Recommended project topics in mathematics for differential equation

Recommended project topics in mathematics for differential equation

“Many laws governing natural phenomena are dependent on relations (equations) and the rate at which they happen (derivative).” This is the case in part that has inspired codemint to recommend the following project topics in mathematics under the subject matter of differential equation:

·         Application of Laplace transform in solving partial differential equation in the second derivation.

·         Numerical methods for solving partial differential equation

·         Solution of first order differential equation using numerical newton’s interpolation and LaGrange

·    The relevance of the use of the method of undetermined coefficient for solving differential equation

·         Studying differential different numerical methods in solving first order differential equation.

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Differential equation as you may have heard, does not limit itself to the confines of mathematics field of study alone; its claws has invariably extended to other fields of study particularly in science, engineering and social sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, economics etc. And as a matter of necessity, you may not successfully detach differential equation from them without complications.

What practical areas of human endeavor can we apply differential equation?

·         It is used to harness population and population growth

·         From another aspect of population modeling, differential equation can be used to monitor the growth and pattern of epidemic diseases and virus,

·         Differential equation is also very essential for electric circuit design especially its flow and regulation.

·         In economic as a matter of fact, it is applied in the digital trading solutions and other investment strategies.

·         Differential equation also inspires the principle that governs kinetic systems

Why we have recommended these project topics for you

We have recommended these project topics for you because they use conventional principles in differential equation which is relevant for the implementation and presentation of this project to a large extent.

Moreso, if you are obsessed with differential equation, these project topics will help you test new methods on differential equation as part of your research.

You will also be privileged to practically sample principles on differential equation while using them to confirm certain solutions which your research seeks to find.

In addition, you might as well adopt some aspects of differential equation as your method of data analysis or as another means to an end in your final year research project in mathematics. And if you like, you may have to link it up to a natural issue so it can be easy to apply differential principles… the link above contain such instances.    

Wrap up

While differential equation may not be very popular in use based on its peculiar equations, formula and application, its principles are universally applied to solve most of the world’s problems in technology, science engineering, biology, economics, and mathematics.