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1.1     Introduction

Brinin Tudu village is a rural settlement presently under Gummi local government area in Zamfara state. It is about Twenty One (21) kilometers away from Gummi town. Gummi town is located along latitude (Lat, 12o 06N). the village is surrounded by a number of settlement that included Daki-Takwas, kwamma, Nasarawa Kifi, Falale, Birnin Magaji, Iyaka, kaiwa and Zauma all in the Gummi local government, with the exception Zauma which is in Bukkyyum local government of Zamfara state. It is bordered in the east by Zauma, in the South by Daki-Takwas, in the North by Birnin Magaji, while it share border in the West with Iyaka. Birin Tudu is headed by a village head with the title of “Sarkin Zauma”.1

A visual observation of the settlement will reveal series of houses built with different type of materials. The predominant building type I the mud building along traditional line. Other forms of building include those of cement blocks, rooted with corrugated iron; also some houses are made up with either clay or sticks.

Birnin Tudu settelemt was said to have been founded by a group of Zamfara hunters (who came in 1524) from “TUNFAF” village in present day Talata Mafara local government area in Zamfara state. Some of the paramount leaders of the group include Dankofo, Dansumba and Bamurna. The Name of the settlement was derived from the location of the area, because it’s situated in the higher land, which in Hausa language is regard to As “Tudu.”2

Birnin Tudu settlement envelops both Agriculturalist and pastoralist, other economic activities that are practiced in the area also included Black Smiting,, Bricklaying, Barbing and


leather work. The predominant economic activity of the women members of the society included weaving (Saka) and spinning (Zare).3

1.2     Statement Of Problem

In spite of the longs existing History of Birnin-Tudu, dating back to 16th C. a historical accounts of the area is yet to be written. This could be attributed to the absence of written document, which some writers consider as the only reliable materials for sourcing History.

However, there are several Historical researches on the villages/settlements surrounding the areas of study, such as Daki-takwas, Zauma, Gummi, Nasarawar kifi, Zugu among others. It is in an effort to fill in this Lacuna in the socio-economic and political History of the area that this research set out to document the History of Birinin Tudu.

1.3     Aim And Objectives

The Major aim of this research is to study the Historical origin and development of Birnin Tudu specifically it intend to

1.      Trace the Historical origin of the village.

2.      Examine the socio-economic and political development of the village. In essence therefore, this study will provide the researcher and general public alike a modest Historical public alike a modest Historical of Birnin tudu village.

1.4 Scope and Limitation

This research is on the origin and development of Birnin tudu village in Gummi local government area of Zamfara state. Hence the work will focus on the period from the earliest time


of its establishment or foundation to the year 2014. This will give room for the writing of a comprehension Historical study of the area.

1.5 Methodology

To conduct any historical research two important sources are paramount for the collection of data. These are primary and secondary sources. The primary sources will be obtained through conducting oral interview with various strata of the society, including educated elite, artisans and member of the vocal family. The response will be analyzed and synthesized to produce a meaningful and revealing account on the history of the area.

Moreover, the secondary sources of information will supplement the primary sources that range from published and unpublished materials that included textbooks, project dissertation, news papers, Gazettes, document among others. That is lodge in the UDUS Library, History department UDUS library e.t.c

1.6 Literature Review

The fact that I stated the absence of written materials on my research topic meant that my focus on literature review will be available literature on Neighboring settlements or similar types of settlement with similar economic, political and Geographical foundation. Some very valuable literature for this review are Sani Ibrahim B.A project titled “survey of the political history of Gummi” there was also a research work done by Sani Musa Title “the socio-economic significance of Daki-Takwas district in gummi local government” (2008). The writes traced the socio-economic activities of the two area, the economy, culture and religious activities Daki-Takwas is historically related to Birnin tudu. In addition the works are situated within the same geographical area, with a common economy and culture.


Other relevant document for this research Include Zamfara State year book (1997) published by the ministry of information Gusau and Zamfara Tourism guide (1999) published by directorate for culture and Tourism, other government document include adult education file No. 1 Gummi local government Department of social management, all these provide valid information as they give some aspect of light on the social and culture life of the villages in Zamfara state including Birnin tudu in Gummi local government area of Zamfara state.6

Moreover, Dare’s BOOK titled ‘the knight of our time’ is considered relevant for this work. The Author examined the Historical origin of Gummi. In the work, he established a common tradition of origin between Gummi and a numbers of other settlements including Birnin tudu and Matsafa. Matsafa presently is in Bukkyyum local governments area of Zamfara state.7

In addition DARE’s project report on the stewardship achievement of Sani Takori as the chairman of Gummi local Government 1993-1994 is relevant for this research. He highlighted a brief History of some villages in the local government including Birn Tudu, he also went at length to examine the society and the economy of the area. Our area is rather sketching. The Nature of the project did not allow the writer to do an in depth research on any singles areas in Gummi local government.

Another relevant material for this research is the B.A project written by Faruk Aliyu Gummi tittle “A History of pastoralist farmers relation in Gummi local government areas of Zamfara state in the Twentieth century” (2008) UDUS. This study trace the History of postoralism and farming in Gummi, in Gummi District with special consideration on social interaction between pastoralist, farmers and hunters group, causes, conflict, management of the conflict in the area. The writer also discussed on the British imperial policy on land. Faruku’s


analysis dwell much on social conflict between the farmers and postoralist burdering on land ownership and land use. Birnin tudu has similar social composition and the issue of economic interaction between the various groups will be discuss.9

The work of Sanusi M. Gummi tittle “History of Daki Takwas village” (2008) UDUS,provides some relevant information for this research the writer trace the origin of Dakitakwas settlement to Birnin tudu. The writer also emphasize the fact that Daki takwas ruling class (Sarakuna). Came from Birnin tudu. And up till today the traditional rulers of Daki Takwas are sent from Birnin tudu. However the writer obsession with his area did with his did not allow him to pay much attention to the Historical development of Birin tudu.10

Several researches such as B.A research project of musa .A “the historical origin and development of Gummi town I the 19th and 20th century”. Sagir A. Musa “on history of Nasarawa war kifi” shade some light on the aspect history of Gummi; Nasarawa kifi however, none of them have attempted to detailed and comprehensive study on the origin and development of Birnin tudu

1.7 Chapterization

This research is organized into five chapters the chapter one contained general introduction statement of problem aim and obj

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