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CHAPTER I: Introduction

1.1     Background of the Study

Generally business organizations are being establish purposely in order to make profit and the success of the organization lies with the nature of materials used in the production process. And also the using of right materials in production process hinges on the planning and controlling of both the incoming and existing materials being held in the store.

Material quality control and its impact on production of quality soft drink is very important aspect which has to be properly key to in any organization. Quality means different things to different people, in a layman means different entails some degree of excellence on superiority, it also means standard and management of materials.

Materials are often referred to as the various stocks that are held in the store at a particular point in time. They include such items like raw-materials, supply of component parts, work-in-progress and finish goods. The holding of materials must be carefully planned in order to save the organization lost or in level the material being in the stock, which is associated with running out of stock in the company  . The success of any business organization especially in the level of stock depend largely on the degree of  planning and controlling of materials that is, if the materials in the organization is not affected by the establishment of objectives, but also the decision of such firm. Planning and controlling of materials is of great importance, as materials must be effectively and efficiently kept and made for processing during production while work progress should be structurally stored systematically delivered for final processing of finished product.

Quality control is concerned with defect detection and correction and relates to such activities as determining where, how and at what intervals inspection should take place, the collection and analysis of data relating to defects and determining what corrective action should be taken. The level of quality of product is only a function of level of quality materials that is put in cause of production, as a result much efforts has not been directed towards ensuring that an acceptable quality of materials is purchased for use in these organization. One way these can be corrected is through ensuring that supplier’s quality conforms with the need of the organization by way of supporting supplier to deliver quality and by evaluating their performance in terms of quality.

Material quality control is an important tool in the manufacturing organization therefore cannot be under scored because is the techniques use in comparing the actual result with the expected result that will meet the need or satisfy the customers needs, and is also a life-blood of many organization, no organization or industries concern operate without materials with the growing complexity of the business environment and considering the competition.

The organization has to contend with the customer expectation and valuable tools for the organization success at this point materials must be made available at the right places, right time, right quality, right quantity and also get the materials at the right source.

Having seen the benefit of material quality control to organization and as a group, the researcher was therefore prompted to carry a research in order to find out if there is any impact of material quality control on production quality of soft drink.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

It is often said that if you are not planning in your day-today activities you are invariably planning to fail. It is against this backdrop that so many individuals, corporate organization and government are often projecting what is likely to be done, who is going to do it and for whom it will be done, with greater precision of execution of the said objectives in the future. It also take the great deal of commitment in an  organizations to faced with so many problems of the resources for planning, lack of proper arrangement of the planning, decision parameters as well as the execution of such planning activity.

Quality control is considered as a vital tool used to satisfy customer through efficiency and optimization of standard product.

However, substandard methods affect the quality material control in the organization, thus leading to the unsatisfactory needs of the customers and organization. These problems are always observed as a result of lack of grained or professional personnel to handle the quality control process.

Lack of equipment needed in the organization in terms of measuring instrument to achieve the desired result; this led to poor and substandard product inadequate quality management will result in production problem and lower quality of product

1.3     Objective of the Study

i.                   To identify various techniques use material quality control.

ii.                 To identify factors that determine quality of materials

iii.              To determine the problems associated with quality control.

iv.              To assess the impact of material quality control on production quality.

1.4     Significance of the Study

The research work is to advance the course of knowledge specifically in the field of quality control on production of quality soft drink in 7up bottling company plc, Kaduna plant.

Therefore, it is assumed that the study will be of benefit to the executive, student, and entire population. It is also assumed that this study emphasize on the reason why material quality should be proactively approach many organization and also taking corrective action for any defective items.

To student and those who wish to embark on similar work in the further, the study will broaden their knowledge base on what quality control is all about. For the researcher the study will serve as a requirement in partial fulfillment of requirement for award of Higher National Diploma in Purchasing and Supply.

1.5     Scope of the Study

The research work centre on impact of material quality control on production quality of soft drink in 7up bottling company Kaduna. the scope cover concept of quality control, the impact of quality, quality assurance techniques and quality control, inspection techniques n quality control, inspection method, acceptance sampling techniques in quality, total quality management techniques and total quality principles. it cover 2009 – 2011

1.6     Research question

i.                   What are the various techniques use material quality control?

ii.                 What are the factors that determine quality of materials?

iii.              What are the problems associated with material quality control?

iv.              How does material quality control impacted on production quality?

1.7     Definition of Terms

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL):  Is that level of quality that is associated with the lowest total costs.

Company: An institution created to make business

Control: Control tends to measure the actual against performance so that necessary can be analysis.

CostCost is the monitory value of goods or services purchased.

Enhancing: This is to increase or further improve the quality value or status

Impact: A strong effect

InspectionInspection is the logic checking of conformance with specification or standard.

Lead-time: Is a period of time between ordering and replenish i.e. when goods and available for use

MaterialsThese are component parts or raw materials that are use to produce other goods that are kept in the store houses.

MonitoringMonitoring is the process of continuous inspection to see that test are carried out in accordance with specification.

Obsolescent: An item is said to be obsolescent when it is going out of fashion and use but not completely useable.

Obsolete: An item is regarded as being obsolete when it is no longer useable by the organization concern because of a chance in operation, practice or method of production or ortherwise.

Perspectives: The appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.

Planning: Planning is the establishment of objective and selection policies towards achieving the objectives.

ProductThese are bundles of an item(s) that provides satisfaction, manufactured output or performed service.

Quality Control: Quality control is the process of setting standard for acceptability of goods purchased or goods manufactured where actual is compared with expected quality.

ReliabilityThese are products or services that have all characteristics expected of them. In terms of functional performance, taste etc.

SpecificationSpecification is the statement providing description list of characteristic or requirement laid down for materials component or process service.

StandardStandard is the level of tense used as a test or measure for weight, length, quality test or for required degree of excellence.

Stock: There are the physical goods or materials availed in the store house and stock yards which proper record are kept for them.

Storage: It  is a means of holding and commonalities for efficient retrieval.

These are definitions of some words which might sound strange to the reader and which will also makes the researcher work comprehensively readable. These are:

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