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 This Project work is based on weather forecast package for aviation industry using Port-Harcourt International Airport (Omagwa) as a case study. The Occurrence of plane crash in the country toady has given much concern and desire to carry out this “Design and Implementation of a whether fore-casting package for aviation industries”.

 The researcher having been a student for some years now was disturbed by the rate of plane crash and the rate at which lives and properties worth billions of naira were lost in the process.

Considering the economic hardship is the society today, changes must be made to the patterns of operation of the Aviation industries is our country so that timely and efficient decision-making is taken for efficient utilization of available resources.

Meteorologists should be provided with sophisticates instruments and equipment for whether observation and recording is order to reduce the rate of unpredictability in plane-crash in our country.

In the course of this research work, a system analysis was carried out in the airport by carrying out interview in the meteorologists department. The data used for the design were collected through this method and also through observation methods, which were carried out on several occasions of visit to the airport. It was observed that, without a weather forecasting package, timely and efficient aviation operation would not be achieved.


 This project is divided into seven chapters as follows:

Chapter one is the introduction. It contains some sub-heading like the statement of the problem, purpose of the study, the aim and objectives of the study, the scope and delimitations, limitations and constraint and the limitations and constraint and the definitions of term.

Chapter Two deals on the literature review.

Chapter Three talks about the description and analysis of the existing system which includes the facts findings method used, organizational structure, objective of the existing system, the input, process, and the output analysis, the information flow diagram, the problem of the existing system and the justification of the new system.

Chapter four is about the design if the new system and it involves output specification and design, input specification and design, file design, procedure chart, system flow chart and the system’s requirement.

Chapter five is the implementation it include program deign, program flow charts. Pseudocodes, the source program and the test program (run).

          Chapter six deals on documentation

          Chapter seven is made up of the recommendation and conclusion

          Finally, references follow after chapter seven.    


Organisational structure

Information flow diagram

Procedure chart

System flowchart

Program flowcharts.



Port Harcourt International Airport is the third largest airport in Nigeria. It is located in Omagwa in Port Harcourt. The airport is relatively busy and it handled just over 1mil passengers in 2009. Omagwa Airport, located in (or close to) Port Harcourt has 1 runway, which is 9846 feet (3001 metres) long. The geographic coordinates of this airport are 5 degrees, 0 minutes, 56 seconds north (5.015494) and 6 degrees, 56 minutes, 59 seconds east (6.949594). Omagwa Airport is 87 feet (27 m) above sea level.

The airport is referred to by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) using the airport code PHC. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) uses DNPO when referring to Omagwa Airport.

We are all aware of the diverse and important role Aviation can play in the social and economic way of any nation. Aviation provides effective and timely, national and international transport for people and freight. Transport can be defined as factor of the created importance in all economic activities. It appears true to say that the structure of the transportation network tells the story of the economic development within the areas. Each of the main type of transportation so far developed, namely; road, rail and air transportation operates in different manner and places particular areas and sites and has an advantage at least over one another.

Here, we consider only the air transportation, which involves whether predictions before its operations. Whether is the condition of the atmosphere at a certain place at a specific time. It is therefore a day to day or even an hourly affair either local or international. This means time and place of recording is very essential. On the other hand, climate is the description of the average condition of the atmosphere over a considerable area for along time (at least thirty five years). The study of the climate of an area includes temperature, rainfall, wind and pressure, amount of sunshine, humidity and visibility.


 Meteorologists usually do the observation and recording of weather inputs. Due to the complex nature of these records, they encounter some problems during their work when carrying out an analysis at Port-Harcourt international airport (Omagwa), to ascertain the problem of weather condition in the airport. The problems are:-

1.  Lack of adequate instruments and equipment for taking accurate readings and recordings.

2.  Incorrect description of weather inputs by these meteorologists which leads to wrong forecasting.    

3.  Wrong use of database and organization.


The need for weather information for the safe generation of aircraft in Port-Harcourt international airport (Omagwa), was prevent the short comings that are associated to the poor weather forecasting condition of the Port-Harcourt International airport, by ensuring that an adequate automated system is installed in the airport to facilitate the accurate forecasting of weather condition that will enhance safe flight from Port-Harcourt to other parts of the country. So, the purpose of this study is to receive meteorologists from the cumbersome nature of their job, which is hourly observation and recording using an automated system. It will also reduce the mistake they make in their description of weather condition manually which has led to human errors resulting to death of passengers on board and as well as delay in flight. With this new system installed in Port-Harcourt International airport, timely and efficient weather forecasting will be the order of the day.


 Owing to the problem of inadequate instruments and equipment for taking accurate weather inputs that lead to wrong forecasting and wrong use of database in Port-Harcourt International airport.

  The aim and objectives of this project is to design a weather forecasting package that will help the Port-Harcourt International Airport to forecast weather effectively.


 This defines what the precise limits of the possible area are: in this study the scope or delimitation will be meteorological department and weather station of Port-Harcourt international airport (Omagwa). The methods of weather observation, recording and instruments used will be considered. The reasons for lack of weather forecasters in the airport will also be taken in account.


These are those conditions beyond the control of this project. The major limitation to this study is time factor. Others include money or financial consideration, accurate information and appropriate respondents.


Air-Craft: This is an automated flying machine

Air-Port: This is a public flying ground use by airliners usually with offices for customers and immigrations.

Computer: This is an electronic device capable of accepting data through the input medium, processing the data and giving at out theresult is the output section. it at well store data (processed/raw data).

Forecast:  This means predicting before the outcome of an event.

GMT: This means Greenwich Mean Time. It is the universally accepted time used in Aviation operation by the world meteorological observation.

Meteorology:  This is the specific study of the earth’s atmosphere and its changes.

Nosig:  This means that there is not likely to be any significant change is the weather within the next, two (2) hours.

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