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This project examines the Impact of television advertising in promoting the sales of MTN products in Enugu metropolis. Survey research method was used for the study and purposive sampling technique was used to draw a sample size of 200 from residents in Enugu metropolis. Research findings showed that MTN adverts on television have greatly impacted in promoting sales of MTN products in Enugu metropolis and a great number of the residents in Enugu metropolis strongly believe in MTN advert messages. In conclusion, television advertising has indeed connected MTN to Nigerians especially Enugu residents, by helping to create the initial awareness of their services, thereby promoting the demand and purchase of the company‟s product.

Based on these findings, the study recommended that MTN-NG advertising unit should MTN conduct a research to help them reduce risk to a manageable proportion. To this end, the researcher recommended MTN-NG should in testify efforts in nourishing good customer‟s relationship and carry out research from time to time to find out new desires of their customers and ways to meet up in order to reduce risk to a manageable proportion. The research suggested that further studies should be carried out on the impact of MTN adverts in Newspapers, Magazines and on Radio and Internet.




The coming of television broadcasting to Nigeria expectedly prompted diverse programmes which range from politics, socials to entertainment, business and education. So, from the various programmes there was the need for television advertisement in broadcasting.

Advertising is basically the dissemination of sales messages through purchased space, time or other media (Arens and Bovee: 6). It is one of the marketing tools used by businessmen and household to promote their goods and services.

Just as the media of social communication have enormous impact everywhere, so does advertising which uses the media as a vehicle for persuasion as well as a powerful force for shaping attitudes and behaviour in today’s world. Individuals are exposed each day to a tremendous number of advertising stimuli. To cope with this bombardment, our sensory organs select those stimuli to which attention is given (Wells: 242).

Advertising is not done by the management of a product just for the fun of it. It is principally undertaken for persuasion or advocacy even apparently just giving us information, using media that are paid to get through to the mass audience with the identity of advertisers being clear(Arens and Bovee:7).

‘Advertising has mandate to sell the advertisers’ goods and help the consumers to

shop wisely’’ (Okoro: 42). Advertising is important because it impacts audiences by informing or reminding them of the existences of a brand or alternatively by persuading or helping them differentiate a product from others in the market (Fill: 486).

Advertising can reach a wide range of audiences with simple messages that announce the availability and location of products express their quality and value, imbue brands with personality and simultaneously define the personality of people who can buy them (Arens and Bovee: 22).Some of the keys roles of advertising are; building awareness, inducing dialogue and positioning or repositioning brands by changing either perception or attitudes (Fill: 487).

Advertising through all media impacts audiences, but television is one of the strongest mediums of advertising and due to its mass reach and visual components; it can not only impact individuals’ attitude, behaviour, lifestyle, exposure but can, in the long run, even impact the culture of the country (Latif and Abideen:156).

Television advertisement came up in the society because it helps to showcase goods and service. It also helps producers to sell their goods more, informs the public not only about the product but also the qualities of the products than any other medium.

Advertising also serves as a means of raising huge revenue for the television house.

However, there exists different advertisement of mobile networks which is a commodity that is widely used by households. But among other mobile networks that are being advertised, MTN is the most widely used because of it popularities among users of mobile networks and based on the assumption that its advertisement is so dramatic and captivating that’s why every user of mobile networks prefers it to other products of its type.

This study is set to find out why most users of mobile networks prefers MTN to other brands and also to find out how the advertisement of MTN impacts the consumer in purchasing the products so that the assumption will become a fact with reasonable evidence and theories backing it.


The research is to find out the impact of television advertising on promoting the sales of MTN.

It has been observed that most people in Enugu metropolis prefer ‘MTN’ to others mainly because of its quality, and particularly because of the role which TV advertisement has played in popularising the product. So, this research is being carried out to find out the reasons behind the preference of MTN network.


1         How has MTN network advertisement impacted the choice of people that patronise it?

2         In what creative way has the MTN network advertisement attracted its consumers?

3. Why is MTN network preferred to other mobile networks in Enugu metropolis?


1         To determine the level of acceptance of MTN network among consumers.

2         To examine critically the level of awareness that has been generated through the advertisement of MTN network.

3         To find out how television medium has helped to create better awareness of MTN network amongst consumers.

4         To examine the role of drama or theatre in the television advertisement of MTN network.


The study shall focus on MTN television adverts and households in Enugu metropolis, Enugu state.


This research work is expected to help different categories of sectors in the society. These include;


The television stations are expected to gain a lot by projecting the producers’

image through the advertisement of MTN network. The station is also likely to have more viewers owing to the dramatic and entertaining way that the programmes are being produced .Again; advertising helps the TV stations to raise money for other projects in the television house.

Moreover, the TV house also stands to gain audience patronage if sales increase through advertising.

Owners OF MTN

The producers of MTN network can use this research work to improve on the quality of their products and services. This is possible if many of the adverts are more dramatic, colourful, truth to life and captivating.

Also, the producers should improve in the concept of their advertisement and improving on the product that will make both the old users and new users continue to use the product.


The society can equally gain a lot from this research because the students, TV stations, advertisement producers and manufacturers should know their responsibilities and perform them with the hope of achieving developmental changes.

Again, advertising has an important role to play on a country’s economy society,

and culture. The importance of advertising to the economy as a whole can best be demonstrated by the Abundance principle.

This principle states that in an economy that produces more goods and services that can be consumed, advertising serves two purposes; it keeps consumers informed of their alternatives, and it allows companies to compete effectively for consumer capital.

Advertising stimulates competition and a healthy economy.

Advertising also helps to create financially healthy consumers who are well informed, better educated and more demanding (Arens and Bovee: 34).



Impact is a verb from a Latin word influere meaning to ‘flow in’. So, impact is the capacity to have an effect on the character development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Impact is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. If someone impacts someone else, they are changing a person or thing in an indirect but important way. (

Impact according to Cambridge English dictionary means the power to have an effect on people, things, or a person or thing that is able to so do. It also means to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves or think.


Television can be referred to as a system for converting visual images (with sounds) into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means and displaying them electronically on a screen. (Wikipedia)

A television commonly referred to as TV, telly or the tube. Is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting sound with moving images in a monochrome (black- and –white), colour, or in three dimensions, it can refer to a television set, a television transmission. Television is a mass medium for entertainment, educational television, news and advertisement. (Wikipedia, free encyclopedia)


According to Sharma and Singh (:8) quoting Bovee (:7), ‘Advertising is non-

personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through various media.

Sharma and Singh believe that the main purpose of advertisement is to identify and differentiate one product from the other and to persuade the consumer to buy that product in preference to another.

Arens et al (:8) also defines advertisement as ‘the structured and composed non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about product (goods, services and ideas) by identified sponsors through various media’.

Arens et al see advertising message as a very structured form of applied communication, employing both verbal and non-verbal elements that are composed to fill specific space and time format determined by the sponsor.


Choice involves mentally making a decision judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options (what would I do if…?) or between real options followed by the corresponding action. (Wikipedia)


A Mobile Network Operator or MNO, also known as a wireless service provider, wireless carrier, that it must own or control the elements of the network infrastructure necessary to provide services to subscribers over the licensed spectrum

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