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Title page                                                                                                  i

Approval page                                                                                          ii

Declaration                                                                                                iii

Dedication                                                                                                 iv

Acknowledgment                                                                                               v

Table of contents                                                                                     vi

Abstract                                                                                                     viii


Background of the study                                                                         1

Statement of the problem                                                                        4

Purpose of the study                                                                               5

Significance of the study                                                                         5

Research questions                                                                                 6

Scope of the study                                                                                   7


Strategy                                                                                                     8

Components of strategy                                                                          10

Formulating and implementing strategy                                                11

Qualification of Automobile /Technology Teachers                                       12    

Availability of Materials/equipment in Automobile                               

Technology Workshop                                                                                      14

Methods Used in Teaching Automobile  Technology                          17

Strategies for improving the teaching of Automobile trade                           22

Funding of Technical Education                                                            27

Motivation to Teachers of Automobile  Technology                                       28

Summary of Related Literature                                                               30


Research Design                                                                                     31

Area of the Study                                                                                     32

Population of the Study                                                                           32

Instrument for Data Collection                                                                32

Validation of the instrument                                                                              33

Reliability of the study                                                                                       33

Method of data collection                                                                        34

Method of data analysis                                                                          34



Technical teachers qualification                                                             38    

Research Question 1                                                                               39

Research Question 2                                                                               40

Research Question 3                                                                               41

Research Question 4                                                                               42

Research question 5                                                                               43

Discussion of findings                                                                             43    


Re – statement of the problem                                                               46

Summary of procedure used                                                                  47

Major findings of the study                                                                      47

Recommendations                                                                                  48

Implication of the study                                                                                     51

Conclusion                                                                                                52

Suggestions for further research                                                            53

References                                                                                                         54

Appendix                                                                                                   57


This  study undertaken to identify the strategies for improving the teaching of Automobile technology in technical colleges in Kaduna state (a case study of some selected schools in Kaduna state). Among the specific purpose of the study were to identify the teaching methods used, determine the availability of teaching materials and equipments, determine the qualification  of teachers, examine the standards of workshops, examine the motivational factors offered to teachers and the strategies to be adopted to improve the teaching of Automobile technology. This study adopted survey research design and the area of the study is Kaduna state. The population of the study is made up of 70 respondents. The instrument for data collection was a 29 items structured questionnaire designed to elicit information to answer the research questions of the study. Data for the study were personally collected by the researchers and mean statistics was employed to analyze the data collected from the respondents relating to research question 1-5. The following findings were made from the study: Teachers are well versed and qualified to teach Automobile technology theories, the area of difficulties mostly encountered in the practical teaching of Automobile technology in the school workshops are inadequacy of materials among others. Based on the findings of the study, recommendations were made Technical teachers should always be encouraged to pursue further knowledge in their fields, Teachers should get more involved in practical projects as parts of their annual performance evaluation report (APER) among others.



Background of the Study

The National Policy on Education (NPE) 2004 described technical education as the type of education which is designed and directed towards the acquisition of practical applied skills and scientific knowledge in order to prepare the individual towards self sustenance for future studies.

Maiyaki (1998), stated that technical education can be seen as any form of education or training which is purposely designed to prepare individuals enter or continue on useful employment in any approved occupation. On the basis of this, it was realized that one has to explore his environment to be able to solve some of the problems or difficulties associated with livelihood which include farming, building, hunting, weaving, carving, and blacksmithing, transportation e.t.c so as to become functional in the society and in the country as a whole.

Fafunwa (1974) stated that functionalism is the guiding principle and the emphasis of Africa’s education which was based on social responsibility and job orientation. The acquisition of the rudiment of an occupation by an individual are from parent or expert craftsmen to whom they are apprenticed.

Apprenticeship  as described by American encyclopedia (2004) is a procedure by which young persons acquire skills necessary to be proficient in a trade, crafts, art or profession under the tutelage of a master practitioner.

Technical education imparts not only knowledge but skills as well. Automobile s technology as a subject in technical education requires skills for it to be effectively taught and as well be practiced because it is expected to transform input into outputs. This transformation involves organizational incorporation of scientific knowledge into a system of production, which encompasses the technical, engineering, managerial administration, marketing and consumption aspects of the whole economy in view of the role Automobile play in our daily life. It has to be understood that the basic objectives in the teaching of Automobile technology include:

·        Training to meet the needs of the individuals

·        Training to meet the need of industries and

·        Training to meet the need of the nation as a whole (Olai                                                                                                                                 tan 1999).

Automobile  technology is one of the trades that make up the technical education and can only be acquired effectively through well and manipulated tendencies for those imparting the knowledge. There must be good coordination between knowledge of the subject matter, skill acquired, experience as well as versatility, cordial relationship should also exist between the teacher and the students he should teach. Olaitan (1999), stated that effectiveness is an indication of the impact of a group of activities performed on the achievement of intended outcome of learning. In relation to a programme or curriculum, it is the observed impact of that programme in achieving its set goals and objectives. An effective programme is result oriented. A skill which is the backbone of vocational/technical education is the prerequisite for the success of training both by the teachers and learners alike. A closer observation of technical education and technology would reveal how closely related they are:

Skills according to Hull, (1972) is manual dexterity through repetitive performance of an operation, skills therefore is a well established habit of doing something. It involves the acquisition of performance capability. The cordial relationship between teacher and learner serves as a motivating factor which boosts the morale of the learners and activates his interest in the subject, and this is one of the key instruments to effective learning. It is widely understood that the process through which a society transfer its knowledge, skills, understanding, values for living to its members from generation to another is known as education and it has methods or approaches accompanying the transfer of teaching with skills and the necessary techniques.

Automobile  technology which is a practically oriented subject requires a lot of skill for its teaching as most of the experiences tend to appear as abstracts to the limit. Even though the teaching of Automobileal technology has been going on for long, but then there is need for incorporating new approaches to the teaching of the subject in order to enhance more effective teaching and therefore easier understanding of the subject by the students.

Statement of the Problem

In any teaching and learning process where the teacher, though qualified, encounter difficulties in making instruction and information passed to the students due to problem from the environment, lack of tools and equipment for practical, lack of planned workshop due to the fact that the workshop were put in place without planning or junior secondary school/vocational training centers converted to fully fledged technical colleges, the students understanding of the subject is hampered and would not stimulate learning.

Jadas and Amasa (1995), pointed to poor teaching as one of the major factors that affects students interest, attitudes in the subject and results in poor performance. This would inadvertently affect the quality of students sent to the labour market. The issue which arise for this study, asked “What are the strategies employed in improving the teaching of Automobile in Government Technical Colleges in Kaduna State.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the strategies for improving the teaching of Automobile technology in technical colleges in Kaduna State and specifically the study intends to; 

1.   Examine the qualities and qualification of teachers teaching Automobile technology..

2.   Examine the methods the teachers use in teaching Automobile technology..

3.   Examine the level of availability of teaching materials and facilities for teaching  Automobile technology.

4.   Effectiveness of the methods and strategies for teaching Automobile technology in technical colleges effective.

5.   Identify the strategies that can be adopted for effective teaching and learning in technical colleges in Kaduna state.

Significance of the Study

Identifying the strategies for improving the teaching of Automobile in technical colleges in Kaduna State will be of immense benefit to educational planners and policy formulators generally, in the planning and review of curriculum. The findings of this study will highlight the impacts of teacher’s quality, availability of teaching materials, equipments and methods in the teaching of Automobiles in technical colleges in the state.

The findings of this study will also be helpful to teachers training institutions in course constructions and design of academic programme. It will also help in training qualified teachers for the society, teachers quality of teaching (instruction) would be greatly improved especially, when they use appropriate methods of teaching to impart knowledge to the students.

The findings of this study will assist also government at all levels and the ministry of education in providing adequate instructional materials to technical colleges and identify training needs  of teachers.

Finally the findings of the study will provide adequate and relevant information to those wishing to study Automobile technology as a course and it will be at great value to other researchers in this area of specialization.

Research Questions

The research questions formulated to guide the researchers in the study are:

1.   What are the qualities and qualification of teachers teaching Automobile technology?.

2.   What are the methods the teachers use in teaching Automobile technology?.

3.   What is the level of availability of teaching materials and facilities for teaching  Automobile technology?

4.   Are the methods and strategies for teaching Automobile technology in technical colleges effective?.

5.   What strategies can be adopted for effective teaching and learning in technical colleges in Kaduna state?

Scope of the Study

This study is centered and concentrated on the strategies for improving the teaching of Automobile  technology in technical colleges in some selected schools in Kaduna State. It is primarily concerned with the qualification of the teachers, availability of adequate materials/equipment, standards, motivational factors offered to teachers and teaching methods in teaching Automobile technology effectively in technical colleges in Kaduna State.

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