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In this recent day, great reliance is placed on computer for all kind of operation in an organization or firm such as banking insurance, public and private administration, national defense and so on.

            Computer is being used administratively to cover cost accounting, payroll system, decision making, staff and customer registration e.t.c

Now the use of computer in conducting election is very complex such that one has to know how manipulation of data can be done successfully. Computer makes things more easily and save time for both expert and expertise. Not long after that, system analysis’s implementers began with workable ideas that allowed for the application of computer in specialized area (Conducting election inclusive) this has help to measure great accuracy in conducting election.

Election is the only way everyone who is eligible to vote can choose a leader of their choice to govern and direct the affair occurring in a given area. These process of election unite people from different geographical area together as one, with election an igbo, Nupe, Hausa man or woman has the right to govern people from different geographical region so that the of such particular area can be achieved.


            The scope of study application of computer in conducting election is to develop a computer based E-voting control system capable of handling the registration of voter, electorate and deduce winner in an election.


            Mostly all Electoral commission in all organization in Nigeria is associated with various problems. This project topic is chosen as a Step to identify the problem which does not help in encouraging good decision making and it involves information about electorate and voters in any organization where this system is adopted. The use of existing system becomes tedious, complex and time wasting.

            The following problem has been identified and they are:

1.      Delay in providing information at the point of inquiry.

2.      Incorrect and improper data entry giving rise to wrong information resulting to wrong decision making.

3.      Voters voting for the same candidate twice or more.

4.      Time wasting due to complexities involved.

5.      Poor security of data and information, hence giving room to illegal access to confidential information.

6.      Increase in security requirements for protecting the voting system during and between elections including during transport, storage and maintenance.


            The aim and objectives of this project work is the application of computer in conducting election to simplify the existing system by making it more efficient and faster using computer system which process data at a very fast speed and perform a repetitive operation without getting bored. The objective now makes this system less cumbersome and easier to deal with since computer can operate on its own, and it stored under the control of sequence of instructions.


Since information is the basic of decision making in every organization, conducting election and deducing the winner among candidate. It is then necessary to desire to a system that will eliminate completely the problem associated in the old system.

Below are significances of the prepared system.

·        Faster vote count and tabulation.

·        More accurate results as human error is excluded.

·         Efficient handling of complicated electoral systems formulae that require laborious counting procedures.

·        Potential long-term cost savings through savings in poll worker time, and reduced costs for the production and distribution of ballot papers.

·        To reduce the cost through savings in poll worker time, and reduced costs for the production and distribution of ballot papers.


            The study is limited to electronic system for conducting Student Union Government Election in Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State.

            The following are factors that limit electronic system for conducting election in this project work.

1.      Increased costs for both purchasing and maintaining e-voting systems.

2.      Increased infrastructure and environmental requirements, for example, with regard to power supply, communication technology, humidity.

3.      Time factor

4.      The material required in writing the project i.e. the source of information is extremely tedious.

The factors listed above works against the desired extend to which this project work have been done.


Chapter 1

This chapter consist the general introduction to the system, state the reason why the new system for conducting election should be more preferable than the old system.

Chapter 2

This chapter state the history of electronic voting, that is, how it what brought about

Chapter 3

This analyzes the system adopted earlier in conducting election as well as the new system, state the input required from the user and the order of processing undergoes to achieve the desire result.

Chapter 4

This chapter state how the program is documented to aid it usage by the end user, it also lay down the hardware and software required for the program to run effectively.

Chapter 5

This chapter states the conclusion and recommends what should be noted to improve operation


            To arrest the situation, necessary programming stage are required to adequately computerize the system such as problem definition, system analysis, coding and documentation will be carefully considered and implemented.

            The choice of programming language to implement the system is VISUAL BASIC programming language for the project execution.

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