Design Of A National Identity Card System (a Case Study Of National Identity Card, Ngwo Local Government Area Enugu State

Design Of A National Identity Card System (a Case Study Of National Identity Card, Ngwo Local Government Area Enugu State

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This project is aimed at improving along lasting processing and administration system on National Identity card. It is also aimed at keeping records of all processing and administration system for national Identity card with view of modifying it into a full computerized system.

The study covers the areas of application entry, record verification, list generation, code numbering and maintenance of the managed information. The new system developed is very easy to use and gives answers to report generation. Problems which evolved from the existing system as a result of inefficiency will be notified and new system design implemented.

During the analysis, examination of written documents, oral interviews as well as text books, journals will be used for data collection and also a source of information. Also, it is expected that a program will be produced in order to help the national identity card processing and also document identity cards. With references to the rapid growth in the information technology, it is deemed necessary to develop a fully computerized system for the National Identity Card System through this project.
Title Page
Approval Page
Table of contents

CHAPTER ONE         
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Statement of the problem
1.2 Purpose of study
1.3 Aims and objectives
1.4 Scope
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Assumptions
1.7 Definitions of terms

CHAPTER TWO         
2.0 literature review

3.0 description and analysis of the existing system 
3.1 Fact finding method used.
3.2 Organizational structure
3.3 Objective of the existing system
3.4 Input, process, output analysis
3.5 Information flow diagram
3.6 Problem of the existing system
3.7 Justification for the new system
4.0 System design methodology 
4.1 Design of the new system- 
4.2 Output specifications and design
4.3 Input specifications and design
4.4 File design
4.5 Procedure chart
4.6 System flow chart
4.7 System requirements
4.8 Implementation of the new system 
4.9 Program design
4.10 Program flow chart

5.0 Documentation
5.1 System documentation
5.2 Program documentation
5.3 User documentation

6.0 Conclusion and recommendation 
6.1 Conclusion
6.2 Recommendations

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