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This long-essay discussed the topical issue on the effects of school-based violence on the academic achievements of students. It focused the phenomenon from the national and international perspectives. The theoretical frame work to the problem was provided. The typologies and different forms of school-based violence were identified and succinctly discussed. They include; corporal punishment, sexual violence, bullying, cultism, fighting, arson, neglect and discrimination. The adolescent stage, the home, the school the community and the society at large were highlighted as the major causes of school-based violence. The aftermath and devastating effects of school-based violence which could result into physical injury, life time disability, psychological problems and even death were also discussed. Recommendations on how to keep our school environments safe and protected from violence through the collective and conscious efforts of the government, the school, the home and religious groups and individuals were provided.



School violence is widely heard to have become a serious problem in recent decades. Juvenile offenders and victims are on the increase. The topic of school violence is one that affects all in the society. Asides from interfering with the learning process, the long range effects of school violence affect us all. Statistically, children who engage in violent acts are more likely to become adult criminals. Many children who display violent behaviour at school are exposed to violence or abused outside the school environment and may be in need of help. The consequences and effects of violence can be devastating and far reaching. Physical injuries can range from bruises, scrapes, burns to brain damage, permanent disabilities and death. The school as a micro society is an agent of socialization. And for socialization to take place there must be peace and harmony. Schools can be free from violence, thus, paving way for good academic performance.

A school comprises of human beings organized and interrelated with common purpose to educate the children brought under their care.(Ajuzie, 2005). The school resembles a society in its characteristics and nature of operation and may rightly called a micro society. On account of it functions in the society, the school becomes increasingly an essential subsystem of the latter. It is responsible for the transmission of the culture of the society from one generation to the other, and for assisting the individuals in the society to acquire the necessary skill abilities and competencies for the development of the society.

The school is an agent of socialization of the social cultural and technological transformation of the society and for the general enlightenment of the public. Talcott (1951) and Merton (1966) hold the view that deviant behaviour is most likely to occur when norms that governs conducts in any societal setting manifest elements of contradiction. A school environment is a mini society. It is an environment in which people of diverse socio-economic background and orientation come together for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and social skills.

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