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Literary writers convey their personal experiences in the society through literature, deploying the recourses of language, the scientific study of which is referred to as linguistics. In linguistics, language is studied at the phonological, syntactic and lexico-semantic levels. This study, which focuses mainly on discourse analysi on Wale Okediran’s Strange Encounters, a satirical novel, examines the significant syntactic features in the novel, and explicates how Wale Okediran, a Nigerian novelist, utilizes them to convey the themes of corruption and injustice in the Nigerian society. He also condemns such vices and their perpetuators in totality, suggesting ways of correcting them for the growth and development of the society.



Background to the study

Wale Okediran's Strange Encounter is a Nigerian novel with the social problems of Nigeria as its major thematic preoccupation. Okediran exposes and denounces the societal ills and advances measures towards correcting them. The author also advocates positive changes for the reformation of the society, in order to promote sustainable development in all facets of life. Okediran x-rays the Nigerian society, exposes and denounces the alarming rate of corruption in the different fields of human endeavours.

That cases of corrupt practices abound in every facet of life in the country, especially among our leaders is a common knowledge. The Nigerian Observer of Tuesday August, 20, 2013 reports in the article '' Corruption: Nigeria in Global Perspective'', that ''It is an incontrovertible veracity that since the inception of the Nigeria's fourth republic, the nation has come under scrutiny over corruption. That every facet of life in Nigeria is being ravaged by corruption is no longer a subject of debate'' (16). The report also discloses that Nigeria's performance is poor in the areas of equitable distribution of resources, acceptance of the rights of others and level of corruption (16). From all indications, corruption is the greatest problem of Nigeria, and also the major cause of underdevelopment. It is, therefore, a serious matter that demands serious and urgent attention the transformation and development of the nation, therefore, demand total eradication of correction. The novel, Strange Encounters is an engaging and provocative statement about a people in urgent need of moral rejuvenation'' (blurb). Okediran exposes various instances of moral decadence in the health sector, judiciary and police force, and the adverse effects of such corrupt practices on the growth and development of the nation. He also advances the measures to be adopted to curb the menace, in order to promote sustainable development.

Purpose of study

The purpose of this research is to present a discourse analysis on Wale Okediran's strange encounter. Attention will also be paid to the systatic and textual analysis of the novel. The study would also examine the utilization of satire in the context of the novel.



This research shall be mainly empirical and the data for analysis are Wale Okediran's strange encounter . No interview or questionnaire shall be required in this research analyzed. Analysis shall be based in details appraisal volume of the said novel as Wale Okediran's piece.

Scope of the Study

The study is confined to a discourse analysis on Wale Okediran's strange encounter.

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