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Majority of the people with particular reference to elite will be wondering why inadequate human resources on the performance of government establishments. A research supply will sound like asking an obvious question what are the causes of the inadequate human resources on the performance of government establishments. Ubeku (1973:15) described human resources as consisting of all individuals who are engaged in any of the organizational activities regardless of their level. 

Human resources from above means that men and women working for an organization irrespective of the post they are holding. However, this went further to emphasize that there was no demarcation for men and women working for the organization that does not belong to human resources of the organization. Therefore, the human resources of the government establishments e.g. ministry ranges from the commissioner down to the messengers.

Meanwhile, all activities in the organization depends on human resources either public or private organization. Therefore, any establishments aiming at achieving its goal must ensure not only maintaining constant and adequate supply of human resources but also ensuring that they are adequately motivated Floppo (1986).

From the above, we can clearly understand that the goals of the establishments cannot be achieved only by providing and ensuring adequate supply of human resources. This is because the human resources that are not motivated will not be answering human resources of the establishments without giving their best.

This was because during my sister’s industrial attachment work with the board of Internal Revenue Kaduna. That the effect of inadequate human resources on the performance of Government establishments was identified. I was always visiting her at the office on daily bases and I shared her experiences. This was how the research topic came about.

Moreover, some of us are not opportune to go into some establishments being it private or government establishments but may doubt that there are no inadequacy in human resources on the performance of government establishments. This research topic was chosen out of practical experience.

Furthermore, surprise came upon her when she was asked to cover the schedule of two (2) persons at a time which was due to inadequate human resources on the establishment, from the above mentioned reasons, the aims of finding some ways of minimizing the effect of inadequate human resources on the performance of government establishments and possibly to make suggestions on how to eliminate the problem of inadequate human resources confronting government establishments.

Finally, this research will therefore, be a contribution towards finding some of the causes and effects of inadequate human resources on the performance of government establishments. Also, some suggestions will be made on how best to remedy the problem.


This study is an appraisal of the effect of inadequate human resources on the performances of government establishments. It also seeks to examine whether if poor financial incentive contributed to the inadequate human resources in the government establishments. And to identify the major causes of inadequacy of human resources as well as to know why government is not employing more human resources in the government establishments.


This study will provide answers to the following research questions:

1.       Does poor financial incentive contribute to inadequate human resources performance?

2.       What are the major causes of staff inadequaces in Kaduna state ministry of finance?


Just like any other research of this kind, the main objectives of this research are:

1.              To know why government is unwilling to employ more human resources in it's  establishments.

2.              To examine the strength of human resources in Kaduna state's ministry of finance.

3.              To examine and find out the factors contributing to the inadequacies of human resources in the government establishments.

4.              To suggests solution to the insufficiencies of human resources in the government establishments


This work seeks to have the statements  as it's propositions.

1.               Lack of human resources has an effect on the performance of government establishments.

2.              Inadequate human resources cause insufficiency in Kaduna state's ministry of finance.


·       Firstly it is significant because, the findings of the study stand as a source of ready information from the establishments.

·       Secondly, recommendation would be a source of information to various organizations on their effort to improve on their human resources performance.

·       Thirdly, to rebrand inadequate human resources in other to enhance their attitudinal change in exercising their duties in government establishments. The cause of this unemployment in Nigeria includes mismanagement of available of human resources. Even though there was employment, still we still experience inadequacies in human resources due to the people employed are not qualified to take up the Job because they were employed on the bases of godfathers.

Finally, is getting government useful information and guide in the area of utilizing its human resources in the best possible ways. Leonard R. Sayless and George Syrauss said that management must provide orderly pathways down ward as well as upward and seek to minimize the personnel and organizational disruption associated with cut back in employment. That is, disruption in any organizational activity will be completely eliminated when government starts managing her human resources which include: planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, directing, reporting and budgeting for her human resource.


This research or study relied on both the use of primary and secondary sources of data. The primary sources of this research work will be through use of questionnaire that will be administer to the employees in the lower and middle grade level of the Kaduna state ministry of finance. Also the work relied on the extensive use of secondary sources of data such as text books, newspapers and important publications among other in order to obtain the much need for the successful completion of this research work.


The scope is to look into the effect of inadequate human resources in respect of the performance of government establishments in Kaduna.

The sources of human resources as well as causes, effect and solution to inadequate human resources and on the performance of government establishments and also to give recommendation and suggest remedies to the poor performance of Kaduna state government with particular reference to ministry of finance. 

However the research is focused on the effect of inadequate resources on the performance of government establishments (Ministry of Finance Kaduna). Due to certain problems that emanated from experience encountered insufficient data, high cost of transportation, difficulties in getting exeat permit from the school authority.

a.     Lack of Information: success of research depends on the availability of information or data. In this research because of the bureaucracy in the government establishments, their officials at times refuse to release certain information this contributed in limiting the scope of the research work.

b.    Finance:      Covering the whole departments of the ministry would have given more understanding of the topic. But due to lack of finance it was limited to (2) two departments the public financial management unit and Admine departments.


Human resources:

Floppo (1986:10) defined human resources as the planning organizing directing and controlling of the procurement development compensation, integration and maintenance of people for the purpose of contributing to the organizational goals.


The word effectiveness, efficiency is the means that someone or something being in a state well without waste it is the ability to apply the best methods and principles in the doing of a thing or reaching a decision it is the ability to follow the best and shortest route to a destination. 

Efficiency can be defined as fitness or power to accomplish or success in accomplishing the purpose intended by oxford dictionary.


According to the same dictionary effectiveness is the ability or power to have noticeable or desired effect. It is also defined as an effect of the means employed.

The oxford advanced learner dictionary says that to be effective means to have a noticeable or desired effect it means to produce desired result.

Manpower can be defined as the number of workers needed or available to do or perform a particular job at any period of time.


Amount of production in relation to the labour employed it is the quantity of output resulting from a given level of resource input.


Motivation has been defined as the inner drive that causes one to act or person inner state that energies sustain and direct behavior to satisfy a person’s needs. (Ihe M.N, 1999)

According to Mick (1922), motivation is the act of stimulating someone to action by creating state environment in which their motivation can be unleashed and through providing a reason or incentive for people to produce more therefore employee motivation can cause one to abandon one’s goal for the goal of an organization motivation is the key factor that gingers or energies an individual or group of individuals towards the achievement of any pre-stage goals.


To train is to give teaching and practice in order to bring to a desired stand and behavior efficiency or physical condition, training therefore is the act of teaching in the industrial or business concept. It is the act of level of the expectations of their employer.(Evanquech, N; Loreizi, Skinne, Crosby 2004).


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