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1.1       Background of the study             

Information is central to all forms of human activity no matter the field, be it medicine, agriculture, tourism or engineering. There is the need for exchange of information to ensure completion of tasks. Inefficiency will be the results, where this exchange of information is low or there is a break down. For this reason, information is regarded as a vital resource that need to be properly developed, because it has boomerang effect on society. Consequently, a society that has poor combination of  information   infrastructure perpetually lag behind others that have efficient information infrastructure (Moemeka, 1985).

Radio is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic wave for the transmission of messages, information, communication and it possesses some attributes which places it above television broadcasting. Oyekanmi, M.O (2006).

Rural radio helps to achieve development in the rural areas, as issues of development are aired to audience in the form of various programmes and individuals are exposed to happenings in and around their society, through listening to these programmes. Communication serves as the basic elements of interaction and information sharing in life. Communication creates poll of ideas, strengthens the feeling of togetherness, through the exchanges of messages and translates through into actions.

Radio communications educate citizens on new issues inherent in the society. For example, issues on politics, business, current affairs, etc are aired to create awareness. Radio serves as an agent of social mobilization; people are moved to deliver a certain goal, based on their awareness of their rights and responsibility to the society.

Radio can give people a voice and offer a forum for dialogue between communities and government. Radio takes up this responsibility and ensures vulnerable groups in society are included and represented in their programming.

Community Radio Station educate, sensitize and inform these local audience about issues that affect their lives; health, education, water, human rights. This way radio is seen as a genuine tool for local development. (Olutope, 2010).

A Community Radio Station can be defined as a place where programmes are being transmitted to a large and heterogeneous audience. The programmes being transmitted are always in the interest of the community.

A  Community Radio is also a type of radio service that offers a third model of radio broadcasting beyond commercial broadcasting and public broadcasting.  Community Radio Station can serve  geographic communities and communities of interest. They broadcast contents that are popular and relevant to a local/specific audience which may often be overlooked by commercial a mass-media broadcasters.

A Community Radio Station is also defined as a means of disseminating information to the community. The community in question can either be urban or rural. Community radio stations also entertain, educate and promote culture through their programmes.

In addition, a Community Radio Station should be an information center for the people in that particular area where people can receive adequate and reasonable information about an event or occurrence.

Thus, the research is aimed at finding out the impact of radio on grassroot development.

1.2      Statement of Problem

It has been observed that rural dwellers always feel marginalized when it comes to broadcast messages, that is, messages that concern the rural people are not broadcast. It is against this backdrop, that the research wishes to ascertain the effect that occurs to the rural dwellers as a result of radio message they hear and also showcase any action from which the rural dwellers can curb the future occurrences.

The study also observed that most rural dwellers really feel the impact of media in their social, cultural and political development unlike other institutions and company.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

1.       To determine whether the people of Warri environ have access to radio

2.       To find out if people of Warri environ listen to melody 88.6 F.M

3.       To ascertain whether melody 88.6 F.M promote the culture and norms in Warri community.

4.       To determine whether melody F.M recognize its role as an agent of social development and cultural propagation in Warri.

5.       To examine if melody F.M radio programme educate and entertain the people of Warri.

1.4        Research Questions

1.       Do the people of Warri environ have access to radio?

2.       Do the people of Warri community listen to melody 88.6 F.M?

3.       Does melody 88.6 F.M. promote the culture and norms in Warri community?

4.       Does melody F.M recognize its role as agent of social development and cultural propagation in Warri?

5.       Does melody F.M radio programmes educate and entertain the people of Warri?

1.5       Significance of the Study

It is expected that at the end of this study, it will update knowledge within the framework of the study. Particularly it will assist people’s view on the usefulness of radio in general development, mobilization and awareness of rural dwellers Media practitioners will also gain from the research findings as it will expose them to what responsibilities media are expected to play in society.

It will also serve as a reference material for future researchers who may want to expand, explore or study related areas.

          This study will draw attention of government to empower electorates especially women to participate in politics through the use of radio.  Journalists will in their packaging of news reports and events develop a sound political knowledge for the electorate.

1.6       Scope of the Study

The research work is diversified in nature and has wide coverage but due to time, manpower and financial constraints, it will be limited only to Melody 88.6 F.M Warri. The periods to be covered in this project shall be from the evolution of radio stations in Nigeria till date.

1.7       Limitation of the Study

It is not an overstatement that a work of this nature cannot be carried out without some hard experiences; however below are some of the constraints to this work.

          There are many limitations ranging from not knowing where to start, not knowing who to consult or approach for materials, not knowing what next to write in various segment of this study and not actually knowing who to put me through in achieving my work and others are:

Academic stress: Stress from other academic activities is one of the limitation to the research work.

Finance: Financial constraint to travel to different places.

Duration: Duration for the research work is relatively short.

Materials: Materials that can be available on this topic is relatively small as the concept is new or people are not writing from that angle.

1.8       Definition of Terms

1.                 Impact: The contribution being played by one part or something to change(s) on the other part or another thing

2.                 Radio:  A medium of mass communication that broadcast message, using electromagnetic waves to a widely dispersed, heterogeneous audience, for the purpose of educating, entertaining and enlightening  

3.                 Message: It is the transmitted stimulus from one person to another called receiver for the purpose of creating understanding.

4.                 Community: People who reside in local areas which could be town or village such a Warri town.

5.                 Community Radio: A radio station designed to serve rural communities

6.                 Community development: It entails the progress and positive changes on community that makes it improve.

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