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          This report is concerned with work done and the skills acquired during the student industrial training which is primarily on survey and town planning, principles of town planning and procedures for effective planning . This and many more are all enlisted in the work, the meaning of siwes and its relevance to the student.



          The student industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is the accepted skill program which form part of the approved minimum academic standard in the various degree program for all Nigerian universities, its an effort to bridge the gap between theories and practicals of engineering and technology, science agriculture, medical management and other professional educational program in the Nigeria tertiary institution.

          However the purpose is to expose student to a real practical aspect of what they learnt in the various schools so that they can adopt readily for the labour world, the student are being supervised by the ITF (Industrial Training Fund) and are being paid after the completion of the training and the student are also expected to write a report on the knowledge they acquired during the exercise in their various part of the training. I am writing this report based on the experience  i acquired at the Ministry of Lands, survey and housing Benin City, Edo state based on survey and town planning.


          The aim of this report is to access the experience of the student during the work training by the institution for the student to produce the summary of the experience acquired during the exercise writing.

1.2     SCOPE

          Survey is the act of making measurement in the field for the purpose of producing a map, plan or estimate of an area, it is primarily concerned with determination of linear and angular measurement with a view to know the plan of an area, in other works survey is the technology, profession and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three dimensional position of points and the distance and angles between them, these points are usually on the surface of the earth and they are often used to establish landmaps boundaries for ownership or government purpose.

          Survey is divided primarily into 2 Geodetic and plane surveying. In geodesy, the earth is considered a sphere in geodetic surveying the curature of the earth is taken into consideration so that knowledge of spherical geometry is acquired, the survey of countries are based on this method, in plane survey, the area under consideration in an horizontal plane, here, knowledge of trigonometry is required, the use of plane surveying include the measurement of area, making the plans by civil engineering, builders, architect s, town planners etc.

          Town planning on the other hand is the art and science of ordering the use of land on the character or siting of a building and communication routes so as to secure the maximum practicable degree of economic convenience and beauty.


          The relevance of work experience cannot be over emphasized for it exposes the student to work, method and techniques in handling equipment and machines that may not be available in the universities.

          It also provides students with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real work situation thereby bridging the gap between university work, actual practices and to prepare student for the work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.

          The ministry of lands, survey and housing is one of the oldest ministries in the state as it was created in 1963 during the former mid-western region of the first republic, it is the arm of government charged with responsibilities of land administration, management of government properties, within and outside the state as well as the provision of housing, delivery on the joint platform of public private partnership (ppp) for housing estate in the state.


          The ministry is structured into offices, departments and units as follows;

a)                 Office of the Honourable Commissioner

b)                Office of the permanent secretary

c)                 Five departments

i.                   Department  of administration and supplies

ii.                 Department  of finance and account

iii.              Department of town planning (state, capital development)

iv.               Department of survey

v.                 Department of town planning


i.                   Internal audit

ii.                 Public relations

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