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This dissertation examined the patterns of adjustment of new undergraduate students to campus life in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. With the goal of identifying the common stressors faced on ABU campus, find out adjustment patterns students adopt to tackle the stress they face, Adjustment patterns in this study means methods which new students adapt to stressors on ABU campus. The influence of selected factors such as socio-economic, gender, emotional intelligence and attitude on newly admitted students‘ adjustment pattern in the university was ascertained. A sample size of 370 students comprising 37 students from each of the ten faculties on the main campus was used for the Survey. Multi-stage sample technique was used, 10 Students class representatives and two staff from the Counseling and Human Development Center of ABU Main campus Samaru, were interviewed. The Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 20 for windows was used to aid in the data analysis and further analyzed using Triangulation. The major findings indicated that the first year undergraduate student‘s face a lot of stress referred to as study behavior problems as they resume school on ABU campus these include: social-personal problems such as difficulty managing time 179(60.9%),overcrowding in lecture halls and hostels 169(57.5%),difficulty locating buildings 149(50.7%),accommodation problem 110(37.4%),poor sanitation 105(35.7%), lack of needed guidance 102(34.7%), academic problem 77(26.2%) and financial problem 62(21.1%).The patterns of adjustment included: participating during lectures 168(57.1%), attending lectures as indicated by an overwhelming majority of 280(95.2%), while 274(93.2%) said they have defined academic goals, and 247(83.3%) said they do and submit assignments on time. Furthermore, some 251(85.4%) identified the love for course of study, however 222(75.5%) said develop interest in learning, while a significant majority 201(68.4%) said balance extra-curricular activities with academic work while 193(65.6%) said Pray and seek the face of God. From the IDI‘s getting study part time jobs to solve financial problems, starting small businesses, becoming triangular students to succeed academically, using library services, observing the new environment, making friends with intelligent students, focus and working harder, attending tutorials organized by seniors, engaging in group discussions, seeking and following advice from parents, mentors, seniors and friends, attending orientation, following study time table and so forth were the patterns adopted. Parental education and occupation will determine and influence the new student‘s status, a large proportion 227(77.2%) said parents are their sponsors; this can significantly influence the new student‘s adjustment patterns positively. A larger proportion of the newly admitted undergraduate students 167(56.8%) had a somew

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