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The Howard rotary slasher was rehabilitated, the oil seal in the gear box at the rotary slasher was replaced. Bolt and nuts were also replaced. Repair and maintenance were carried out on the Howard rotary slasher in such a way that all worn parts, missed part were repaired and replaced at the cost of N31,100 naira only. After rehabilitation, the slasher was tested and its performed good. The purpose of this rehabilitation of this slasher is to add more to the functional implements of the department and to acquire more experience on how to carry out repair and maintenance on farm implement, and to highlight the purpose or importance of maintenance of an implement. 




A rotary mower is a unit of powered machinery that uses a rotating blade or blades to cut vegetation.

In agriculture of a rotary mower takes the form of a piece of tractor machinery that is often pulled behind the tractor and powered by the power take of it uses thick blades of sharpened metal to cut thick grass, heavy bushes, weeds, and small trees. Due to the high torque and power associated with the implement, shields made of hanging heavy chain or thick vinyl or rubber are often provided around the discharge chute to control flying debris. French Agricultural machinery manufacturer Rousseau SA claims to have invented the mechanical rotary mower in 1962. (“History” at Rousseau-web.com).

In horticulture a rotary mower is usually an integral machine that is either pushed by hand or driven by a riding operator, and used to cut amenity and sports turf. The first successful such machine was developed in Australia in 1952 by the Victa company. (en.m.wikipedia.org).   


After inspection and diagnosis, the followings faults were detected: skills acquisition in the repair of rotary slasher in order to be self reliant.

·                    The blade was blunt

·                    Oil seal was damage

·                    Slip clutch was missed

·                    Center hitch pin was missed

·                    Gear box

1.3       OBJECTIVES

The objectives of this project are as follows is to:

·        To inspect and diagnose and detect the fauls of the rotary slasher.

·        To estimate the requirements for rehabilitation.

·         To rehabilitate and test the rotary slasher.


To have practical knowledge and experience of what is theoretically thought in the class. Also have an idea about the maintenance to add the number of good equipment in the department.

Also, this project would not only help in rehabilitation of rotary slasher, but will help in correcting the maintenance the machines.


The scope of this project include the procurement, purchase and replacement of all defective parts on the broken down rotary slasher in the department and extended beyond to all where mowers are utilized.

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