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Traffic laws and regulations in Nigeria were inherited from colonial administration. The first Edith is the 1920 Road Traffic Ordinance of Lagos Colony and Southern Protectorate of Nigeria which was applied to the operations of all motor vehicles until the country was demarcated into regions (Northern, Western and Eastern). Thereafter, each region was empowered to promulgate its traffic regulations. 

Before 1939, vehicle inspection was carried out by the Directorate of works, while Motor Licensing was supervised by the Motor Licensing office under finance. As a result of critical issue with the colonial regiment of England during the world war, the Inspector General of Police was mandated to undertake the responsibility of vehicle inspection as well as motor licensing until the 1958 constitution of Nigeria which conferred powers on regional (state) government to create their own traffic laws.

The oxford advance learner dictionary defined registration as art of making an official record of something or somebody. Also licensing required that official document shows the permission has been given to use or do something.

The office of motor registration and licensing in Ukum Local Government was introduced to ensure safety on vehicles, motor, cars and automobiles carry plate registration numbers, certificate of road worthiness etc to ensure strict compliance to government. 

Apart from other advantages, this will now replace the manual process of registering vehicle, issuing during licensing, renewing expired licenses, as well changing of ownership of the vehicle. Since the computerize mode of operation is flexible and accurate record keeping assured, it will give the management of the motor licensing authority enough time for planning and decision making rather than being immersed in the detail of routing function (manual work). 

This is necessary since the control of any establishment alternatively lies in the hand of management. Also, the computerized operations of the licensing authority will ensure a very fast retrieval of necessary information about (e.g.) vehicle information to the police in terms of urgent need like during that of road accident. 


The study is primarily directed to the Ukum local government so as to manage and organized vehicle registration and licensing. It outcome will be beneficial to drivers of the local government and entire community. The study is focused on the best way to review motor vehicles administrators system in the organization, efficient and defective with vehicle registration and driving license system and must be able to deliver service to the general public with consideration given both ease and convince. The result of the study will also ascertain the extend to which the motor registration and licensing needs to be structure, efficient, effective accordance  must have data integrity.


This project is faced with a lot of problems the Ukum Local Government is faced with the problem of delay in time to process registration and licensing by using the manual system. Some problems were recently discovered with the manual systems of motor registration and licensing.

The present manual system uses database system for production of enhanced driver’s license scanning of passport, photocopying of forms but the data is not saved on the computer memory; instead the paper forms are stored in files. There are no database administrators working with the authorities in some foreign countries, the ukum license is of no value due to corruption from lack of data security data integrity consistency, accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency and unchecked redundancy.


The general objective of the project is to provide an efficient, secure, accurate and effective way of gathering, processing and reporting data related to motor registration and licensing. In this system design, the licensing officers only have access to the front end while the back end is accessed and maintained by the database administrator (DBA).

This project is aimed at designing a database system for Ukum local government to take care of motor registration and licenses and some of the issues/challenges to be taken into account are as follows:

1.To capture application of individual(s) who have/has applied for driver’s license, motor registration and licenses, charge of ownership.

2.Print out the report of registered or captured individuals. 

3.Prevent further data processing of licenses and motor registration by unauthorized users.

4.Printing out of driver’s licenses and motor registration.

5.Enforce data integrity through the use of constraints, triggers, checks and views quick in retrieval, manipulations in age while making use of this application.


The significance of this study is to serve better than the existing system, enhance database and improve effectiveness, efficiency and security of the system. Also to give appropriate attention and quick access to prospective application. It is also intended that the study will assist in the development of a new and hopefully better computer aided system.


The research work is restricted to motor vehicle licensing procedure that can take place in the motor licensing office. This procedure involves an individual registering to obtain vehicle license if the client meets up with the procedure.

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