Quick tips for writing final year project topics chapter three (3)

Quick tips for writing final year project topics chapter three (3)

The chapter three of final year project topics are meant to institute the tools that will be used to set the research rolling. The chapter three of final year projects usually explains the ‘research methodology’, as traditionally called, under various categories and research tools. Mentioning tools, I mean the instruments for data collection or gathering, research techniques, research population, instrument for data analysis and the likes.

It is necessary to point out, before proceeding, that the project chapter three is most of the time, is not as lengthy as other project chapters. Issues discussed there-in are straight to the point and detailed but not saturated with too many quotes and unnecessary explanation.

Now that you know…                              

Here are quick tips to writing final year projects chapter three

The simplest way to start writing this part of your project is to state in simple prose, what your project chapter three is set to achieve.  One paragraph is just enough to make your points clear.

The research population

Under this segment of your project, you have to clearly state the actual population that your final year project seeks to study. The population is the entity that research want to understudy, it could be humans, animals, plants, a routine, issues, whatever it is, the term population in research is adopted as a more general term.

Under the population, please state the sample size. The sample size is a portion of the population size that will be selectively chosen for study so that a researcher can generalize the conclusion of the research. This is done when the population is too large to be studied in a short time.

Choosing the sample size for study varies with the research topic, the research population and the achievability of the research. Some examples of sampling procedures includes, purposive sampling, cluster sampling, Random sampling etc.

Research techniques

Research techniques to be adopted for final year projects are dependent on the project topic. So far, we have survey, content analysis, experiment,  observation, case study and a little more. Stating the research techniques you have adopted for your research, also do well to state why.

Instrument for data gathering

Still in chapter three of your final year project, you have to state the instrument you have adopted to gather data in your research. The instrument you will use depends on the research techniques you have adopted. So for every research technique, there is an instrument for gathering data for it.

Here is a tip of how it works:-

Survey                                  -              questionnaire

Content analysis               -              Coding sheet

Experiment                        -              Specimen

Observation                       -              Visual senses

Instrument for data analysis

Also in final year projects chapter three, clarifying on the instrument for data analysis is very important; infact it shows how much you know about the research you are into. Now, the data analysis has to be presented either in tables, graphs or whichever format. It is at the project chapter three that you will clearly state how you will present yours and why.