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An essential part of assignment is co-coordinating the activities of people and directing their efforts towards the goods and objective of the organization. This involves the process of leadership and choice of an appropriate form of behaviors of employee in a work place.

          Leadership is a relationship through which person influence the behavior or action of other people. This means that leadership cannot be separated from the activities of groups employee will effective team building leadership is related to the motivation of interpersonal behavior and the process of communication. Good leadership also involves the effective passed of delegation. The leadership relationship is not limited to leader’s behavior resulting in the sub – ordinate and employee’s behavior. Leadership is a dynamic process.

          Good management leadership helps the top to develop team work and integration of individual and group goal. It  aids intrinsic motivation by emphasizing the importance of the people  to do management leadership may also be base on organizational power derived from status or position within the hierarchical structures and the use of formal authority or personal power derive from competence and expertise respect and urging encouraging people in the performance of their task.

          The philosophy of golden rule management leadership is applied in such a way that employees are dedicatedly committed to their task in the organization

          For example treat people fairly but according to their merit. In order to balance responsibilities to the company, the employee must be able to say “no” but employee should be encouraged to turn “no” into motivation to accomplish more:

1       Motivate people through giving vote of thanks. A good leader or manager must understand the value of praising people to success.

2       Make the other person feel important and let people know you appreciate them.

3       Encourage feedback and don’t value ability to listen.

4       Sandwich every bit of criticism between hot layers and heavy praise.

          The above are choices of the managerial style which is not far from leadership. Therefore, style adopted inflated in employee commitment and performance.

          Leadership style is a way in which the functions of leadership are carried out on which the manager typically behaves towards members of the organization or group. The development of behavioral science has drawn attention to the process of inter – personal behavior in the work situation and to the effect of leadership on those being lead. The attention giving to leadership style is more likely to work effectively for manager who adopts alternative style.

          Effective leadership behavior is based, there on both on the willingness of the manager to help employees and the needs of employee for help. Leadership behavior will be motivational to the extent that it provides necessary direction, guidance and support. It helps clarify path goal relationship and removes any obstacles which binders attainment of goals a major variable in style of leadership adopted by managers is the nature of employees.


          It is claimed that a human relation people oriented approach is more likely to lead to job satisfaction and work performance; however, it is not always the case that democratic is best. There are occasion when an autocratic style of leadership is effective it has been reviewed from the studies that  when the situation is very favorable or very unfavorable in term of leader – employees relation, task structure and position power than a task oriented style of leadership is most effective, some subordinate / employee appear to prefer a more directive task oriented approach and respond better to more autocratic style of leadership.

          A potential danger with the contingency approach is that the manager may appear to lack consistency in leadership. However although subordinate / employees may reasonable repeat some degrees of consistency management in approaching the same types of problems with the same style, this is not to say that different style of managerial leadership has a great negative effect on employees commitment and performance because of production of goods when the leadership is present, but drop in his absence. He gives order and demand that they carried out. No question are allowed and no explanation given group members assume no responsibility for performance and merely do what they are holding but in democratic style of leadership where there are no goal of employee and moral and deans of work are generally low. Certain working conditions can cause employees to be committed or perform badly in an organization.

          The three main aspects to be considered in determining the most appropriate style of leadership are the manager, the employees and the work environment. Employees perform better when they are motivated and working in comfortable environment. Leadership is not only an essential part of the process of management. It is also an integral part of special structure and culture of the organization if the manager is to be successful in dealing with people and influencing their behavior commitment and action. This required leadership styles which help to faster a supportive organization culture.


1       To show whether decision making is being share between managers and employees.

2       Examine if the employee in Beta Glass plc, Ughelli are committed to work and highly performance order.

3       Examine if employee feel successful under democratic leadership instead of laisser fiar style and autocratic.

4       Examine if type of leadership adopted affect employee commitment and performance.

5       Examine under what condition of leadership employees tend to perform better.


1       H0:    Leadership adopted does not have anything to do with employees’               commitment and performances.

          H1:    Leadership adopted has something to do with employee commitment           and performance.

2       H0:    Leadership style does not have effect on employees commitment                 and performances.

          H1:    Leadership style has effect on employee commitment and                              performance.

3       H0:    Employees in Beta Glass Plc, Ughelli do not satisfy with leadership              style adopted.

          H1:    Employees in Beta Glass Plc, Ughelli are satisfied with the                             leadership style adopted.

4       H0:    Type of leadership style adopted does not affect employees behavior           and performances.

          H1:    Type of leadership style adopted affect employees behavior and                            performance.

5       H0:    Leadership style does not have direct relation with employee                         commitment and performance in a work place.

          H1:    Leadership style has direct relation with employee commitment and              performance in a work place.


          This study serve as a reservoir for further studies and also help policy taker to study the leadership style and its traits on employee commitment as well as their performance in an organization. It is important the study of employees’ behavior and their attitudes towards the work of this study is important because an organization must balance the number of tension such as between people and their performances of the employee and commitment of future through effective leadership style. It is important because it proves the effectiveness and efficiency of the employee hereby giving the sense of direction.


          The scope of the study in this research work is made to investigate the very area in which employee and the employers work hand in hand in order to achieve the organizational goals and success.


          The project was carried out at the same time with other academic activities. As a result of this, the researcher encounters a lot of stress and difficulties while trying to meet both academic obligations.

          Again, financed contributed to the limitation of the study carry out research of this kind requires travelling from one place to another gathering information and facts, visiting one library and another to collect useful fact, all these requires money.

          Also, some respondents were unwilling to furnish the researcher with good information in spite of prior explanation that the research was  purely an academic one. Also these withheld relevant information due to their gross illiteracy.


          Beta Glass Nigeria Plc, Delta plant formally known as Delta glass Nigeria ltd. Which is selected as my case study is situated at km 17 Warri / Patani road, Ughelli Delta State and was established in 1979.

          This company is owned by the Leventis Group Beta Glass Nigeria Plc, Delta plant and is headed by Lawrence Soyza as the general manager and S. Constantinidis as the managing director. Delta plant is having 709 employee at plant the nature of business of Beta Glass Nigeria plc is to manufacture glasses, bottles, containers and table water ranging from beer, cosmetic, olive oil, perfume, soft drink, e.t.c and these products are being sold in the local market and international market.


For the purpose of better understanding, the researcher wishes to define the following terms as approved in the content of this research.

Motivation: This refers to the way in which urges, drives, aspiration or need influence the choice of alternatives in behavior of human being

Employees: It refers to person who works for somebody or for a company.

Performance: It refers to the ability to operate efficiency in an organization.

Task: A task is a basic element for work that is a logical and necessary step in performing a job or duty.

Responsibility: Responsibility is one or several date that identifies and describes the major purpose of reason for job assistance.

Skill Variety: This is the degree to which job requires a person to do different things and involves the use of a number of different skills abilities and talents.

Task Identities: This is the degree to which a person can do a job for the beginning to the end with a visible outcome.

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