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Rwanda has implemented saving and credit cooperatives to improve and to promote economic status of Rwandans. But members of these saving and credit cooperatives were still suffering from poverty like teachers of Umwalimu SACCO. General objectives of this study was to determine the contribution of saving and credit cooperative in improving the welfare of their members and Specific objectives were to identify the effect of saving in increasing wealth of teachers; to access the effect of Umwalimu Sacco credit in improving welfare of the teachers; to evaluate Umwarimu Sacco strategies to improve the welfare of its members; to examine the challenges faced by teachers in improving their life style. Both dependent and independent variables were identified and the interventions variables also were identified as the contribution of the researcher to the existing variables. This study targeted 1,137 teachers’ members including 5 stakeholders of Umwalimu SACCO Kamonyi Branch and a sample size of 91 was used to represent all teachers of saving and credit cooperatives in Kamonyi branch including 3 stakeholders to represents 5 stakeholders of saving and credit cooperatives at Kamonyi branch. Both primary and secondary sources were used and the collection instrument of this research was the questionnaires. Umwalimu SACCO was transforming the life of teacher who agreed to work with it. Researcher  found that teachers were having their own buildings because of loan received from Umwalimu SACOO Kamonyi Branch, there have medical insurance, they pay their and the school fees of their children, they were satisfying their basic needs like food, clothing, water, sherlter. Umwalimu Sacco to increase the services provided to their members now is going to join with Umurenge SACCO but about recommendation Teacher should adopt the system of grouping into cooperatives so that can access the higher amount of loan. Teacher should learn to use lower time in investment of long time asset like constructing house, buying cowers; cultivate the productivity plant like flowers, tea, coffee which help them in changing their life standard. Government of Rwanda should adopt the system of increasing the salary of teacher and adopt the system teaching to go into cooperatives, to works with its stakeholders so that the life of teacher is maintained.

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