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1.1              Background to the Study 

According to apple by (1981) ‘’human activity systems are not easily predicted, human resources have an individual as   well as corporate desistence’’.

Also according to Udeh (1983), ‘’Conflict Management can be the most troublesome aspect of an organization action available organization resources are perceived as scare individuals and groups will competent for their control,. Thus competition and conflict over access to and central of such commodities as material goods, dominant symbol system information, technical skill respect and status are inevitable, conflicting goals cause problem.

 To all intent and purpose, conflicting in natural as harmony and it is the that deficit to think of how social and even personal goal can be positively achieved without conflict.

The fact that an industrial conflict is inevitable by both management and workers. At times however, conflict can be and desirable that is when a conflict is not like ply to be the most effective way of gaining one’s objectives or that it will be too cost or destructive in various respects.

According to Robbins (1974), ‘’there are three basic A attitude toward conflict in organization, traditional, behavioral and interactional.

The traditional, view was that conflict unnecessary and handed consequently early viewers of conflicts in an organization believed that the appearance of conflict was a clear signal that there was something wrong with the organization. They believed that conflict developed where managers failed to apply sound management principle diverting the affairs of the organization also where is breakdown of communication between management and employee.

The behaviors view of conflict is that conflict is a frequent occurrence in organization life. Organizational members are human being after all with needs and internets that often clash. In fact, behavioral view suggests that conflict can sometimes be functional because it can pinpoint problems and lead to better problems solutions.

The view of interactions is that conflict in organization is inequitable and even necessary no matter how organizations designed and operated. 

This view however, suggests that much conflict is in fact distortional. It can harm individual and can impede the attainment of organizational goals. At the same time some conflict can be functional because they make after organization more effective. For instance one functional aspect of conflict is that it leads to search for everlasting solution thus it is offer an instrument of organization innovation and change.

Industrial conflict can be seem s disagreement between two groups arising from the fast that they have different station, goals value or perceptions. Where organization members or sub- units disagree. They attempt to have their own cause or point of view prevail our-after.

In after wards it is an opposition or disagreement between workers and management over an industrial issues.

Any change is very important to every organization since we live in a world of dynamism. Thus change is inevitable are where this is not properly managed it usually results into conflict at the work place thereby decreasing performance or leading to ineffectiveness and pollutes the work  environment.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Conflict affects the organization as well as the individual especially the ones view study that is, Ajaokuta steel company limited and fougerelts construction company. Conflict is the simulate arousal of two or more incompatible motives or  demands of course conflict is carried to the extreme for an harmful consequences for the individual and for an organization. Confluent consumer considerable managerial time, the time that is to be leased in production would be wasted trying to resolute conflict. Conflict often result in extreme demonstration of self interest of the expense of the larger organization.

Prolonged conflict between individual can be detrimental to some people emotional and physical well beings. Time and energy can be diverted from reading important goals.

Conflict between the management and employees often leads to strike. This strike action affects the organization as the workers would not work during this period and this automatically, reduced the production output of the organization floppy reducing its income for that period. The organization also stand the chance to lease customers as competitors would do their best to satisfy the customers.

The aftermath at conflict may have height financials and emotional cost. Management can loose confidence in the employee after conflict.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Is conflict avoidable in an organization?       
  2. Is competence in dealing with conflict is an essential part of the responsibility of an organization?

1.4 Objectives of the Study

i.              To find out whether conflict can be avoided in an organization.

ii.            To find out whether competence in dealing with conflict is an essential part of the responsibility of an organization.

1.5 Statement of Hypothesis

   This project work is to provide enough information as regards to nature of conflict management in organization as way of improving the quality of good industrial relational.

The hypothesis developed are:

Hypothesis One

i.        Ho: (Null): that conflict is not inevitable in organization

Hi: (Alternative): That conflict is inevitable in an organization.

Hypothesis Two

ii.      Ho: that competence in dealing with conflict is not an essential part of the professional responsibility of organization.

Hi: that competence in dealing with conflict is an essential part of the professional responsibility of organization.

1.6 Scope of the Study

   This research work is concerned especially with issues of conflict and the effect on employee’s performance in Ajaokuta steel company limited and feugerotte Construction Company.

In most cases, it is impossible to cover one whole population most especially where the population is a large one like the one under consideration.

This being so, a sample is identified and used intend of the whole population. It covers those two companies under study which are located on the west bank of the river Niger and bounded to the west by Hills. The effect of conflict in these organizations is between 1995 to date.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

The research work was not easy as it face some problems during the process.

The inability of the limiter to be able to get audience of on transportation on several accession so as to retrieve questionnaires and other oral information thus making the researcher to spend

a great deal of time trying to convince them.

1.8 Significance of the Study

The study once completed will serve as a way to goal accomplishment. Today there are many companies that goes in to business with the sole aim of profit maximization which will soon be  completed by another company. In form of conflict and once this  study  is competed it will serve as an eye- opener to the activities of their competitors. It will also lead redaction of staff turnover as result of conflicting interest within the organization.

1.9 Definition of Terms

The following management terms are used in this study:

a.       Management: It the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.

b.      Organization: It can be defined as a social entities that are goal directed deliberately structured activity systems with a permeable boundary.

c.       System: This is an integrated whole or a set of objects together with relationships between and among the attributes.

d.      Conflict: It may be defined as a struggle or contest between people with opposing needs, ideas, belief, values or goals. Or “conflict is the deliberate attempt to oppose, resist or coerce the will of another or others”.

e.       Impact: It is a measure of the tangible and intangible effects (consequences) of one thing’s or entity’s action or influence upon another.

f.        Employees: It is a person who is lined to provide services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation and who does not provide these services as part of an independent business.

g.      Goals: It means objective or target, usually driven by specific future financial needs. Or it is part of the planning process. They describe what a company expect to accomplish over a specific period of time.

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