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Traditional communication is regarded here as the products of the interplay between a traditional community’s customs and conflicts, harmony and strife, cultural convergences and divergences, culture specifics tangibles, interpersonal relations, symbols and codes and moral traditions which include mythology, oral literature (poetry, story- telling, proverbs), masquerades, witch craff, rites, rituals, music, dance, drama, custumes and similar attractions and artifact which encompass a people’s factual, symbolic and cosmological existence from birth to death as even beyond death (cugboajath, 1985). They refer to the mode of communication which are still in use today by the ruralites. They have been variously called folk media or as Frank Ugboajah would call them, oramedia. Traditional communication processes in the rural areas in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa are in various forms and geared towards achieving different goals. W. ison, (1971) lists these goals as:

·        Directives: these given in the form of announcements concerning public or community work duties or responsibilities of the collective citizening which must be carried out, or defaulters within the community face certain sanctions. It can also given in form of instruction to groups or individuals to carry out certain decisions of the traditional authority, and as announcement about forthcoming events.

·        News: this is also in the form of information about event, which have taken place and about deaths, usually of very important citizens, and of impending events. Advertising. This is done through the display of products on a table, tree stump or flagpole for example, if condewned bicycle or car tyres are hung on a tree stump, it sends a clear message that a bicycle repairer or a vokanizer is around the corner.

Advertising can also be done through the use of hawkers and venders who announce their products in a sing-song manner. Soft drink hawkers use bottle openers to make a peculiar scratching noise on the bottles. This sharp and organized noise attracts people’s attention an advertiser can also make use of fragrance / aroma to announce a product as is the case in food selling

·        Public relations: this is carried out on person-to-person to organization basil where the individual tries to promote the image of his organization. In traditional communication, this can be done through praise singing. A good example Oliver de-coque, who in one of his records extolled the virtues of a social club known as people club. Public relations also comes in form of performance (drama, concerts) and announcements made to enhance the image of an organization or group. Some concerned citizenz and governments of Nigeria have held so many performances to enhance and promote the national and international image of Nigeria.

·        Entertainments: this is perhaps the most pervasive form of traditional media. This is done through music/ dance, drama performances put up to be received tree or paid for in public or private settings.

·        Education: this is carried out most often informally but also formally through.

                                             i.            Cultural groups

                                          ii.            Membership of certain societies

                                       iii.            Other socio- cultural groups

1.2  Statement of the Problem

The developmental story of any rural area would never be complete without traditional communication which is the vehicle that is use in achieving the desire for change and development of the rural area, be it political, economical social and otherwise.

This soling role of communication therefore calls for an effective and efficient use of traditional communication media activities that are necessary for the development of a rural area like Etoi clan, in uyo local government area. in spite of the power of traditional communication media in achieving development are is not sure. If this role and power of communication in development could be the same in Etoi clan, in uyo local government are. That is why this research seek to know the uses of traditional communication media in Etoi clan, Uyo local government.


1.     To determine the role of traditional communication media in Etoi clan.

2.     To determine the impact of traditional communication media on Etoi people.

3.     To find out the uses of traditional communication media in Etoi clan.

4.     To determine the extent to which traditional communication media has been used in Etoi clan.


1 what is the role of the traditional communication media in Etoi clan?

2         what is the impact of traditional communication media inEtoi clan

3         what are the uses of traditional communication media Etoi clan?

4         To what significant extent in traditional communication media used in Etoi clan?


The significance of the study is as follows:

1         It will provide pyeonhole through in which traditional media could be used effectively in Etoi clan

2         It will show the recent lapses and advances in ability to communicate effectively through the use of traditional communicational media in Etoi clan

3         It will unfold the extent to which traditional communication media has been use to affect and reshape the life,  economy and social will being of the people of etoi clan.

4         It will also serve as a reliable source/ material to researcher on similar or related topies


The scope of this research work will capture the uses of traditional; communication in Etoi clan in Uyo local government area. it will assess the level through traditional communication media has been used in Etoi clan the research work is limited to the people of Etoi clan in Uyo local government area.


The limitation involves the following:

1         FINANCE: this has affected the researcher’s mobility and ability of gathering through literatures for the research work.

2         TIME: this is another important factor that limits the researcher from meeting all the people of Etoi clan in Uyo local government Area.


·        Traditional communication: this is a form of communication emanating from the inter play or synthesis of the traditional affinities.

·        and disparities as well as its culture specific values and practice

·        Traditional: this has to do with the people tradition, belief and custom.

·        Communication: this is act of transmitting information; ideas and attitudes from are person to another.

·        MEDIA: these are available channels through which information could be send to the people.

·        IMPACT: this is the degree to which one can influence another.

·        USE: this is the process of talking, holding or deploying as a means of achieving something

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