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1.1 Background to the Study

In a newspaper organization, there are various factors that determine the successful operation of the sales and distribution channels. Accordingly, even minor issues in these operations can adversely affect the newspaper. A customer may choose a newspaper for various reasons. However, it’s up to the newspaper agencies to communicate to the customer that their newspaper can deliver all the values a customer may look for. The reach and popularity of a newspaper to a large extent depends on its distribution network. Here we have carried out an analysis on the delivery and sales management of the Newspaper in order to better understand their channel and also identify and provide possible solutions to any shortcomings Plambeck, J. (April 26, 2010).

Newspapers have unique characteristics, in that they are delivered to approximately 54,000 (ADVAN 2006) retail outlets nationwide everyday, the content changes substantially from day-to-day and the demand for them will have all but expired by lunchtime on the day of sale. Although some other products might share one or two of these characteristics, their combination in newspapers means that the process of getting this product from supplier to consumer is substantially different from others in the economy. As a result, newspapers have a distribution system that is largely dedicated to that one product. This project aim is to provide a basic factual presentation of the role of Newspaper vendors on Newspaper Distribution process identifies the main characteristics of the supply chains for newspapers and magazines in Nigeria.

This paper is intended to give a high-level overview as to how the Nigeria Distribution chains for newspapers and magazines works, and the role played by Newspaper Vendors at the different levels of the supply chains. In so doing, the paper aims to set out some basic, relevant background information which it is hoped will aid readers' understanding of the role of Newspaper vendors in the distribution of Newspaper is being distributed to different part of the country.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The problems that lead to the study of this project arises form the issue of nature newspaper supply chains as compared to other products at all levels of the supply chains (publishing, wholesaling and retailing) and in the nature of the interactions between these levels.

Unlike supply chains for many other products, which are retailer-driven, the newspaper and magazine supply chains are publisher-led. In particular, publishers appear to exercise a strong degree of influence over pricing at all stages of the supply chains by printing a price on the cover (cover prices) and setting, or recommending, the margins earned by Newspaper vendors.

However, this study will examine the relationship between newspaper publisher and newspaper vendor with regard to the subject mater of the topic, it will identifies the problems that exist in the distribution process of Newspaper in the country and suggest possible prospects to this problems.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The objective of this project work is to examine the role of the Nigeria print media in the development of sport in the country.

The study will examine the problems faced by the print media in the country and will also look into the relationship of print media and the sport agencies in the country.

1.4 Research Questions

The study attempted to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. To what extent do the activities of newspaper vendors’ influences the distribution process in newspaper production?
  2. Will the impact of effectiveness of distribution in newspaper production process be perceived by the readers?
  3. To what extent has newspaper publishers maintain business relationship with newspaper vendors in Nigeria?
  4. Are there any regulatory body concerned with maintain and regulating the operation of newspaper vendor and newspaper production in Nigeria?
  5. To what extent has newspaper vendors achieved in the production and the distribution of Newspaper in Nigeria?
  6. To what extent has the subscription of a Newspaper or magazine per individual affect the newspaper production and the newspaper vendors?

1.5. Significant of the Study

The importance of this study was to determine the perceived impact of Newspaper vendors in the newspaper process in Nigeria.

It will enable the newspaper publishers to be well aware of the role that newspaper vendors’ played in the Newspaper distribution process.

It also educates the student, workers, and the general public the to understand the relevance of newspaper vendor in the production and distribution process of a newspaper.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study covers the Print Media, i.e. both newspaper and magazines; this is due to the fact that almost all newspaper vendors in the country are concerned with the distribution process of both newspaper and magazines. This study will be based on the Print Media in Nigeria however, the concepts of this study may be well applied to the print media in other African countries.

1.7 Limitation of the Study

The limitation involved in this work includes the wide nature and time constraint of the study, which resulted in narrowing down the case study to Nigeria.

The following are the limitation that hinders the study of this research work;

  1. Financial Constraint: There are not enough funds to fuel the study of this research work. The researcher has access to a very little source of fund.
  2. Time Constraints: Due to the limited time available to carry out this research work, it is not possible to carry out the research extensively as anticipated by the researcher.

1.7. Definition of Terms

  1. Newspaper: A newspaper is a scheduled publication containing news of current events, informative articles, diverse features and advertising. It usually is printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint. 
  2. Vendor: A vendor, or a supplier, is a newspaper supply chain management term meaning anyone who provides newspapers from the publishers to the general public.

3. Journalist:   A journalist collects and disseminates information about current events, people, trends, and issues. His or her work is acknowledged as journalism.

A Printing Press: A printing press is a device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium (such as paper or cloth), thereby transferring the ink. Typically used for texts, the invention and spread of the printing press are widely regarded as the most influential events in the second millennium AD,[1] revolutionizing the way people conceive and describe the world they live in, and ushering in the period of modernity.

Production: Production  is the act of creating 'use' value or 'utility' that can satisfy a want or need.

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