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chapter I


1.1  Background to the study

Communication dates back money centuries age right from   the creation of man and this painting on the wall to the present use of scientific and methodical approaches in different spines of human pre-acceptation. it approaches the use of widely calculable media  ,opportunities in on orderly target and insult –oriented manner. mass communication media me made up of print and electronic media the electronic media which will be on, main fouls ,Coleman, cable  massages of .it is established for the promotion of electronic developmental development ,enhancement of education al development  stimulation of political participation and arousing of national consciousness and unity ,entertaining members of the society ,among others.

Although the function of electronic media in Nigeria right from its inception in 1959, chemo not been altered, it has maintained its status quo .television is the most drama tie urban medium with of partout audience reach ,it is currently the most potent  communication medium because of its edentates of sound, pictures , motion inspirational values, in door untimely .Radio coverage is no less them 90 percent effective, the use of vernacular language to convey massage makes radio a very flexible portable and available medium, it is also inexpensive

Beery government no matter its policy recognizes role of the media in national development undoubtedly, the electronic  meant  make gone tent contribution towards societal  improvements, so with this in mind and the features already mentioned above, it con rightly be said that the electric media is the hub that holds the which of society together and it has a role to play in combating the various scrooge that afflicts man today and one of such problems that has threatened the existence of man is drug buses

1.2 Statement of the Problem 

The continuous abuse of these drugs, has lead to a situation of drug addicted unloved developing a bondage to the drug. Drug therefore a state of period, or choice intoxication produced by repeated consummation of a drug (natural or synthetic) its characteristics are on over powering compulsives   to continue in taking the drug, tend only to increase the dose, and the desire to obtain it by all means –situation that often leads to various crimes ,including the distortions of national   economies ,  monetary. Polices due to laundering of profits ,narcotic,

crimes (especially violence, cultism, assai sedation, and moral ,  decadence among our youth)The effects of drug abuse one detrimental not only to the individual but to the society as a whole ,yet this problem is on the increase tent news about drug abuse involving ones in higher institution of learning ,chouse the serious threat to our national scanty ,can the electronic media as a vehicle for information dissemination be relied upon to perform its role in the society, to join hand in the battle against drug abuse?  

1.3   Objective of the Study

The objective of this work is to provide a spring dotard on how best the electronic media LAN plays their roles in confiscations of learning and portray a better Image to the outside world. This effort by the electronic media ,has become glaring considering the Immediate effects of taking these dangerous drug on the individual and the society, these delude reddening of the eyes ,decreased heart beat, irritant cough, released appetite ,sleeplessness, These constitute to Immediate physical effects. The emotional psychological effects delude dream-like thinking ,false confidence about the clarity of thinking, hampered perm ante in many ways debuting clumsiness in movement, misinterpretation perception often referred to as Illusion, observing things oriel other do not observe, often called hallucination –these can affect any of the five sense argons so the body and delusion or abnormal thought, usually fallings unwarranted greatness among our youth. Hence, appropriate remedial action need to be taken by the electronic media to halt the courage and ensure the projection of our national security. 

1.4   Significance of the Study

This studyhas important contributionto make in the education of drug abuse among our youths in our national network stations. Drug abuse has a debilitation effect on the he health of the nation. irresponsible ,unemployable ,indeed, there is a danger of the waste of Nigeria next generation if the best of Nigeria youths will be consumed by an addiction that will leave trappable of productive employment or social reductions .the national security implication, hence the need for the media to intensity their role and fin hands with various organization like the national drug law enforcement glance (melba) and National Food and Drug Administration Committee (Nafdac) to combat this scrounge in all its ramification. Our higher national network activity should also be encouraged through their curriculum to expose the effects of the drug abuse. .

1.5 Research questions:

1.    What are the effects of drug abuse?

2.   What are the implications of drug abuse on our national steatite?

3.   What are the reasons why the youths of this generation should report   to drug abuse?

1.6     Research Hypothesis

In order to carryout this study, both primary and secondary data will be used of null alternative hypothesis will be used for general statement of hypothesis,

H0:   Will present with hypothesis

H1:   Will present alternative hypothesis

H0:   Electronic media is not effective in combating drug abuse and national security in Enugu State.

H2:   Electronic media is effective in combating drug abuse and national security in Enugu State.

H0:   Not all electronic media can combat drug abuse and national security but with a reputable constructed electronic media drug abuse and national security can be controlled.

1.7  Theoretical Framework

Every research work like this one always has a theoretical framework upon which it is anchored on. In this view, the theory that is suitable for this work is Agenda setting theory.

       Here the theory talks about the power of the media to determine what power of the media to determine what we are thinking about by pre-determining what issues are regarded as important in the society.  Agenda setting theory is very useful in combating drug abuse in our society because it explains in partial terms why people react the way they do especially students.  For the fact that drug abuse is destroying the lives and image of our society, the opportunity for Agenda setting theory by mass media becomes enhanced and can be used to portray a better image to the whole world.

1.8  The Scope of the Study

The study does not dented to deliberate on the mass media organizations, which are newspaper, magazines, television, cinema, journals, novel, and billboard etc.  The research work will focus on the diachronic media. Less, the study does not intends to discuss all the phenomenon of the drug problems which are drug abuse as it conches the students of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.  The Institution was chosen as a cause of study because of the her year of academic institution turns out thousand of graduates each year, who have distinguished themselves in various aspects of human endavour.

1.9     Limitation of the study

The study is concentrated on the role of electronic media in combating drug abuse and national security in Enugu State Nigeria.

The time available to complete this project has placed limitations too. However, the researcher will overcome these constraints by streaming research methodology.

The assumption that respondents would not honestly and accurately the reveal the victim is a limitation in the sense hat the fear of kidnapping killing etc will make them to keep clam.  There was also the lack of sufficient information from the National Drug Law Enforcement (NDLEDA).  The officials were Unco-Operative as they always clams to be too busy attended to the researcher enquiry.

1.10 Definition of Terms

In this study the research will try as much as possible to explain technical terms used during the course of study.  They are as follows:

1. Radio; Radio is one of the electronic system which is an ear medium because they elicit only the ear and it is very flexible, portable and available medium because its coverage is not less than 90% effective.

2. Television: This is an electronic medium that elicit both the eye and ear.  It is the most dramatic urban medium with of much audience reach. It is currently the most potent communication medium because of its sound, pictures, motion, inspirational, value, in-door untimely.

3. Drug: This an illegal substance that some people smoke, inject, etc for the physical and mental effect it has.

4. Drug Abuse: Drug abuse is a state of period  or choice intoxication produce repeated consummation of a drug.

5. Concaine: According to Oxford Dictionary cocaine is a powerful drug that some people take illegally for pleasure and can become addicted to.  according to Ejiogu, it is a White Crystalline power with a bitter taste made from leaves of coca bush widely grown in South Africa.

6. In-Depth Interview: This is the most common, method of obtaining information from people. It was used to gather some information about drug and its limitations.

7. Intravenously: This is a way of administering drugs though veins.

8. Subcutaneously: This is another way of administering drug through injections.


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