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In any organization human resources are the important assets. Every organization is human oriented, a factor without which the organization id reduced to nothing. Organization have their mission of being in existence and therefore could achieve these mission through the effort of “People” in the organization. Meanwhile, the extent to which human resource are properly managed determines the success of the organization. People are animated and have feelings. So management should manage and encourage them so that they will be committed and dedicated to the organization. It is based on this that study is aimed at finding out the relationship between good human resource management practice and the success of an organization. The study was conducted in Owerri using. Nigerian bottling company plants as a case study. Questionnaires were distributed to the staff of the company which helps the researchers in their analysis. The researchers applied of the data, the study concluded that people are life wire of the organization and the success depends on the quality of employees in the organization. 




Human resources management is concerned with people oriented management. Organization do not exist in a vacuum, therefore they must need people acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to high level of performance and ensuring that the key continue to maintain their commitment to the organization. This is a white fact business, education, health, social organization, it is pertinent to note that seeking, getting and keeping good people in the organization to the right position at the right time are indispensable to the success of every organization whether profit or non profit, public or private organization.

These organization that are able to acquire, develop, stimulate and keep outstanding workers will be both effective and efficient. Those that are ineffective and efficient face the risk of stagnation or decline.

        According to Graham and Bernett (1992:3) human resources management is concerned with the human side of the management of enterprises and employees relation with their firms. Its aim is to ensure that the employees of the company that is, its human resources are used in such a way that the employers obtains the greatest possible benefit from their abilities and the employees obtain both material and psychological reward from the organization. That is to say that there is a symbolic relationship between the employee and the organization. While the employee help the organization achieve it goals, the organization in other hand helps the employee to accomplish their needs and aspiration that made them to join the organization.

        Robbins (1982:74) highlights that the survival of an organization requires competent manager and workers coordinating their efforts towards an ultimate end. Organization that are unsuccessful in getting such coordination of managers and workers will ultimately fail. Also for an organization to achieve its goals, it needs inputs as men, money, machines and material (the 4m). These inputs will lie idle if they are not coordinated by men. They could only yield effective result if they are handled in the right proportion by people.

        Whether or not there will be a good return from a corporate investment if an operating division is largely determined by the quality of the human resources who are assigned to achieve the high rate of return. Therefore people represent one of the most valuable asset of the organization. If an organization is to develop its full potentials, the top managerial, commercial and technical skills must be termed as assets.

        To examine effective human resources management more critically, Robbins (1982. 74) says that it is a process consisting of four functions.

        The acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance of human resources.


        In this report, the effective human resources management as a key to the accomplishment of the organizational goals is to be investigated. The investigation/survey on the effective human resources management shows that organization is human oriented a factor without which an organization is reduced to nothing. It also enables it to complete its ascertainment on the likely problem that will occur on the process.

        Employers are likely to encounter difficulties when dealing with staff in organization where some are undergraduate. In other to avoid this, organization should embark on efficient human resource management, job orientation exercise, good motivation techniques, training and development of staff, recruitment and selection method of employees should be free and fair so that appropriate employees will be employed and place in the right position which will lead to higher performance of employees.

        There is also persistence problem of low productivity as a result of ineffective human resources management.   Organization have tired to upgrade their system of communication with staff so as to reduce this frequent problem. However, in spite of all these, the problem still persist.


alarm they say does not blow without cause, since organizations are people oriented, hence the purpose of acquiring human services, developing their skills, motivating them and ensuring their commitments to their organization becomes an important instrument in achieving organization becomes an important in achieving organizational goals however, the objectives of the research are as follows:

1)          To find out the relationship between good human resources management practices and the success (viability) of a firm.

2)          To find out how the acquisition of human resources is carried out in Nigeria bottling company Owerri plant.

3)          To access the extent to which human resources are developed in the organization.


1)     What are the relationship between good human resources management practices and the success. Viability of a firm

2)     How is the acquisitions of human resources carried out in Nigeria bottling company Owerri Plant. 

3)     How far has human resources developed in the organization.


        Some hypothesis will be tested to prove the validity of the relationship between the problems envisaged and the data to be collected. The null hypothesis is accompanied by the alternative hypothesis which is represented with III.

1)          HO: Effective human resources management practice does not lead to the success or the achievement of organizational goals.

HI: Effective human resources management practices leads to the success or the achievement of organizational goals.

2)          HO: Effective human resources management practices do not lead to the increase in productivity of the organization.

HI: Effective human resources management practice leads to the increase in productivity of the organization.


This research work is aimed at exposing the absolute effects or impact of effective human resources management to the accomplishment of organizational goals. Moreover, the workwill fulfill a number of significant roles while creating awareness to the society at large why human resources should be recognized as organizations most values assets.

        Meanwhile this will be of importance to the management of any organization with human resource department in a view of finding the cause of employees low productivity and inefficient and solution or remedies to these problems. This work will be extremely useful to management when every employee’s welfare is called to mind with a view to finding appropriate welfare programs for them. Again, any organization that wants to set up it personnel department may lay hand on this project work so as to know the task of such department.

        Student will appreciate this study because, this project will serve potential researchers as secondary source of data, idea or information useful to any work they wish to carry out.


This project encompasses the general human resources management of Nigeria bottling company, Owerri plant. The individuals used as respondents were mainly the company’s managers, supervisors and employees.

        In the process of carrying out the study the researchers encountered, some constraints. These constraints includes:

TIME: The researchers encountered the problem of time. The researchers combined both his academic work and his research work together. This problem of dual role within a limited time militated against the researcher’s zeal for through investigation into the problem under study.

FINANCE: The researchers encountered some financial problems. This therefore hindered the researchers from utilization all the whole source of data available toward this work. 

        Due to these scarce resources. The cost of materials, transportation fares and postage were reduced to the financial capacity of the researchers.

INFORMATION CONSTRAINTS: The move to collect the necessary information for this work was not an easy one. In the organization, disclosing information about their internal operation had always been a difficult task in the course of this research work. It was really a problem.


In every discipline, there are words associated with it. Meanwhile, the researcher knows that everybody is not acquainted with certain management  terminologies employed by the researcher in this study. The research therefore defines the following words as they are used here.

COMMUNICATION: This is the transfer of information from one person to another with the information being understood by the receiver.

EFFECTIVENESS: This is the power of producing the intended. It is the accomplishment of recognized goals of cooperative action.

EMPLOYEE: This is a person who work for the owner of a company in return for wages.

GOALS: These are objective, which has been specified by a company to achieve within a given period of time.

HUMAN RESOURCES: This refers to all mental, physical and intellectual abilities or contributions made by people employed in an establishment to help achieve its goals.

MOTIVATION: This is the willingness or any influence that brings out, directs or maintains people’s foal directed behaviour.

ORIENTATION OF EMPLOYEE: This refers to familiarizing the person with the requirement of the jobs, its relationship with other jobs and to the goals of the firm, the people employed newly will be working with the policies of the organization.

ORGANIZATION:Bit is defined as the establishment or cooperate entity that is purposely set up to render good and services to people.

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: This refers to employees accomplishment of assigned task.

PRODUCTIVITY: This is the measure of the output of goods and services relatives to the input labour, material and equipment.

RECRUITMENT: It is a typical result or job analysis and human resources planning activities.

MANAGEMENT: It is the application of human and material resources for the achievement of organizational goals.

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