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        Camp bed is used universally for relaxation, emergency eases such as war and in other several ways, and it is the acknowledgement of these resources that led to the design of the foldable camp – bed. All the existing foldable camp bed, have almost the same dimension but differ in design. Some use rope and ailets while the modern design make use of wood and spring. Some other are constructed using straight bars, pipes of angle iron.


Some foldable camp beds are made of Iron bars which are too heavy and cannot be carried with ease. Most existing foldable camp – bed are cumbersome to carry because their lengths which are normally six feet or 183 meters or 1830mm.

Some of the materials used for fabrication of the foldable camp bed may not be locally got and this affects its prince, making its availability to become more rare.

          In the market, design that make use of springs to hold the improvised materials or even wood are found. But when the spring fill off, its efficiency is reduced and this make it more profitable to make use of wood than spring to hold improvised mattress.


It is high in weight

It can be produced locally

It is portable

It has an in built head rest which is adjustable. The tarpaulin material used in folding the foam to the wood can be easily removed along with the wood for cleaning.

It is could carry a person up to 75kg in weight. Pipes (square) used are made of galvanized steel and also the angle Iron used is made if galvanized steel both painted with aluminum oil paint to avoid corrosion.

It is easy to manipulate.

All these specification put together make this project a viable one that can compete favorably with any existing foldable camp bed and also eliminate the limitations posses by earlier designers.



          From history, the second world war ended in 1945 and this resulted to serious damage to the Ozone layer which was developed from heavy bombardments in throshima Japan and other type of Europe like Berlin in Germany. As a result of this bombardments many people rendered homeless and they started looking for ways to make the situation quite relatively less harsh and this lead to the invention of the first model of foldable camp bed by George Bedmanson in 1947.

          Progressively foldable camp bed became widely used in all sphere of life ranging from camping, picnic relaxation, emergency cases such as war so on foldable camp bed as first found in Africa in Aswan, Egypt at about 1958 and in Nigeria at lags Lagoon, a place now known as Bar Beach, it was believe to have been brought by expatriates from Europe and American.

          Nowadays foldable camp bed can be found almost everywhere like homes, hotel, swimming pools, picnic arena and so on. Simultaneously the camp bed has undergone serious of modification in order to meet the world standard. The first foldable camp – bed was made of Iron bars welded flat to four stands and covered with Jute material. The integration of certain properties caused it to be replaced by hardwood. But hardwood could not stand the test of time due to wear and lack of other desirable properties, hater, light mild steel pipe of different diameter were used. More of the technical invention were concentrated to arrest technology and human constraints as well as aesthetic sensibility. However, the introduction of Aluminum and Duralumin pipes (Duralumin is an alloy of Aluminum, copper, magnesium and magnates) brought a lot of designs and reliability as well as comfort, more so the jute material used as cover was replaced with tarpaulin or imitation leather and later with soft mattress and other bedding.

          Models of the first foldable bed can be found in museums in places like Paris (France) and Manchester laboratory, England. This camp bed was fabricated based on factors like bed cost of finished product and the need of customers with much consideration in marketing competition.

          Conclusively, in a bid to tackle the problem of competition in the market, mechanical properties of the mater5ials were taken into consideration. These included weldability, portability, strength and impact resistance according to functional requirement.


The foldable camp bed is basically composed of the following parts.


2.11        THE ANGLE IRON

This is the major component of the frame. The vertical and horizontal top rest is made up of 1/5 inch or 15mm by diameter.

2.12        THE CATCHER

The catcher is reverted to the head rest and through a river on the anterior stand. The headrest can be adjusted easily. It is Amm thick and made of high carbon steel.

2.13        THE COVER

The cover is made of wood folded with tarpauline. The cover is the part of the bed on which one lies.

2.14        THE ANC

This is the basic component that was used in forming the stand of the foldable camp bed. It is 4mm thick with different lengths.

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