How you can benefit from your undergraduate final year project

How you can benefit from your undergraduate final year project

Certainly, doing a final year project at the end an undergraduate programme in tertiary institution seems more like a ritual than an obligation. So students already know they will definitely pass through this process and so work their way through, anyhow. While this is the prevailing case, I suggest you shouldn’t take it up ‘just like that’; I mean you can make your undergraduate research project worthwhile and of great benefit to you in the long run. I already expect the question of ‘how’; it isn’t wrong at all.

Here is how you can benefit from your final year project   

Get through Master’s degree and Ph.D. with ease

Pursing a Master’s degree programme in a field of study means that you find it interesting enough but your undergraduate project makes it a lot easier. If you really chose one or two project topics of good interest to you, it means that you can continue in that same field of knowledge when you resume your Master’s and Ph.D. programme; that’s how easy it can be.

 Earn financial benefits if published in a journal

If you are lucky enough to have your undergraduate project published in a reputable academic Journal, you are bound to earn some good money each time your work is paid for. Sorry if I used the word ‘lucky’ but you see, a written project work can only make it down to a journal if it’s worth it; nobody wants to buy a leftover write-up from anyone.

Secondly, if you have established a connection with a reputable name in your immediate academic environment, you can work out modalities to have your work published in a journal with much ease.

You can make a good public speaker

If you successfully presented your final year research work before a panel in time, you can actually make a good public speaker if you keep up that skill. Public speaking requires as much skills as you need to present a project research before a panel. Such skills as time management, space and gesture management, maintaining eye contact, eloquence, audience engagement etc. are good for a start.

You can make a great team player

Doing a research work like an undergraduate research project makes you dependent on everything around you for success. You somehow get your supervisor or instructor into it, your colleagues are not left out, your library attendant will somehow get involved, the typist and all propel the boat from their end and before you realize, your project is ready; and that’s team work.

Somehow, you are indirectly getting ready to face the world outside the wall of your institution which requires some percentage of your intellectual prowess and a good percentage of your team play capabilities.

Wrap Up

If you take a detailed note of the above benefits, you realize that they are often overlooked; truth is, these are what your institution are preparing you for, particularly the last two points. Nothing stops them from asking you to write whatever you wish and submit. So I suggest you heed to them and see how it works out.