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According the Kotler (1986:80 distribution channel involves planning, implementing and controlling the physical flow of materials and final goods from point of orign to point of use to meet the needs of customers as a profit.
He went further to say that the major physical distribution cost is transportation, followed by inventory carrying cost, warehousing and or reprocessing, physical distribution management should be broadened to include the distribution cost could be more effectively managed.
There should be an service to get to the final consumer at the right time.
This is because the consumer is the distribution of all production process. The distributors have to date into account the changing panthern of the market and the activity of the competitors. And also the goal which the industry sets to achieve and also determining the product need of consumers before embraking on physical distribution management.
The use of distribution in conveying products to the consumer are an behalf of manufacturers in dealing with their customers. These distributors are also known as the middlemen or wholesales who act as a link between the manufacturers and consumers. One of the problems facing most firms is the physical distribution of product. Because of this reason, a lot of research has been done and most of these researchers tried to find out solution to these problems.

Because of the competitive nature of every industry, many companies who are unable to cope with the competition have collapsed and foiled.
Distribution is an important aspect of marketing, many industries loose their share as a result of poor distribution management most consumers blame them for high price because the distribution add cost to the product, buy, claim that there would be no effectiveness and efficiency in distribution of product without the introduction of distributions.
No much has been written or done to know the extent of the influence of distribution in marketing and thereby coming out with possible and workable solution there is therefore, the need for the researcher to evaluate the distribution channel in marketing of coco cola product in Imo State using Nigeria Bottling company Owerri as a case study. The researcher channels are unnecessary and if some channels or addition should be made.

The specific objective of this study are as follows.
1. To critically examine the distribution channels of Nigeria Bottling Company Owerri.
2. To determine and examine the various channels used in distributing soft drinks in Imo State.
3. To determine the problems encountered in the distribution channel and also to identify the factors that could be responsible for such situation.
4. To examine the impact of distribution cost to price.
5. To fund and recommend possible solution to the problems associated with the distribution.

Distribution is not static but change with the changing market but change study is very significant because it exposes the effect of improper choice of distribution channel in the manufacturing industry like Nigeria Bottling company Owerri.
The total physical distribution concept will assist industries to identify areas where changes have to take place for progress to be made.
This study also aimed at informing the management of the implication of inefficient communication system and exposes the benefits of consumers on the new techniques for the physical distribution channel in a manufacturing industry.

The research questions are stated as follows
1. Are there effective distribution of soft drink products to customer and consumers.
2. Does your company have an effective transportation system.
3. Does the use of advertising increase the distribution system in your company.
4. Does the conflict between retailer and distributors have effect on your distribution channel.
5. How has physical distribution channel increase your production system.

The following research hypothesis will be tested.
Ho: There is effective distribution of soft drink product to customers and consumers.
Hi: There is no effective distribution of soft drink product to customer and consumers.
Ho: transportation cost is a limiting factor in the distribution of soft drink.
Hi: Transportation cost is not limiting factor in the distribution of soft drink.
Ho: Conflict between retailer and distributor have effect on distribution channel.
Hi: Conflict between retailer and distributors have no effect on distribution channel.

This research work is limited to the physical distribution management in a manufacturing industry in Owerri with reference to Nigeria Bottling company Owerri plant. The analysis made in this research. Is based on data made available to the researcher by the company’s staffs through questionnaires and responses. The sample size is the selected area. The sample size is the selected area of study and it involves observation, questionnaire and interview.

In actual sense, this study should have involved the study of the some of the manufacturing industries, but because of the geographical distribution of these industries, it is not practicable for the researcher to carryout research work on these industries. In view of this, the researcher has decided, after careful study of all the various types of industries to concentrate on the Nigeria Bottling company Owerri .
In addition, there was the problem of time and financial, the time allocated for the completion of this research is very limited as such, the industries in the state.
There was also the problem of compromising attitude of the stated of Nigeria Bottling company especially those at the soft they always very suspicious of the researchers mission.
However, being these constraint, the researcher has made efforts to ensure that she lift no stone unturned in the research for materials and evidence necessary for the purpose of carrying out this research successfully.

The term physical distribution has varied meanings and terms associated with it as understated.
1. Physical: It could be pertaining to body t is the nature of things.
2. Distribution: It is the act of dividing and sharing out things to different places or at different points.
3. Physical distribution: This is a task of ensuring that the goods and services produced by the organization are transported from the place of production to the point of consumption, as efficiently and as economically as possible.
4. Management:- It is the control of operating a business tactfully.
5. Product: It is the physical entity and services which satisfies customers need. 
6. Channel: It is the passage for the medium of communication.
7. Industry: manufacturing or combination of firms that products similar goods.
8. Wholesalers intermediaries that perform a variety of marketing functions to more foods and services through the channel to retailers and organizational customers.
9. transportation: The provision and adequate manufacturing of the right quality and quantity of vehicles for the evaluation of finished goods.

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