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This study investigates the influence of western fashion on the nigeria student. It specifically tackles its impact on Nigeria University students. The research posits that the current trends in  behaviour of students in Nigeria is significantly associated with their perception and exposure to western fashion. The assumption that western fashion has direct powerful effects is shared by optimistic modernization theory. Lerner (1962) Rogers (1964) Schramm (1964) and the later critical perspective of fashion imperialism. McPhail (1981), (1984) Gerbuer (1977). The research applies the theory of acculturation along with the fashion hypothesis. “Defluer and Dennis 1991, Garbner 1977, Morgan 1991” explains that acculturation of Nigeria students take place as a result of exposure to western fashion which influence the perception of  reality and alters self-image.




1.1    Background of study

1.2    Statement of research problem

1.3    Objective of study

1.4    Significance of study

1.5    Research question

1.6    Research hypthesis

1.7    Scope and delimitation of study

1.8    Limitation of study



2.1    Overview of fashion

2.2    Western fashion amongs student

2.3    Example of western fashion

2.4    Effect of western fashion on values

2.5    Effect of western fashion on students

2.6    Self monitoring

2.7    Use of western fashion to manage imperession

2.8    Appearance labour

2.9    Individual differences

2.10  Negative aspect of western fashion

2.11  Possible reasons western fashion is abused by students



3.1    Research design

3.2    Area of study

3.3    Population of study

3.4    Research sample and sampling techniques

3.5    Instrument used for data colection

3.6    Method of data collection

3.7    Method of data analysis


4.1    Date Analysis and Presentation

4.2    Hypotheses Testing

4.3    Discussion of Findings


5.1    Summary

5.2    Recommendation

5.3    Conclusion




This study is on The Influence Of Western Fashion on on Students. The term fashion has been defined differently by different people. The different definitions attached to fashion are based on the differences in the orientation of the people.

According to Wikipedia (2013), Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behaviour. Fashion also refers to the newest creations of textile designers. The more technical term, costume, has become so linked to the term "fashion" that the use of the former has been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while "fashion" means clothing more generally and the study of it. Although aspects of fashion can be feminine or masculine, some trends are androgynous.

Obiora (2002), says the transformation of fashion is gradual and not sudden. He (2002), contends that fashion is a continuous process of change. It changes exactly the same way as the human being change. It is dynamic, learned, acquired, transmitted or diffused through contact or means of communication flow from generation to another. The Nigerian traditional fashion is observed to be fading out as a result of the acceptance and adaptation of Western fashion. One of such theories which relates to this subtle method of assault international communication is given by Lerner (1956).

In his concept of “empathy”, Lerner states that the inhabitants of third world nations must learn to empathize with the West for modern transformation of their societies to be possible. Schramm (1964), on the other hand, developed an interesting model in which he equates the level of social development of communication to various nations. Access to these western fashion is linked to individual modernity. Nigeria and other third world countries have reacted to these finding by inventing a substantial amount of their foreign exchange earnings to fashion.


The influence of western fashion on Nigerian students have been said to be a serious problem facing Nigerians. Some of these problems are:

1.   Inadequate policy to guard students towards proper dressing.

2.   There is an erosion of the cultural values.

3.   The imitation of Western fashion.

4.   The Nigerian students are faced with brain wash.

Therefore, if the above problems are not been taking care off, it will lead to a total destruction of the Nigerians fashion.


The researcher’s objective is to conduct an in-depth research on the influence of Western fashion on students with an insight to determine its implication to the cultural values of Nigerian. These objectives include:

1.   To show how the contents of Western fashion affects Nigerian  students.

2.   To examines its pervasive impact on the values of Nigerian student.

3.   To know how whether western fashion should be embrased or isolated from    Nigeria students.


1.           The research will help in possible dilution, domination and finally absorption of the African/Nigerian fashion which until the present has been characterized with good neighbourliness, respect for elders, virtuousness, community orientation and collectivism.

2.           It will enable the government and policy makers to put adequate measures in place to check the movement of Western fashion into Nigeria.

3.           It will help remove the idea of imitating Western fashion or ways from Nigeria.

4.           The conduct of this research will enable the government to know what role western fashion plays in psycological debevelopment of nigeria students.


The research questions are arranged questions meant to be asked by the researcher and receives a feedback (answer) from a respondent. For a researcher to achieve her aim, the following question should be used.

1.           Do Nigerian students expose themselves more to western fashion?

2.           Do students prefer Western fashion to traditional fashion?

3.           Do Nigerian students identify more with traditional or western fashion?


1      H1: Nigerian students expose themselves more to western fashion

        H0: Nigerian students do not expose themselves more to western fashion

2             H1: Students prefer Western fashion to traditional fashion

H0: Students do not prefer Western fashion to traditional fashion

3             H1: Nigerian students identify more western fashion

H0: Nigerian students do not identify more western fashion


        The scope of this study is to find out how the influence of Western fashion on nigeria students. In the cause of the research, oral interview were consulted on both staffs and students of some selected institutions. But the research depends more on the questionnaire which were distributed to students and staffs and were completed and returned. The researcher also consulted some textbooks, Newspapers and journals which provided a lot of information pertaining to the study.

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