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The impact of in-service Training and development on employee productivity a case study of Union Bank Plc Garden Avenue Enugu.

          This introduction is talking about the effect of in-service training and development and improves productivity, it is mainly made for workers to enhance manpower development for manager supervision and other senior workers while training is for junior to create learning opportunities, skill and experience and the right attitude in relation to the job.

1.1    Background of the Study

          This will look into the background of the study of in-service training development and productivity it will also look into statement of problem. Purpose of the study significant of the study and scope of the study, research question definition of terms and research hypothesis.

          These in-service training programme include development for managers supervisor and other junior workers this particular course has function of about three week and it covers training activities on administrative studies Banking studies, management, bookkeeping, law public relation, English language etc another enhance manpower development and improves productivity which is the refresher course. This course is designed to last for a  period of twenty four (24) weeks. It is an important training with an expanded scheme of work created with a much disciplinary approach and each subject ranges from Banking, law, psychology, economics, English language, management and Administration. The banking people needs most to carry out the delicate work of transaction of money dealing with customers and dealing with the day to day functions of banking, if the quality of the people who are willing to do this job is to be maintained, the value placed upon regards to this the promotion of the Union Bank officers became a necessary parameter for assigning greater responsibility there are several promotion courses available in Union Bank system and such courses provide a good in-service training for members, these promotion courses include supervisor to manager having a duration of two weeks intensive studies with a competing and of course examination which provides eligibility for advancement to managerial rant (manager). These is remarkably a manager to area manager promotion course which is also specified for two months duration to prepare officers who are to hold administrative officers.


          Based on the earlier discussion, the role of the Union Bank authority as a trainer of it. Manpower can be seen to be one of working out of which each banker need to learn providing him with the condition under which he can learn to and keeping a check on his progress feeding him back with the essential knowledge of result. The Union Bank however in both local and foreign operational service has an outstanding records of performance as the best in the country.

          This recommendation is as a result of the type of orientation and training scheme designed for Union Bank in the performance of its duties, there is still the motion that the Union Bank in Enugu is a hatch patch or it is composed of semi-illiterates it has also been argued that the bankers in Enugu Union Bank are poorly trained and therefore cannot perform adequately in a complex and fast developing nation like Nigeria. It is on the basis of this that the writer of this project has decided to undertake a study of the impact of in-service training and development on employee productivity in Union Bank Plc using the Union Bank as a case study.


          The purpose of the study is to highlight the Union Bank officials most of the factors that are responsible for the negative publicity by the Nigeria society that the Union Bank in Enugu are poorly trained and that is the root cause of the low professional performance of the Union Bank Plc Garden Avenue Enugu. In addition, it will be recalled that this project is designed to enlighten the Enugu Union Bank on the prospect of in-service training as  yardstick for optimum manpower development and increasing productivity, it will also furnish adequate information or better training programmes. Finally, it will make necessary recommendation for the improvement of the in-service training schemes and curriculum for the Union Bank.


          The area covered by this study include that no attempt was made proceed to other Union Bank colleges. In the country which also take care of manpower development.

          The research have due consideration for over-wheeling financial constraints and the limited time available for this work.


          Research involves problem identification and finding solution to such problems, a number of factors contributed to the impact of in-service training and development on employed productivity these include the following question.

1.           Do you agree that in-service training is capable of improving manpower in the bank system.

2.           Does the in-service training afford opportunity for better education advancement of bankers.

3.           Do the bank authority pay the trainees course traveling allowance as a means of encouragement in course participants.

4.           Is it true that in-service training does not make bankers intelligent?

5.           How often do Union Bank attend in-service training in a year?


The following hypothesis have been used in this study.

HO:   In-service training is not a tool false enhancing the financial status of the banker through elevation of the next rank promotion.

HI:     In-service training is a tool for enhancing the financial status of the bankers through elevation of the next rank (promotion).

HO:   In-service training is not a parameter for increased productivity.

HI:     In-servicing is a parameter for increased productivity.


It is hoped that when this study is consummated to findings it will be of great significant to the Directors and officers of Union Bank Garden Avenue Enugu, hence it will give them adequate information with regard to the banking system. In recent times, most people want the training programme for the Union Bank to be expanded and improved. Based on this motion, the Union Bank directors has taken upon themselves the taste of retraining of the bank officers in order to facilitate the acquisition of more skills, attitude and values necessary to excel to greater height in the performance of their duties. If the government should provide for them quality facilities, adequate welfare in-service incentive as a means of encouragement and motivation then efficiency and effectiveness will be reached in Union Bank system. The Union Bank authority will benefit a lot from the project, it will provide a guide to better training plan for improved manpower development and increase on productivity.

1.8    Definition of Terms

Manpower: This implies the human resources requirement for an

efficient banking.

Trainee: This is the aspect of a working population of bankers

enlisted to attend various in-services training in the various financial college.

Promotion: This is the process or elevation of any bank officer to

occupy a new position in bank stratum.

Development: This is the process of gradual growth of one

individual from a partial and stage to another.

Productivity: Productivity is a process through which output is

increased in any organization.

In-service Training: This is the process of teaching people how to

do their work while actually at a job.


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