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1.1       Background of the Study

Relationship marketing is one of the aspects of newly developed philosophy in marketing, which is Holistic marketing. It holds the fact that “everything matters with marketing and that a broad, integrated perspective is often necessary, Increasing a key goal of marketing is to develop deep, enduring relationship with all people or organization that could directly attract the success of the firms marketing activities. Relationship marketing has the aim of building mutually satisfying long Item relationship with key parties, customers, suppliers, distributors and other marketing partners in order to earn and retain their business. It builds strong economic, technical and social ties among the partners.

        However, relationship marketing is a term which  is generally agreed, first appeared in the management literature in 1980s, it describes, however, a concept that is as old as  commerce  itself and that tends  to often practices albeit  unknowingly, within small to medium sized business. The concept of relationship marketing illustrated with the example of a small shopkeeper, who would know most customers by name, through regular contact. He or she would therefore talk to customers frequently, know about their likes and dislikes, and aware of special requirements particular customers may have such as for cream on Friday, for example. This direct knowledge enables shopkeeper to order stock, plan services and value on the basis of know customers’ requirements.

        Moreover, customers are important they have the ultimate choice when it comes to buying products  and services and their requirements must be satisfied. Customers are “Kings”, they determine the existence of the marketers. When this is forgotten, one will lose his or her customers base. Customers’ needs are prime importance both to themselves and to the prospective suppliers if they have a training problem they will seek help from the providers of the financial services concerned. They will look for a speedy and effective response. If they do not  get the kind quality and services, they  are  entitled  to, they will  vote with their feet and will not return and do not expect any recommendations. But when customers receive a courteous, efficient and effective financial service, they come back for more and recommend your products and services to contact.

        In the financial sector especially banks,  the concept  of customers relations arises from indirect financing with intermediaries accumulating  surplus funds from surplus spending units and intending  to  lend them out to deficit  spending units. This legally creates “banker customer relations” as that of a debtor and creator.

        In essence, relationship marketing involves knowing about your customers, encouraging two-way communication with them, and seeking to create a mutually beneficial relationship with them where appropriate. The aim of relationship marketing is to convert an individual or organization with initial interest purchasing goods and services into a loyal customers and the focus is as much on relating existing customers as on bringing in new ones.

        However, when customers are satisfied, they become unpaid agents and in return there will be profit maximization. Relationship marketing includes all marketing and efforts designed by the banks to satisfy the needs of the customers profitable.

1.2        Statement of the Problem. 

This study emphasis on the issue of customers satisfaction and profitability from the conceptual framework of the relationship marketing. However, the major problems we have is to know. To what extent the MTN Nigeria  operating in relation with the relationship marketing.  Moreover, how has the MTN Nigeria  Aba been coordinating and managing their customers. To what extent has relationship marketing contributed to the organizational profitability?

        Furthermore, how and to what extent have they gained Innovation through the application of relationship marketing? And to what extent have they achieved their organizational objective through relationship marketing. 

1.3    Objectives of the Study

Having raised the issues involved in the statement of the problem. The objective of this study therefore is as follows:

i.            To determine if relationship marketing has anything to do with customers satisfaction.

ii.            To ascertain if relationships market contributes to profit actualization.

iii.         To Identity if they achieved their set goals through relationship marketing.

1.4    Research Question

However, from the objectives of the study the following pertinent researcher questions are formulated.

1. Has relationship marketing anything  to   do with customer  satisfaction.

2. Does relationship marketing contributes to profit actualization?

3. Does the organization achieve their set goal through relationship marketing?

4. Does the operationalization of the relationship, marketing ensure organizational profitability.

5. Are there factors affecting the application of relationship marketing?

1.5    Significance of the Study                          

Nevertheless, this study is basically and significant to the contemporary services  organization and marketing business operating environment, for all kind of reason including  the following.

i.             It will enhance the management of the customer value

ii.            It will help in understanding of who is a customer and how to satisfy them.

iii.          It will enable the company to focus on its objectives through the help of relationship marketing

iv.          The research study will form the basis of further researcher for the incoming students of marketing.

v.           This study is also a prerequisite to partial fulfillment of the award of Higher National Diploma.

vi.          It will guide the government in formulating polices on environmentalism and consumerism.

1.6    Scope of the Study

In order to achieve a precised study, this work will concern itself with investigating  the relationship between the relationship marketing and customer satisfaction and profitability in the MTN Nigeria  Aba, during  this periods of unstable economy,  in Nigeria. This work limits itself to the study of MTN Nigeria  Aba Branches. The work will deliberately select a population in Aba City.  Thus within the areas that are covered by the MTN Nigeria  Aba.

1.7   Limitations of the Study

There are many factors that act as constraint to the effort of the researcher in the course of writing this project. Most prominent of the factors are:

a)                 Time: The research work is a big task and as such requires time and energy, which was not on the researcher’s side.

b)                 Finance: This is another limiting factor. Due to limited financial resources available, the researcher cannot procure all the needed material is for this project.

1.8      Definitions of the Terms

In this study section, some important  term used  will be defined in order to achieve a synchronized  understanding of this work.

Marketing: According to kalu F.O (2002), Marketing is d defined as the process in which companies, deliver solutions to customers’ needs and desires in relation for payment.

Marketing Concept:  this has to do with the identification of customers need and wants and satisfying them more profitable than competitors.

Relationship Marketing:  According to Kotler (1999:497) is the process of creating, maintaining and enhancing strong, value, laden relationships with customer and stakeholders.

Customer: This

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