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          Production transact business through communication to both within and outside their area of operation.  The business transacted can be relevant to their set objectives in one-way or the other there is no doubt that such business transaction need to be coordinated for future references and smooth running of the production such coordination can not be possible without coming together of good management or appointed representation of the said production to discuss approved procedures that will pursued the successful conduct of the affairs of that production.  In fact that is where meeting becomes necessary, during which all the affairs transpired need to be recorded i.e minute are kept for future references.

          As one of the most important futuristic document to every organization with particular concern to Polytechnic minute writing become interested to the researcher.

          Omotosho (1987) define communication as the “process by which information passed between individual or organization by means of previously agreed method (either verbal or writing):.

Webster Merriam (1987) define minute as ‘a written record of the business transacted of a meeting”.

Sharman (1978) defined communication as “the tread that links all members of group.  It is the force which keep an organization together, it also makes living together possible”.

According to Hall (1976) communication is “the act of any natural or artificial means of conveying information or giving instructions”.

According to Chuden (1978) says communication as the “process of transmitting or passing a message ideas and information in order to influence human behaviour of the receiver”.

Lukman (2006) define  communication as “a message that is send to some one for example, making telephone calls, or by sending a letter or a fax”.

Tahir (1988) defined communication as “the process for signs in such a way as to help a receiver (audience) perceives a meaning or understanding similar to that in the mind of the communicator (sender)”.


          Minute writers preparing to take down minute of meetings, the point to remember the exercise of your skill in sorting out the opinion, discussion and occasional “red hearings” from the real decision reached if there is voting the number of votes are counted, there must be shown, it was observed that in almost all production confidential secretary or minute writer’s are not appointed or assigned to perform others duties to typing only.  All production causes some of the minute writers to be ineffective.


          The purpose of this project is to find out the role of confidential secretaries, before, during and after the meeting.

          The objectives behind this research are as follows

1.                 To study the methods available in writing down minute of meeting

2.                 To map out strategies for effective and accurate method of taking down minutes of meeting

3.                 To find out causes and factors that militates against the effective utilization of confidential secretaries during meeting.

4.                 To find out problems encountered while taking down minutes of meeting etc.


          The research will help the federal polytechnic Kaura Namoda to improve the ability of their secretaries in minute writing

          The researcher will also create awareness to other secretarial staff of their importance in taking down minutes of meeting as well as the necessary procedures and skill in minute writing

          The study will also serve as a means of educating other researchers who are willing to take up topic in communication similar to this one.


          The research finding was affected by the following reasons:

i.                   In sufficient research materials such as paper presentation, books, magazine, journals and seminars.

ii.                 Lack of sufficient funds at the disposal of the researcher

iii.              The people’s habit especially when they asked question by a researcher, they refused to give a reliable answer to questions for the reason best know to them.


          This study has a very limited scope.  It focuses only on the effect of good communication vis – a – vis in the Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda only.


          The Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State was formulated, established by the then Executive President of Nigeria Alhaji Shehu Shagari in June 1983 vide a decree no 33 of 25 July 1979 as amended in 1985 with others.  The Polytechnic is situated in Kaura Namoda Local Government that covers an area of 4.98 square kilometers and has a population of 370,367 according to 1991 Population Census figures, among the pioneer local government that was created in 1967.  The objective of the polytechnic is specified in the decree as follows; to provide full time or part time courses as instruction and training in:

1.                 Technology; applied science, commerce and management

2.                 And in such other fields or approved learning relevant to the need of the development in Nigeria in the areas of individual and agricultural production and distribution.

3.                 And for research on the development of adaptation which may from time to time be determined.

4.                 To arrange conference, seminars and the study group relevant to the field of learning.

The polytechnic has two campuses know as “ACADA” which is situated at the northwest of the town, while the “MAIN CAMPUS” is situated along Shinkafi Road, some three kilometers away from the town campus, the polytechnic currently has five schools and these schools are headed by directors.

To perform such other function as opinion of the Council may serve to promote the objective of the polytechnic.  The Rector was in charge of the polytechnic.  The first Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda was in person of Alhaji Ja’afar B. Ango (1983 – 1991) Engr. Lugard A. Ahmed is the present Acting Rector of the Polytechnic.  The Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda comprises of five school namely:

1.                 The School of Science and Technology comprises of the department of Science Laboratory Technology, Catering and Hotel Management Food Science Technology, Maths and Statistics and Computer Science.

2.                 School of Environmental Studies comprises of Architectural Technology, Quantity Survey and department of Building Technology

3.                 School of Business and Management Studies it has department of Business Studies, Office Technology and Management, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Marketing and Public Administration.

4.                 School of Engineering Technology; comprises of Electrical/Electronic Technology, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

5.                 School of General Studies; comprises of department of Pre-ND BAM, Science and OTM.

The Polytechnic also runs a Consultancy Unit which is headed by a director and it runs part-times programmes such as certificate courses in Public Account and Audit, Public Administration, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and OTM, while the diploma course in Public Administration, Public Account and Audit, Computer Studies and Islamic Studies respectively.


          In any project or research of this nature a researcher must raise certain issue and ask certain question viz:

1.                 How does the secretary’s position in a production affect his competence in writing minute?

2.                 What are the reason for not giving confidential secretaries opportunity to take minute of meeting?

3.                 What are other duties to be performed by confidential secretary apart from typing?

4.                 To what extent is taking minute of meeting included in the schedule of confidential secretary?


1.       Communication:  is the process of sending understandable message and receiving understandable feedback.

2.       Minute:  is the formal record (short and concise proceeding of what was discussed at the meeting).

3.       Meeting:  refers to an assemble of people for a particular purpose, especial for formal discussion.

4.       Secretary:  A person who employed in an office or who has mastering of the secretarial skill, usually working for another person dealing with filling, typing, letters, answering telephone calls, receiving visitors, writing minute of the meeting.

5.       Production:  Is the part of productive process as those engaged in manufacturing enterprises.

6.       Orgnisation:  The organized group of people or institution

7.       Achievement:  Producing the intended result

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