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Gombe being a new state capital, is faced with new and increasing physical

planning and developmental programmes.        There are problems of Planning,

implementation and management of recreational facilities especially as it relates to the

changing forms of recreation in the town.

Recreational activities are observed to have been changing, this changes has some

implications on existing facilities and services, and therefore requires the input of


The focus of this study is therefore to analyse the nature and pattern of these

changes in all the forms of recreation in Gombe, with the view to determining the most

appropriate recreational facilities that are consistent with the preference of the people.

The underlying factors for the changes in recreational activities are determined.

The implications of the changes on physical planning are also determined.

An appropriate Planning standard adopted and planning proposals made. It is

proposed that the plan be implemented in three phases. The funding should involve the

public, private and voluntary organizations. Recreational facilities be managed by the

Gombe Recreation and Tourism Corporation (GRTC). Proper recreation planning and

development in our cities can play an important role in enhancing an acceptable quality

of life.




Throughout history, man has sought for and recreate in one form or the

other. History has shown that every community has always devised its recreational

activities and sometimes adopted those of other communities. Recreation is an

activity in which an individual or group of persons engages by choice to derive

personal satisfaction in terms of relaxation, entertainment, personal development

and well being. Recreation is fundamental in human life. It is needed and carried

out in various forms by human being. Recreation facilities create demand for land

and specialized facilities. Therefore, planners try to make adequate plans for the

future by providing information about both the present situation of recreational

facilities as well as the demand.


Gombe town, like most urban centres in the developing countries has both

traditional and modern forms of recreational activities.   These cities have

continued to experience changes in the patterns of recreation interms of types of

facilities and usage.

These changes are observed in Gombe where some traditional forms of

recreational activities such as ‘Langa’ sharo; ‘gada’ etc are changing and being

replaced with modern forms of recreational activities such as footballing, athletics,


cinema viewing, etc. Also in Gombe, there are groups which organizes some

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