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The computer system has been of a great assistance to Human Resource Management (HRM) in term of online recruitment simply because information can be spread once at a click all over the world. Applicants’ data are received and securely saved in the organizations’ database (DB) for easy access.

The world of information technology has gradually before our eyes turned the world into a global village, where the farthest place is accessible at the touch of a few buttons on a computer. Information Communication Technology (ICT) has made very powerful impacts on human activities. Examples of such are Universities registrations, registering professional courses like Cisco, applying for jobs, online schools etc, which were previously carried out through the manual system which consumes a lot of time and is very strenuous. As it stands now, the internet is an international network of computers connecting millions of people around the world. Government, Institutions, Universities, Colleges and Businesses etc, uses the internet every day for communication, entertainment, commerce, and education. In fact, the internet has become the most versatile and cheapest medium of communication and interaction among many people, organizations, institutions and businesses worldwide.

Online recruitment system is an online application (website) in which job seekers can register themselves online, apply for a job. It provides online help to the users all over the world. Now it is all possible in a fraction of seconds without consuming much time. Today’s recruitment, applications are designed to do a whole lot more than just reducing paperwork, they can make a significant contribution to an organization or company’s marketing and sales activity. Recruitment websites and software makes it possible for managers to access information that is crucial to managing their staff which they can use for promotion decisions, payroll considerations, and succession planning.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the management of an organization’s employees; it is sometimes also referred to as a “soft” management skill. Effective practice within an organization requires a strategic focus to ensure that people resources can facilitate the achievement of organizational goals.

Fundamentally, human resource management is based on the assumption that employees are individuals with varying goals and need. Personnel management is often used in a more restricted sense to describe activities that are necessary for the recruiting of a workforce, providing its members with payroll, benefits and administrating their work life needs.


The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is the air arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is one of the largest in Africa, consisting of about 10,000 personnel and aircraft including 12 Chinese Chengdu F-7s, and 11 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets, armed helicopters, and military transport aircraft.

The Nigerian Air Force was formally established on 18 April 1964 with the passage of the Air Force Act 1964 by the National Assembly. The air force did not get a combat capability until a number of Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 aircraft were presented by the Soviet Union during the Nigerian Civil War. On 13 August 1967, following several damaging attacks by Biafran aircraft, the USSR started delivering first MiG-17s from Egypt to Kano IAP, simultaneously sending a large shipment aboard a Polish merchant.Initially, two MiG-15UTIs (NAF601 and NAF 602), and eight MiG-17s (NAF603 to NAF610) were supplied to Nigeria.


The rise of the internet has revolutionized the way in which individuals communicate, both privately, and, increasingly, with one another and with organizations in a work-related context. Some research even suggests that employers are under pressure to embrace this trend in order to stay up to date in their recruitment practices. For example, Smith and Rupp (2004) argue that:

“The Internet has drastically changed the face of recruitment. Employers must now actively market themselves by instituting a well-implemented e-recruitment program to find better quality candidates and improve hiring decisions, all in less time and at a lower cost.” (Smith and Rupp 2004)

Online-recruitment, where employers use the internet in some form to aid conventional recruitment processes, has a number of important advantages compared to more traditional forms of recruiting, according to Smith and Rupp (2004). Firstly, it allows companies to shorten hiring times through an increase in information flow and an acceleration of recruitment processes. Secondly, it can help reduce recruiting costs, hiring times and employee turnover as processes are generally job-specific and offer computer-assisted screening interviews and statistical predictions.

Moreover, it gives employers the opportunity to hire staff both locally and globally, significantly extending the reach of more traditional staff recruitment. Thirdly, e-recruiting offers companies and prospective employees a number of important features and specific abilities such as:

1.                   The ability to initiate interview requests and order background checks.

2.                   Dynamic creation of an employer’s job page etc.

In terms of deciding on an approach to online recruitment, companies can choose among a variety of options to reach suitable candidates. They can make use of job sites which can be either generalist in nature (websites such as monster.com, hotjobs.com, headhunter.net) or focussed on specific industries (such as dice.com or computerjobs.com). Another option is to make use of private recruiting exchanges (companies such as Career Engine or Workplace Diversity offer such tools). Companies may also choose to post job openings on their own website, which is very cost-effective for small and medium sized companies. They might also choose to set up their own corporate recruitment webpages which may or may not include the option of incorporating existing social media websites.


After studying and analyzing the current system, we found that there are problems and constraints in that method. The first problem is all applicants are qualified to attend the interview and the test secondly; the administrator has to spend a lot of time to process the applicant information. The Nigeria Air Force must eliminate too much irrelevant information and also make sure that the advertisement of the job is provided on their website.  


This project is aimed at designing an information system in which computer will be used to handle applicant records in a database (DB) of Nigeria Air Force. The objectives are to:

1.    Support the organizations’ (Nigeria Air Force) ability to acquire, retain and develop the best talent and skills.

2.    Reduce the task of dealing with complex files for recording and maintenance.

3.    Attract and encourage more and more candidates to apply in the organization.

4.    Provide management with an up-to-date record on applicant records.

5.    Reduce a number of errors which are commonly found in the existing system.

6.    Reduce the efforts of maintaining information by designing a flexible and effective web base application program; this will perform the basic operation in Nigeria Air Force.


The significance of this research, therefore, lies in the fact that much effort is required and must be maintained in order to keep the organization moving. Thus, if the organization performed its role efficiency, there is the need to examine the impact of enhancing the recruitment process to achieve goal for the organization.

This study is therefore carried out to take care of many organizational works in Nigeria Air Force for online recruitment process for the Airmen/Airwomen officers. Make the website more flexible and provide means of communication with an administration that is handling the system. The system is capable of registering of jobseeker and also display the report of the registered job seeker on the administration page, and also capable of deleting of the unwanted registered jobseeker.


Online recruitment system enables the users to have the typical recruitment facilities and features at their disposal. It resolves typical issues of manual staffing process and activities into a controlled and closely monitored workflow in the architecture of the application. The multi-platform solution brings in by default, the basic intelligence and immense possibilities for further extension of the application as required by the user. The system makes it simpler to share and manage the organization’s human resources requirements with higher efficiency and easiness. The objective of this website is to serve as a common meeting ground for jobseekers and organization, both locally and globally. This kind of systems is specifically designed for an organization to help in solving staffing problems and managing human resource department activities at a high degree of optimization.

The limitation of this project work is restricted or limited to online recruitment system of Nigeria air force.

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