particular topic and discuss it after a specified time. As much as you will get motivated, you will capture that same topic from various perspectives. Do it over and over until you cover your syllabus.

If you do not want to cram during exams keep studying

Like the quote above has highlighted, the more you keep studying, the less chances of cramming or seeking for some “brain support” during exams. Start to study in time and possess the exams atmosphere afterwards.

Oh no! Exam is here… how do I overcome laziness during exam period?

If I could read your mind clearly, you are trying to unravel how lazy students study so you too can follow suit. Don’t ever assume you are the only one in that shoe; they are very many out there. But you see, what makes the whole lot of difference is how quick and strategic you are in planning an escape route. That’s why you hear even the brightest student in your class says“I have not read oh, am tired myself”. Another will sound like “Becky, have you read? Gosh, the note is too much. It’s boring infact”.

If you are caught in this web during exam period, you are just a few steps ahead of laziness. Follow these tips and thank me later.

Never study alone; join a study group

If you ever want to learn how active students serve as motivation for lazy students, try joining a study group. Back then in school, once exams time table is out, you could easily detect the various categories of students that existed. Maybe I should give you hint; yes I think I should. We had;

·         the “teachers” who were ready to teach you the entire course in a sec just because you are not permitted to ask them in the examination hall. Lol.

·         those who never attended classes and probably are just getting to understand what the course is about.

·         those who are talented in asking questions they hope to answer during exams

·         those who spent almost the entire semester studying past questions.

I could go on and one, but the list is countless. Those are categories of students and ofcourse lazy students. If you are lucky to have those in category one around you, then get ready to meet your motivation for this year’s exams.

Make for yourself a study time table

While your school’s exams timetable still exist, I will advise you make for yourself a timetable that suits your study pace. It doesn’t matter how fast, it’s how well. So make the time table atleast two subjects a day. Take it slow and steady and soon you will outsmart laziness. After all he was never a smart guy.

Visit the Library

Another tip to avoid laziness during exam period is to study in the library. Usually, students are not permitted to sleep in the library. The instruction reads “dear reader, exhausted and sleepy? you may go home”.

My school’s library is quite big but you are likely to get a spank each time you dose off. Isn’t that the motivation you need? Then visit the library. Go now and get a library card before it gets too late. The clock is ticking.

I know sometimes you feel like asking;

What is the best way to kill laziness?

If you could fix that, I bet you wouldn’t experience it. Older people who were in your shoes would have killed it. But unfortunately, that’s not the case, consistently you’ve tried yet you failed.

First of all, I need to commend your effort to fight off laziness. That shows you are a fighter and a brave on at that. Now get this right. You never fight your enemy sitting; you might have to stand if you must conquer. Same also applies if you must get laziness out of your way.

Don’t expect a one-day miracle. Like I emphasized earlier, it takes a process. There is no hard and fast way to kill laziness to a drop, but you could fight with these smart ideas.

Don’t procrastinate

Martin Luther, in one of his famous quotes has said “how soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’”. One of the ways to limit the potential of laziness is to keep to doing things “in the now”. Never keep it for “later” because it may never come. Make up your mind about what you need to achieve and start now!

Never feel bad when your effort didn’t hit

Naturally, humans are very likely to give up when they realize all their effort didn’t work out. But you see, you have to make your case different by not giving up on yourself. Most times, issues concerning laziness still persist because you haven’t made up your mind yet. If you do, laziness wouldn’t stand you, I bet you.

Short cut wouldn’t help

Try as much as you can not to adopt a short cut to accomplishing tasks. It only makes you lazier. Devise a long tail strategy to run your tasks.

My teacher back in college gave us a short cut to removing sleep to study more. Though it worked for the moment, it had a long term effect on us. They are quite funny though. He said we could;

·         Chew cola nuts

·         Soak our legs in water while reading, Lol

·         Read aloud

·         Take coffee

Yes it worked and still works but the effect is, you may not do without it as time passes by.

Work out with your gang

Exercise is a more natural way to fight off laziness. When you work out in the morning, it gets your entire system set for the day’s task. Your brains work faster and your hormones too when you put them to work. So I recommend you register with a gym as soon as possible.

To wrap up, never under estimate the place of your will power. You are everything you need to become the real you. Never compare your strengths and weaknesses with someone else’s. Don’t like what you hate. In other words, don’t settle for laziness; it is no one’s friend.