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The quality of a new lawn is directly related to the success of establishment. Turf establishment begins with careful planning, knowledge of soil conditions, and an understanding of the environmental and cultural requirements of turf grasses. This publication provides a stepwise approach to turf establishment and renovation and includes information on preparing the site for establishment, seeding, sowing, renovation, and care of newly - established turf. (, 2018)

 Lawn is an area of grass that is kept short. It is usually part of a garden. According to Wikipedia a lawn is an area of soil-covered land    Planted with grasses and other durable plant such as clover which are maintained at a short height with a lawnmower for Aesthetic and recreational purposes.

Establishment of lawn refers to resuscitation of the old stand, thorough site preparation and replanting. It goes a step further than renovation process. When there are serious soil problem or drainage issues that need to be corrected, establishing a lawn required. Establishment of lawn definitely calls for professionals help because it involves not only the complete removal of the existing lawn, but also adding soil amendments and  the lawn prior to either installing sod, springs or reseeding.

Renovation on the other hand is the improvement of a turf grass stand without complete establishment. Turf grass renovation is necessary when the existing turf grass has declined to a point where cultural practices will not revive the turf, in this case complete establishment is unnecessary. Generally, if half or more of the area has desirable turf, renovation will succeed. Renovation of turf grass is best during the early stage of rainfall at the beginning of their growing season. Trying to do this at the end of rain season will not allow the lawn to mature before dry season stresses appear.


The following problems are militating against the effective establishment of green lawn in Agricultural Engineering Department: at the front of soil and water lab.

i.                  The poor condition of the soil of the project area. These poor conditions are further worsened by termite infestation which is in turn enhanced by the poor watering condition. 

ii.               The littering of the lawn site by the fallen leaves of surrounding trees, piece of paper, chaff, and residues of various food items usually drooped indiscriminately around the department.

iii.             The inadequate of irrigation system used to water the Lawn during dry periods.

iv.             Lack of fence on the site to prevent animals and human indiscriminate trespasses. 

The above mentioned either has been noticed to harbor the termites and lack of adequate watering of the Lawn. 

1.3           AIM 

The aim of this project is to landscaping at the front of soil and water lab in the department.

1.4           OBJECTIVES 

I.                Surveying and measurement of the project site.

II.               Leveling of the soil to achieve uniform terrain and planting of flowers to establish green lawn.

III.           To install drip irrigation system

IV.           To installed storage water tank in the project site

1.5           SCOPE  OF THE STUDY 

Lawn is an  integral part of urbanization  wherever green  Lawn  is established and maintained  effectively,  it’s  benefits  to man  and the environment  cannot be  over emphasized. 

Because of this project is intended to transform the façade of the department of Agricultural Engineering thereby beautifying the department.  And it give it a befitting landscape, it serves as cases study for the establishment of green lawn in Kaduna Polytechnic premises. 

The landscaping requires tilling and pulverizing of the soil clods, incorporating organic and inorganic manure to enrich the soil with nutrients, leveling of the soil to achieve uniform terrain and planting of the shrubs, grasses flowers to establish green Lawn. 


The significance of the study cannot be over emphasized. Green Lawn establishment in advance countries is a lucrative profession. Its existence in an environment is of tremendous importance as it transforms the environment by beautifying the environment. It   can also be used for recreational activities. (Sport) and therapeutic purpose as it enhances both the physical and mental being of the individual. 

1.7           JUSTIFICATION 

Human path trespasses set in compaction as a result of hardpan. Growing of shrubs, flower, and grasses becomes very difficult because of the inability to take nutrients. In adequate water supply during   dry season littering and indiscriminate disposal of wastes harbor termites infestation that aggravates serious   problem to the frontage of the department   as a result it looks very unattractive. 

Of these problems, this study seeks to find an alternative in order to beautify the environment and check made further environment degradation.

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