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1.0                                      INTRODUCTION

1.1              Background To The Study

With the ascent of Globalization, it has gotten to be vital to discover a less demanding and more compelling system to help an association. Despite this, there are still a few foundations that utilize the way our forefathers would have done it. In a certain manner, one thing that is still handled physically is the leave management system. In advanced times, there are numerous sorts of leave accessible to parts of staff of an association e.g. yearly leave, easy leave, study leave and a lot of people more. A ton of time and assets are allotted in dealing with this sort of system particularly when overseen physically.

Nucleus, (2011). Nucleus Research is one of the main examination foundation went for measuring the estimation of innovation. In one of its production "Leave management cutting cost", the profits of having an automated leave management system were illustrated.

Leave management system is an electronic online stage that circles all sort of leave applications and leave regard, and the methodology to record numerous types of leaves (Nurul, 2008). This system can be utilized to automate the work process of leave applications and their endorsements. It is straightforward and simple to utilize a system that dispenses with paper work, spares time and cash.

However in Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd., the process of treating leave applications, approval, and record keeping is managed using the manual system.

But a challenge that exists is wastage of time and energy. Till today, when managers and employees have to manually calculate leave balances, the numerous processes involved makes it labor intensive and serve as a major distraction from other job duties. 

A web based automated Leave management system for NIGCOMSAT is aimed at automating the manual system currently used by the organization to manage its staff leave applications and records.

The proposed system will minimize most of the problems currently faced by the organization in managing leave applications. The Manual system will be automated by making it an online process. Automation of this system will promote flexibility and enhance productivity.

1.2              Statement of Problem

The system taking care of leave applications and records in Nigerian communication satellite limited has a lot of flaw as an issue of the utilization of a manual system.    

Data regarding the management of leave is kept in files. This will take time and energy in trying to find out information since the staff will have to look for the file containing the necessary information. For example, if leave balances are to be calculated for members of staff, it will take time searching each file one after the other.

The manual system takes too much time for the many processes of leave application, for example a staff would have to wait and see the HOD of his/her department as regarding the submission of his/her application. As a result, leave applications would not be tended to or approved in the event that the presiding HOD is absent. This can be a serious problem especially if the purpose for the leave application is time-bound.

Another problem with the current manual system is that there is no backup of data and in the situation that the files with all the information gets damaged or lost, all valuable information will be totally lost and non-retrievable which could be disastrous.  

1.3              Aim And Objectives of Study

The point of this project is to create an online computerized leave management system for Nigerian communication satellite limited. The destinations included in accomplishing this point incorporates:

                 i.               Review and analysis of the existing system for managing leave applications.

               ii.               To design a web based system for the management of leave applications and make an effective, solid record support by utilizing brought together database, accordingly diminishing shots of information misfortune.

             iii.               To implement the new system for managing leave applications and to provide the management with more effectiveness and straightforwardness in leave preparing.

1.4              Significance of Study

The web based automated leave management system is expected to improve the management of leave applications in the organization. Since currently the organization is using a manual system to manage leave applications.

The new automated system will improve the existing system and be beneficial to the members of staff in the sense that they would not have to apply for leave manually, the authorities in charge of approval also will not approve/reject leave manually and all leave records and report are generated online. This new system will help resolve most of the problems that the manual system is facing.

1.5              Scope of Study

This project work is centered on the leave management of staff of NigComSat. The System is an online system. The space of the system is based on NigComSat, the target users are staff of selected departments in NigComSat and the authorities in charge of leave approval and record keeping such as Hods, Head of HCD and HR Centre.

1.6              Limitations of Study

The data got for this study is restricted and confined to just staff records, organogram structure of the association.

The following will impinge on the efficiency of the system.

        i.            The system will fail if the server fails, but the data will remain stored in the database.

      ii.            Where there is no web association, the system can't be utilized since it is online

    iii.            The system is designed using Visual Studio.NET 2010 which as a result will only work on Microsoft Windows Operating System.

1.7              Operational Definition of Terms

Some terms that are specifically identified by this project used in the management of leave application include:

                    i.            NigComSat: Nigerian Communication Satellite

                  ii.            Internet: It is a method for interfacing a Personal Computer to whatever other Personal Computer on the planet through devoted switches and servers. These interconnected machines work by exchanging information by means of a specific sort of parcel exchanging known as the Internet Protocol (IP).

                iii.            HCD: Human Capital Development

                iv.            HR: Human Resource

                  v.            Website: It is a webpage that entails documents accessed via the internet.

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