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This research project was carried out principally for the production of liquid and vapourized perfumes from local raw materials.  The local raw material were subjected to various processing conditions in order to obtain purified perfume.  The methods generally used in this work include expression steam distillation and solvent extraction.

During the production of vapourized and liquid perfume the modern solvent for blending and holding perfume materials is highly refined ethanol mixed with more or less water according to the solubilities of the oils employed.  This solvent with its volatile nature helps to project the scent it carries, and it is fairly inert to the solute and is not too irritating to the human skin.

The slight natural odour of the alcohol   is remove by deodorizing of the alcohol.  This is accomplished by adding a small amount of gum benzoic or other resinous fixatives to the alcohol and allowing it to mature for a week or two.  The result is an almost odorless alcohol, the natural rawness having been neutralized by the resins.  Other vehicles added to this includes benzene which is a solubilizer and methanol in their required proportions.

For vaporized perfumes , it has light quantity benzene while the liquid perfume has little   or no of benzene and it contains more of the fragrance than the vapourized perfume.

However, it can be concluded that liquid and vapourized perfumes can be produced using local raw materials.

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