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Protector design is the joining of metals of pipes of the same diameter. Sizes together in a compound pattern in order to give adequate protection to a place. Protection of life and property has been a great cause for alarm to people. It is because people do not want unwanted visitors into their homes. In order to remedy this situation, people concluded to use metal burglary proofs protector in their various homes, metal protections have gained wide acceptances in school factories, homes etc. They provide solid protection for windows and door and it also serves to decorate the building. This project will also use the theory, procedure and design analysis of the moral protector window.

 1.2    AIMS

1. It aimed so much at enlightening students especially those in engineering field such as civil and mechanical engineering in areas of construction as regards to their profession.

2.    It provides a workshop model of a true metal protector       and economics of material, labour and procedures.

3.    It also help the student to-be salt reliance hide pendent as well as even when they are out of school.

1.3    SCOPE

The scope of this project is to select the best materials draw and design and also construct it

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